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  1. Very good quality there- brought back memories for me of last September on Emerald Cruise 🙂
  2. Its where the fish and meat stalls are, pickled veggies and a few kitchen ware stalls....
  3. The photos on this post take me back to our trip last Sept...spent a great afternoon at the Central Market, check out the basement too, some interesting items there 🙂
  4. Thank you so much for providing the link, appreciate the info. canagal
  5. Looking forward to more as looking at this cruise in 2021😀
  6. Already enjoyed the Emerald cruise product. This will just make it even better🙂
  7. Hello CC community- has anyone done this river cruise offered by Emerald Waterways? It looks quite interesting, combining two of their popular itineraries... Welcome any comments thanks😀 Canagal
  8. Emerald was great in getting us to our very early AM out of Amsterdam last year, we were not the only passengers leaving early!
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