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  1. ok and when you do go to him, the waiter, and head waiter and the service doesn't change, then what? Do we all ignore it and then come on cc and complain how everything is going down hill, demand something be done without us doing anything, and leave it at that? Man, I wish I was given carte blanche to slack at work like this. I felt bad doing it but how is he going to get any better if we don't give honest feedback?
  2. Crew. Not a huge deal because I would have tipped him more anyways. My daughter was getting something there every night and saw that each purchase had the tip included so she didn't add more and just signed the slip. At the end, each transaction had a $1 or $2 tip added. The odds are if he (same guy each night) did it to every single purchase of ours, he was doing it to others.
  3. WOW! No one wants that sitting on their hearts. But hey, its the internet and the other person is a nameless, faceless person, right? Grave consequences? Do they make him walk the plank? Kill him? Because those are grave consequences. We tried on board with the waiter, head waiter, and directly with employee. Still tipped him a little extra but if someone is giving sub par service and has day after day to fix it and is clearly not getting it then what? Oh wait, we come on cc and complain about it and do nothing about it, that's right, I forgot.
  4. Does this happen often? Have you gotten a call regarding your survey? I sent in my survey and forgot to add something about the horrible salad bar selections in the WJ and I actually got a call back. They called to discuss the salad bar and the assistant waiter we had in the MDR. I hope they take it easy on him. I also mentioned about the person stealing at Café Lattitudes because oddly she didn't bring it up. At least they took it seriously.
  5. I agree. if you want to eat at the same time every night, not do traditional dining. There will be more larger tables to offer.
  6. It is truly amazing what they have done. So many upgrades and we didn't spend a dime there except for the jet ski excursion we booked for cheap on the planner. We didn't make it to the BBQ, we went to one of the shacks and had some fruit, burgers, fries, and mozz sticks. Any time you can eat fried cheese is a good time. There are TONS of umbrellas now. We used to have to be the first off the ship and run to get something in the shade. Not anymore, they and loungers are everywhere. We had Grandeur and Navigator docked and there were still plenty of seats in the shade. The Oasis pool is one of the coolest pools I have been too. Stepping into it you get a nice surprise, it has a pillowy soft bottom. The line for the swim up bar was kinda long, I had to wait about 5 minutes but they were slammed! There is not only the tram that takes you around the island but also golf carts from the ship to the trams if that dock walk is too long for anyone in your group. We didn't do the waterpark so I cant comment on that but it looks like tons of fun.
  7. Side note: I thought only Carnival gave out playing cards at GS.
  8. We had one in our OV on Grandeur but we had a handicapped room. Not sure about the others.
  9. if you like the beach check out cocoa beach. They will have a transfer you can buy on board or just get an uber. It is the small wave surfing capital of the us and it is beautiful. They also have a huge Ron Jon shop that has decent deals. I got my dd a surfing lesson that I set up prior to going for about $50. We had a blast! 1-9 isn't enough time to go to Disney or universal.
  10. have you had Steven Johnson Syndrome?
  11. there is just so much room on the island now I cant see how or why they would do this unless it is for the premiere beach club opening in December. We were on grandeur and the navigator got there before us and we will had front row loungers with an umbrella. They really did coco cay right.
  12. is hooked a seafood restaurant? I swear they would make a mint if they had a real AYCE seafood restaurant. Crab legs, crabs, shrimp, etc. With butcher paper table covers and pitchers of beer. I would gladly pay close to 75-100 pp for one night of this.
  13. no, I am nice to everyone and can tell when they want to talk or not. No hard stops or anything. Just a teenager thing I guess.
  14. I work part-time driving for Uber. I don't do it often so I have almost a top score of 5. Last week I took a teenager somewhere and the little butthole gave me a 1. With such small #'s of passengers it really throws off my rating. I agree, fill out the surveys. So staff are now not supposed to ask for 10's? I was asked several times by the waiter and head waiter to give them 10's a few weeks ago. Sheesh, it is as bad as the upsell in the spa which I stopped several years ago by telling them not to try to sell me anything.
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