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  1. Do not ever doubt that people are enjoying your photos, commentary, food porn and wit! I am just one one of the many.
  2. Wow! Just wow! Imagine the craftsmanship to create those buildings back then!
  3. Only English announcements, but one person gave Greek lessons in the Crow’s Nest. That was fun.
  4. @sahresko @lr657 thank you both so much! i found a couple of sites that list the best things to do in Hilo, if we prioritize our list, that should help make our decision. Ann
  5. I am so glad the two of you took this trip & shared it with me. Thank you again for doing this. And you owe yourselves a photo book of this trip!
  6. @sahresko @Rmtjulie and @lr657 I just received my cancellation notice. Would you each share what you did in Hilo with me? And which company you used? And whether it was a custom tour? And if you do not mind, what you paid for it? I know prices can change by season, but I am just trying to get an idea. I will share the info with my roll call members, so we will all benefit from your help. Thank you! Ann
  7. Thank you for taking me along! Really enjoyed your posts & pics.
  8. Your children’s personalities just shine in your pics! What a great pic of the six of you! Enjoying your review. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Just catching up. Wow! I have run run out of words. I am so sorry that you are nearing the end of your trip. Again, thank you for taking me along.
  10. I finally figured out why I love your posts, kazu/Jacqui. I feel as if we are having a conversation. You have an easy and fun way of sharing your day. I love any and all posts that provide reviews and “live froms”, but though I have never met you, we are having a great conversation. And that is a precious gift. And I thank you.
  11. I would be smiling too, if I had that bowl of mussels in front of me. Yummo!
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