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  1. Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! I will toast the plants of the world today! Thank you for keeping our lists, Roy! Morning Dailyites & my Sisters. Just popping in before heading to the dermatologist for my three month check up. Will check in later. Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating! Stay well everyone! ******** The 2018 vintage of this Cab has super ratings, but all vintages have very good - excellent ratings. I found a slew of online distributors with prices starting at $16.44, Winemaker Notes
  2. @StLouisCruisers, I have not experienced that problem on my iPad. Hope I did not just jinx myself.
  3. Thank you for sharing your update, Roy. Praying that you are picked as a candidate for the second study.
  4. Maybe she is trying to recapture her youth... it is cute though. She doesn’t want anything to do with other dogs.
  5. I should wait for “pulled pork day”, but.....
  6. Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! Cheers to all library workers! It has been quite windy here over the past week, so perhaps we wanted to be ahead of the game. @summer slope, when I lived in Massachusetts, we would go up to the summit of Mount Washington once a year. Only once did the winds not almost blow us over. It is an amazing experience. And in honor of grilled cheese day, tonight I am going to make my fave turkey & Brie sandwich with cranberry/mustard spread. 😎 Roy, thank you for keeping our lists! Morning Dailyites & my Sisters! Pass on the meal. Love the “recipe”
  7. Thank you for the links. Very interesting comparison of the two sites in the first link. Maybe we will have an opportunity to try both. That picture is beautiful.
  8. Hope you & David enjoy your lovely island paradise. ❤️
  9. Hugs, Ann. Your medical man is probably correct, and the most important thing is you are having it tested to be sure. ❤️
  10. Prayers and best wishes that your biopsy results bring good news, Ann!
  11. Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! A wonderful combination of days! Bindi is happy that the focus is on her for two days in a row! Thank you for keeping our lists, Roy! Morning Dailyites & my Sisters. A thundery morning here. Always a challenge finding that break in the rain to get Bindi out, since she hates getting wet. Though she loves getting towel dried. No hiking for us today. Lol on the quote. Debbie the meal sounds interesting. Looking forward to Summer’s description of the drink! Yesterday was a perfect gardening day. My honeysuckle no longer has a “flop ov
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