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  1. i am still having the same issue I even re installed the app
  2. yes I have heard the same thing it has been going on for a few months sure hope it gets working soon sure miss it
  3. I can't even log in with Tapa talk so if you are getting anything you are doing well
  4. thank you so much Jenn can't wait till it is fixed
  5. I feel bad for the little one's my son is 7 and is already Elite if they were allowed to have the black card he says dad this is not fair that i don't get the black card i said its tough you have to do your own laundry now LOL
  6. I can't even log in right now tried 5 times
  7. its sure how funny it is when we lose the app as you don't realize how much we use the app until its gone. I sure know from not having it I am on CC as much and I am sure other people feel the same which is not good for our site
  8. Thats great news can't wait thank you so much for the update
  9. No Dr Pepper I know that one for sure already asked last cruise
  10. I think the Star is the best choice it has Sky Walkers plus a indoor pool you can use when the weather is nice and cold outside
  11. The lemonade is really good but I would say purchase the soda card also gives you Hot Choc and also very good
  12. I always say order early as usullay a 40 min wait and I always give them a dollar or two as a tip
  13. still have not heard anything back I sure hope CC gets this fixed as having to log into the computer all the time is not as much fun
  14. well I sent a email to Tapa Talk I heard back they have informed me that hey have sent emails to CC waiting for them to up date some software and have not heard back and they have asked people to email cc so they update the plug in
  15. Well TT has stopped working for me just keeps trying to login and nothing. Worked fine last week
  16. I think we all know even at 15 drinks a day princess is making big dollars.
  17. I found the same tapa talk would not work but it would open cruise critic not sure why cc has not fixed this when most people use the app
  18. Just wondering is anyone else having issues with Tapa Talk for IOS was working great till about last week
  19. I had Tapa talk working for a at least a month however the last 3 days it won't work any ideas using IOS
  20. The star 1000 percent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I agree the Star and the golden is the perfect size however the lines are getting sneaky charging more and giving less. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Princess is just making more $$$ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I was lucky we over paid but at the time it was the best deal but getting back 900 cad dollars is huge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Well you do get that one special meal they make. But agree only had it once and it was free I just enjoyed being able to go and eat anytime no wait that was a bonus. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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