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  1. Thanks to Rich & Roy for the Daily. Excitement is growing to hopefully be able to watch the sail away, today. We’ll be boarding NA on two weeks, if all goes as planned!
  2. Back from VA and find myself on the last page, again. There’s a lot to catch up! We were in Alicante in 2017 on Koningsdam’s October transatlantic cruise. We took a river cruise first and chose a cruise on a BHB rather than fly home.
  3. We also were on Statendam in July, 2015, the wonderful 14 day Alaska cruise. It was our first visit to Sitka, and we’re looking forward to a return visit next month on a BHB.
  4. We enjoyed a wonderful long weekend with our DS and DGS. They’re taking a slow scenic drive back to Seattle in our second car, we no longer need and now belongs to our DGS. Next up is a short visit with family in VA and we’re flying, instead of driving, this time. We’ve been to Nuku Hiva twice, on Ryndam in February, 2008 and Rotterdam VI in February, 2012. Thanks to all for sharing your pictures that bring back nice memories.
  5. We have had four visits to Barbados on four very different ships. The first was in January, 2007, on Sea Princess. This was a 14 day cruise, where passengers boarded in FL or Barbados, so quite a nice mix of US and UK. Our second time was on Prinsendam, in 2011, the third on Noordam, in 2013, and most recent in 2018, on Koningsdam. We’re going to be very busy as our DS and DGS are flying here, tomorrow from Seattle! They will head back Monday driving our second car, which we no longer need and will belong to our DGS. It will be so nice to be with them, but we will be together again in
  6. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and for all the Antarctica photos! We enjoyed the Antarctica experience in January, 2005, onboard Amsterdam. Our weather was perfect and the scenery was breathtaking.
  7. We have been to Corinto on two HAL cruises, Rotterdam VI, in 2010, and Westerdam, in 2018. I agree with those who said take a tour, rather than staying in Corinto! We went to Leon and the Bubbling Mud Pots, which was worthwhile, in 2010. On Westerdam, in 2018, we decided to walk around Corinto, but besides touring around on a pedal “taxi,” it wasn’t worth the time. Take a tour away from the port!
  8. Happy July fourth! We sailed to Bar Harbor 4 times. The first was way back in October, 2000, on Splendour OTS. In July, 2016, we were on Rotterdam VI, and in October, 2018, aboard Zuiderdam, where we visited it twice, on our b2b. On our 2000 voyage, as we headed to the tender, the fog rolled in and you couldn’t see the ship until you were almost there !
  9. Happy Canada Day! We have had Belem on two BHBs itineraries. The first was on Prinsendam in January, 2011. We took a HAL tour of the Giant market and away from the city, a tour of the Zoobotanical Park. Belem is a 30 minute bus ride from the port. We returned on Maasdam in February, 2015. This time we took a 5 hour HAL Amazon River System Adventure by Riverboat tour including a 45 minute walk through the Jungle, so we didn’t get into Belem this time.
  10. We’ve had the opportunity to visit beautiful Half Moon Cay on five Caribbean HAL cruises. One we couldn’t get in, due to rough seas, and another made up for that, as it was a Collecters cruise, and we got to go there twice!
  11. We’ve been to Key West three times, on three different ships. The first was on Celebrity Summit in January, 2002. The second time was on a BHB, Maasdam, in January, 2015, and third was on Oceania Riviera, in January, 2019. Key West is so easy to do on your own. The Key Lime Pie is amazing!
  12. We visited Red Bay on our VOV cruise on Rotterdam VI, in July, 2016. I must admit that this is the only port we’ve been that I don’t want to return! There was not a whole lot to see and do there, though we did have lunch in the restaurant. I had numerous black fly bites on the back my neck, and fortunately I was able to buy a salve, onboard, to help with the itch.
  13. Before COVID, we visited New York once a year to visit our DD & SIL. We have also arrived or departed there on three BHBs, Rotterdam VI, in 2002, 2003 & 2004, Veendam, in 2011, and Zuiderdam, in 2018.
  14. Bob & I sailed the Orient Explorer, Singapore to San Diego, on Amsterdam, in November/December, 2005. Noumea, New Caledonia was on the second half of our cruise. We took a HAL tour of the Tjibaouu Cultural Center. It’s fun getting out that album and sorry I can’t share my pictures with you.
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