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  1. Thanks for the replies. We typically do choose carefully, however in this case it would be a "guarantee" stateroom due to the particular circumstances of the promo booking we have access to, so no means to be careful in choosing.
  2. We are looking at booking a suite on the Noordam but concerned about possible noise from the public areas above the deck 8 suites. Any experience? Deck 9 Lido above has Lido Market, pools, bars and of course the associated chairs/loungers that could be strong noise generators. Thanks
  3. If you are asking me - yes? The TA consultant is my wife! For our own bookings I try to do my own research but since Azamara has yet to publish anything official and public, she'll be going through Azamara's local rep to see if they have a tentative plan for this cruise with respect to Mozambique visas.
  4. Emailed Azamara on the question of on-board visas for Mozambique - received a non-answer with a reference to visacentral for visa requirements. Perhaps the situation is too unpredictable for them to say at the time but then I would prefer a statement to that effect and a straight-forward recommendation to get a visa in advance
  5. I did email Azamara about on-ship visas for Mozambique - they simply referred me to Visa Central, which didn't really answer the question at all for our Feb 2023 South Africa cruise.
  6. We too are going to Maputo, Mozambique in 2023 on Azamara. The information on visa requirements for Mozambique - even from official sources - is varied and inconsistent and has conditions that don't make sense for cruises. So, question remains - can we get visa onboard/on-arrival at port of Maputo?
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