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  1. Lanz

    Rome Food Tours

    Can anyone recommend a food tour in Rome. Thanks so much😊
  2. Thank you, I hope I can get more of our Roll Call to sign up😊
  3. We are looking for a tour company for day tour from Santiago to the Andes. Any recommendations/suggestions. Thank you
  4. Yep that’s what I was afraid of...too close for comfort 😱. Thank you
  5. I am having second thoughts about booking tour and transfers directly with El Padral. The reservations would not confirm getting back to the ship by 4:30. She said the transportation usually leaves at 4:00... What do you think?
  6. How wonderful, thank you so much....oh I hope we get in 🤞. Any tips on footwear or outerwear, know it’s a rough drive. No back problems now so I hope we will be OK, have to chance it. Thanks again
  7. How fabulous, thank you so much, we sail next February. We are booked with Patrick , Volunteer Point, hope my back can take it😱
  8. Dragon you have done a wonderful job, I think one of the best on CC; factual, knowledgeable commentary with wonderful supporting photographs. Thanks so much.
  9. Your pictures are fabulous, you have helped me make up my mind... we have to pre cruise in Rome! No matter how many times you see the amazing Rome sites, you have to do it again....MAGICAL😊. How’s the hotel, or you may want to cover later. Sorry about the itinerary revision, always unsettling.
  10. You are the BEST😊👍🏻 Safe travels.
  11. Dragon the hotel Albergo del Senato, looks fantastic, what a wonderful location. I tried to book for 2019 but didn’t have any luck, probably too early. I sent them an email. Thanks for the recommendation, the reviews are excellent😊 Please excuse the duplicate replies, don’t know what’s happening. I guess I need to get use to the new format.
  12. Hi Jen, we will just miss you. We board the Sky November 10 , would have loved to sai with y’all again.
  13. Hi Jen, we will just miss you. We board the Sky November 10 , would have loved to sai with y’all again.
  14. What a great thread, thanks to all for the excellent information. We too fly into Rome for our cruise November 2019. We’ve been to Rome a few times so trying to decide where to stay. I like the idea of the Hilton and the country side tour/transportation to port. Thanks again😊
  15. Thanks for that info, that’s why we usually spring for cruise transfers but the hotel cost is over the top😱
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