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  1. 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃 To @richwmn, @rafinmd, and all other contributors, Thank You for tending The Daily. It is truly a daily blessing, Melisa 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃
  2. 🦃Thank you!🦃 And, a blessed day to you, Father.
  3. Disposable menus? QR Codes? This discussion reminds me of a favorite (but gone) restaurant in Lahaina, Maui. At Longhi's there was no menu to view. For forty-three years, the menu was recited by the server. Some even pulled up a chair to chat about the evening's choices. Memories...
  4. Dark & Stormy -- what a perfect metaphor for my mood today... It's been a long haul since March. And, yesterday, with both our state and the CDC recommending Thanksgiving with only your immediate household, I couldn't avoid counting the holiday gatherings already missed and thinking about the missing ones still to come before vaccines return some sense of normalcy. So, dark & stormy am I. But, I am very thankful for the many contributors here and your posts that encourage me, delight me, bless me, and give me a chuckle (often when most needed). So
  5. What wonderful news that HAL will start repositioning ships to the USA! We are remembering, a year ago today, our return to sea after DH's stroke. Our traditional short Fall cruise proved he had recovered enough to book our preferred bigger adventures -- now all postponed while the world heals and cruising recovers. Stay safe. Mask up. Be well. And, count your blessings as we count ours...
  6. Mixed emotions today. Joy-filled as, last night, our November 2019 Nieuw Amsterdam MDR table mates emailed to say "Hello" a year to the date we were introducing ourselves over dinner. Sad as, today, we aren't driving through their KY as we should have been. Typically, we would be on our way to FL for family Thanksgiving and our traditional pre- or post- holiday HAL cruise. But, nothing is typical in 2020...
  7. Michigan announced tonight that we will begin another level of covid restrictions starting Wednesday. And, the verbal attacks against our governor have resumed from Washington, D.C. Stay safe. Wear your mask. Please.
  8. My father and four brothers shipped off to England on the similarly crowded RMS Queen Mary. The story goes that dad bribed the Head Cook by doing kitchen tasks unassigned to him so that dad could sleep on the galley drainboard as it was less crowded than his rotating 'hot bunk' berth. True or tale??? Dad was known to be very ingenious, but he was also quite the tease...
  9. Thank you to all who are honoring our veterans today. I am remembering my father pictured (seated top left) at RAF Buttonwood (Warrington, England) where he was stationed during WWII with the US Army Air Force at Base Air Depot 1. This is the only informal picture we have of dad's time there. The soldier who served with my father thankfully identified those depicted leading me to its discovery online. Unfortunately, that gentleman had passed by the time I found it. So, I was never able to thank him personally. In remembrance of our veterans with respect, honor, and gratitude.
  10. Not Key West, but the Board of our Michigan's town's non-profit owned pier voted in March to disallow cruise ships from docking (and, presumably, from tendering there). Viking had announced port calls here on its Expedition size 2022 Great Lakes cruises. And, some small French and German lines have tendered there in past seasons. The Board cited many reasons but how much of the March vote was unspoken Covid-19 concerns? Here's the article including the erroneous statement that it involves massive ships. (The ones that have tendered carried fewer than the 350+/-passengers Viking was planning).
  11. Above all else, if you haven't already, please VOTE!
  12. HAL cancelled our Nov cruise in Aug and we requested refunds on Sept 8. We were told to allow 60 days for refund. HAL issued our refunds this past week - about 40 days from request to refund.
  13. After a very stormy night full of torrential rain and lightening strikes, today's quote fits me to a tee as I deal with mopping up from a never before leaking doorwall. But, instead, I will count blessings as our Fire Deparment's quick action last night saved the 1891 home of our town's founder from a lightening ignited fire. And, with our last HAL refund received yesterday and with nothing booked into the future, the quote fits my mood. But, instead, I will reflect on our many wonderful voyages on HAL's blue hull beauties. The pictures are from a decade ago this week a
  14. Prayers for those in need of care and comfort. Cheers to those celebrating. We rejoiced a day ago when a day that started as a cold, stormy harbinger of winter ended as a lovely reflection of autumn's beauty. Till we cruise again, may we all find beauty where life find us...
  15. Picked up some potato salad at the Bluebird too😉 If we added Carlson's whitefish, Pegtown's pizza, Happy Hour's raspberry pie, 9 Bean's croissants, and Art's burgers, it might give the impression that we'd never need to cruise again...but, foreign ports and the oceans call even as Lake Michigan beckons. Till then...
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