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  1. Clemson Cruiser thanks for all the info. We really enjoy being seated with others in the MDR and getting to know our tablemates during the cruise. Are they seating cruisers from different cabins together or are they keeping you separated?
  2. I have never purchased anything other than the social plan and I have made and received several wifi calls via WhatsApp.
  3. Last fall Carnival began rolling out a new Seaday Brunch menu. Does anyone know what ships have the new brunch menu?
  4. You order it from room service. Call as soon as you get to your room. On my last cruise they ran out.
  5. In 2017 we sailed on the Vista and they had hand dipped ice cream each day around lunchtime. There were two different flavors each day. We have been on a couple of other ships since then that did not have this ice cream. Is this just a Vista thing or are there other ships that have the hand dipped ice cream? Specifically the Breeze.
  6. I posted these in another thread from our February Liberty cruise....
  7. First cruise was Oct 2004 and reached Platinum Oct 2013 but we got in on the old plan of 10 cruises. We had done shorter cruises and only had 50 days at the time. We have number 22 booked and it will put us at 121 days. Looking forward to Diamond in a few more years.
  8. This is from the FB post..... The menu is currently on these ships with more coming soon. Carnival Horizon Carnival Vista Carnival Fantasy Carnival Sunrise Carnival Sensation Carnival Victory Carnival Imagination Carnival Inspiration Carnival Ecstasy Carnival Splendor Carnival Liberty
  9. So if I go look at his FB page I can see where everyone has asked questions?
  10. I don’t post much on FB. How do I post something to him without everyone being able to see it?
  11. Saw this on FB today. It is on 11 ships so far and will be rolled out to more soon.
  12. I've seen several people say they have contacted John Heald for various reasons. How do you contact him? Do you make a public post to his Facebook page? Contact him via Facebook Messenger? Or is there some other way? What is the most effective?
  13. Is it a refundable OBC so that you get check at the end of the cruise if you do not spend it all?
  14. glmaitred@carnival.com I emailed him with a request for our May 26 cruise and took care of us. Very helpful.
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