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  1. Kenato

    Avalon Gratuities

    No, if I remember correctly, you put in a marked envelop and leave at the front desk. All anonymous.
  2. Kenato

    Avalon Amsterdam to Budapest: bike options

    I think that Avalon has bikes on board most of their vessels on this route. From what I saw a couple of years ago, they are pretty good bikes. Have fun.
  3. Kenato

    Linz or Cesky Krumlov

    CK is the definite choice. A charming old town with plenty to see, buildings, gardens, river and many places to eat. We really enjoyed our time there even with the long bus ride and even that was interesting.
  4. We took this cruise a couple of years ago. You can read my review here. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=536622 We did not give much information on the cities and tours but in general we found all the tours included in the cruise to be excellent with very knowledgeable guides. Your best bet is to take the list of tours when you receive it and select the tours that appeal most to you. For example, we selected Cesky Krumlov over Salzburg preferring a small older place to the larger "Sound of Music" City while our friends selected the reverse. We went in late May and the weather ranged from cool to very hot in Budapest. As always, bring clothes that you can wear in layers and wear the number of layers dictated by the day's weather. We had no specific plans for Amsterdam and just walked around and obtained a bit of the atmosphere. The boat cruise with Avalon is very good and gives you a good idea of the layout of Amsterdam. If it is not too late, try and take a couple more days in Budapest. It is a beautiful city with a great deal to see and do. The Parliament Buildings, Castle Hill, Chain Bridge, Fisherman's Bastion, Roch Church and much more. Whatever you decide to do in the towns and on the boat, I am sure you will have a wonderful time.
  5. Kenato

    All Things Avalon

    Try the Amsterdam House Hotel Eureka. It is a quirky little place right on a canal and very convenient to all the sites. We stayed a night prior to our cruise and found it clean, different and friendly.
  6. Kenato

    Does anyone else feel that river cruises are overpriced?

    Bottom Line If you think river cruising is too expensive for you, stick to Ocean Cruising or Land Based travel. That way you will not regret the expense and can enjoy your vacation. Those that think it is a reasonable expense, Enjoy yourselves!!!
  7. Kenato

    Avalon - should we book?

    Our first cruise was 15 day Amsterdam to Budapest with Avalon and we enjoyed both the long cruise and Avalon. The boats are great, nothing like looking out the big open window and watching the world pass by. Food and wine were good and plentiful, service was excellent and excursions were well organized and had great, knowledgeable tour leaders. We would certainly go with Avalon again.
  8. Kenato

    Avalon Dining

    Remember that on River Boats the seating is not fixed. You can sit at a different table every night. If you want to sit at a large table but avoid a dominant couple take your time in getting to the dining room and then you can select the table with the people you would prefer to sit with. We have made great friends sitting at 6 people tables (find 8 too big). Meeting people is part of the fun of cruising I find.
  9. Kenato

    Power strips

    Thanks for this. This is certainly all news to me and of course, all makes perfect sense once you know. I had been thinking that the boat power could be variable depending on engines and thus the need for a surge protector. Have never tried using one and you can be certain I will not in the future Thanks
  10. Kenato

    Power strips

    Could you tell us why please? Never realized this could be a problem.
  11. Kenato

    Avalon - how dressy in the evenings?

    Would not call it more upscale. Dress is casual for dinner with very few wearing jackets and ties or Fancy dresses for women. Shorts are not allowed but capris for women seemed to be ok. Not much additional effort for the "special dinners" Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
  12. Kenato

    MyVikingJourney site hacked?

    Just accessed site with no problem. Maybe that is because I am not taking a Viking Cruise!!!
  13. You a bringing back good memories of doing this trip with Avalon last year.
  14. Kenato

    Optional excursions Cesky Krumlov or Salzburg

    If you are a Sound of Music fan, then Salzburg should be your destination as it was for our friends who really enjoyed it. We opted for Cesky Krumlov. We were not disappointed and found it a charming little town with plenty to see. We were there in early June and did not find it crowded. Some beautiful old buildings and good places to eat. Both are long drives but we found ours very interesting and our driver helped by diverting at times and showing us areas of interest. Good luck with your decision and I am sure you will enjoy either trip.
  15. Kenato

    Cruise Cruise Heading Out on Avalon!

    Thanks for this information. I know what you mean by the quality of some of the entertainment but I still find it much more preferable to having a DJ. On our trip last year the resident player was very good as were most of the entertainers that were brought on board. Keep that up and improve where possible Avalaon.