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  1. This is an interesting thread to read. Could you cruise? Possibly. Would you want to? It seems like a lot of work and stress to arrange and not much of a vacation.
  2. General question: We used to book BC staterooms on the older ships. When I look online, the only choices I see are BA or BF. What happened to the other "standard" balcony classifications?
  3. Does anyone else remember the difficulty in getting shot #2 of the shingles vaccine, just a couple of years ago? You were supposed to get the second injection three months after the first. But the vaccine was so "popular" the waitlist became 8 months long in many areas. Everyone worries about those not wanting to receive the Covid-19 vaccination. But for those who do, what if the supply for the second vaccine is not available in the recommended timeframe? The Pfizer and Moderna trials are at about the same point in their clinical trials. Both use a similar mRNA ap
  4. I hope this is not too off-topic, but I was wondering: If you book a cruise using CruiseNext certificates, and the cruise is cancelled by NCL before the new 60-day date, would you still get FCC for that cancelled cruise? You presumably would lose no money and the CruiseNext certificates would go back to your account. Would you still get FCC for the cancelled cruise?
  5. We also are holding spots on both ships for a partial transit of the canal. We have been to most of the Western Caribbean ports; and have never been to any of the "ABC" islands. Right now, we are inclined to go with the Joy. First, it is $2K less than the Encore (at least it was when we booked both). It's possible the Encore would go down in price, but we will have to see. Second, there would be new ports for us on both ship itineraries. We are not sure whether mostly new ports would be "too much of a good thing." We often stay on the ship during port days (love the
  6. We booked a cruise to Europe with air more than a year in advance. When the price dropped, I wanted to take advantage of the lower cruise price. However, free air was no longer a perk. To get the lower price would have been considered a rebooking and I would receive the then-current perks. Since air as no longer a perk, I would pay the price of air booked through NCL at "regular" price - about $1000 more. I obviously can get low airfares to Europe if I book now. However, with a cruise so far out, it is not worth it to us to lose the option of full refund at cancellation. When
  7. RE: Swimming Pool at Maya Chan I asked the owners (who are currently cruising) and they asked me to convey the following information: The pool at Maya Chan is not always open and is meant for private use by employees. (They try to take care of both guests and the people who work there.) Hope this clears that up!
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