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  1. I hate the sales pitch and write on my form that I did not want any. that they can give me a card if they wish. i feel like it ruins the spa treatment for me. I did get a decent price though. have you had it before?
  2. Anyone get this spa treatment? I would like to know how it was. thanks, Dori
  3. we are sailing out of Baltimore and Miami is one of our stops. About how much is an uber from port to the beach? I guess we want to go to the art deco portion of the beach. Is there a better way to get there?
  4. that's what you thought. We shall still beat upon it regardless.
  5. thank you! I hate to see him and his wife leave right before we get on, I really enjoy them.
  6. We had a bed last year (#8) and we never saw an attendant except when they delivered our lunch. We walked to the bar every time we wanted a drink. But they are way cheaper than the cabanas so I wasn't sure if we had one or not. It wasn't a big deal, the bar was steps away. But now I see you are looking for info from more recently, sorry.
  7. I wouldn't say it is better or worse. they do tend to reinvent certain dishes towards the end. Still better than me cooking it at home.
  8. we have been wait listed for early dining many times but always ended up getting it in the long run. I hope that is the case for you.
  9. I wish they had crab legs! Even at a specialty restaurant.
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