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  1. I would go yesterday if I could. I dont know about you guys, but I need a real vacation. I have camped many times last year just to stay distant from others but I am ready to mingle and be waited on.
  2. and truth be told I am doing one or the other pretty much the entire cruise. they dont bother to walk from place to place which will be about the only time i am not actively drinking or eating, LOL.
  3. Have you been around Nassau in a wheelchair? It is def not the US. Limited curb cuts, small sidewalks, pot holes everywhere. it is difficult to get anywhere.
  4. you are correct! Crisis averted. Thank you for your email. We apologize for the delay in our response. The notification you received is our standard auto response sent when a transaction is cancelled in the Cruise Planner. It does not recognize if other programs have been requested. Upon review, I see your request for 125% Future Cruise Certificates and 125% Onboard Credit Certificates has been received. Please allow 45 business days for the receipt of your certificates. I do apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Thank you for choosing Royal Cari
  5. When my Nov cruise was canceled I requested the 125% OBC and have the proof. However, I got an email today saying it was going back to my card. I emailed them but i am sure it will take forever till I get a response. Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. OMG I have a long list and none of it is from the specialty restaurants. Breakfast/windjammer: FRENCH TOAST! I love it so much. Plate of bacon oatmeal bran muffins (the only place I know that doesnt add raisins) Lunch: Tutsi (sp) salad olive spread MDR/Dinner: Onion tart onion soup ceasar salad nightly chocolate thingy ROLLS with tons of butter I am so sick and tired of cooking.
  7. Same. however, I love the private islands and would be fine with this
  8. No. we are supposed to be on the grandeur on the 28th. We shall see...
  9. There are some states, like my own, that have lower numbers and better testing options. I got a test Wed at 1130 and got the results at 9pm. I would hope they open more than just FL terminals. We are ready in MD!
  10. I was on Indy last year right before this started in Dec. It was beautiful!
  11. Great idea! We need a handicapped room so we book a year out anyways. I just realllllly need a good vacation and might not make it to next December without going crazy. There is only so many camping and road trips you can take...
  12. thank you! My cruise is Nov 28th so I might be able to. Is lift and shift better than 125%?
  13. So what do you do if your cruise is canceled?
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