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  1. Yes, SARS and COVID-19 are both diseases. The first is caused by SARS-CoV, and the second is caused by SARS-CoV-2. SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 are not the same, but do have many similarities (such as the way then enter cells). So if research on SARS-CoV had not been halted, we might be a little further in the process of developing a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2. They are also both coronaviruses, but there are lots and lots of those- these two are more similar to each other than they are to other coronaviruses. I'm actually working on some of this in my lab (I'm a geneticist)- and I'm of the mindset that there will be an effective vaccine for what that's worth (which should be no more than anyone else's opinion!) 🙂
  2. As others have said, make sure you get a third party insurance that covers bankruptcy. I double checked that mine did before booking for next summer with my FCC.
  3. Well there isn't a private sundeck, but there is still the suite breakfast/lunch- it's done in Moderno- and the butler who delivers all in room dining, and snacks each afternoon, and a designated suite area for shows, and of course the priority embarkation/debarkation. Also the priority debarkation at all ports (even with a tender) is really nice.
  4. Mine is delayed too- I cancelled it using Peace of Mind 3 weeks ago, and still no FCCs. My TA has called repeatedly. She keeps getting told they are working on it... should be only a few more days, etc.
  5. You will want a car seat for your flight as well, as it's the safest way to travel with babies. We liked the convertible car seat/strollers like the Lilly Gold Sit n Stroll- they convert from a car seat (that is FAA approved as well) to a stroller with wheels really easily. They are not cheap, but worth it, and you can easily resell them once your children are grown- they hold their value. That way you have car seats for the flight, airport transfers, shore excursions, and a stroller.
  6. wouldn't this result in even more losses than not cruising at all? Unless they really jacked up the price of the cruise anyway. With this plan, they only get half the revenue, but have to pay for all the fuel, all the costs of running the ship, all the officers, and most of the staff. I am in the group that wouldn't mind this at all- I never eat in the buffet, and only attend some of the shows, and would like an uncrowded, lazy ship! But I don't see how it helps them financially.
  7. Thanks. I guess I'm hoping SOMEONE will say "i think there's a chance...." but I'm getting less sure of it.
  8. I am booked on the Star for July 26 out of Southampton. Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Norway.... I know no one has a crystal ball, but I'm curious about other's thoughts. Will these cruises be up and running by then in your opinion?
  9. I just checked with my insurance provider (LeisureCare) and they said that yes, bankruptcy of the company is a covered occurrence.
  10. would our insurance (purchased through a third party, not NCL) cover these costs if NCL went under? I would think it would.... but it's not specified in the policy.
  11. I think that's a good thought. We too were haven and TSA precheck, and were still tighter for our 1:00 flight than I thought we'd be. Again, it was probably because we had a nice last haven breakfast, and then had the concierge take us off around 8:45 or 9:00, but the lines were so long once we got off the boat, even without having to wait to actually disembark.
  12. the two times we sailed out of San Juan we had really long lines coming through customs. If you get a porter (who hang out all the way to the right of the big room full of luggage) you can get through much quicker (they have their own custom lines)... but even still it took at least 30-45 minutes to get through. The line without the porter was over 2 hours. We did get off the ship pretty late though (maybe 9:00?) so maybe it was quicker earlier- but by that time it was really backed up. We had flights at 1:00 and were fine, but I wouldn't have wanted much earlier. There are also additional lines at the airport because you have to get your bags scanned by the agriculture "police" too... before you can check them in.
  13. I've heard there is a weight limit for the pullman bunks but I don't know what it is. You might want to check that out. They seem pretty long though- I would think that part would be fine. EDIT: a quick google search says the weight limit is 300 pounds.
  14. also, the couch in the living room doesn't exactly "pull out"- it converts to a single bed. So there is technically sleeping for 6: 2 in the master bedroom, 1 in the living room, and technically 3 in the small bedroom (two on the double sofa below, and one on the pull down wall bed), but that would be really tight.
  15. Thank you for the reminder about insurance- I'll double check that. I'm 48, so I should be Ok on that front! We've done several "land trips' to Ireland and always rented cars, so I know that driving there can be a little "different"! But it's looking like it's best to take a taxi or something to a nearby rental agency to get the car? I'm not seeing any agencies within walking distance of either port- but maybe someone knows of one I don't see? That's what I'm wondering- if anyone has suggestions of which agency might be closest.
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