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  1. there is also a Special Interest Section on Cruise Critic for "disabled cruise travel"... looks like there are lots of tips there, including discussions on which ships people think are most "wheelchair friendly".
  2. I never really understood asking about the crowdedness of a ship.... don't they typically sail within a certain margin of fullness? Maybe it varies with the number of kids on board, etc... but the capacity is bascially the same each week... which I always thought was one of the nice parts- the crowds are roughly the same no matter what.
  3. We have been to Maya Key a bunch of times and agree that the lunch is really good. This time we snorkeled from about 9:30 until noon, and it was pretty crowded on Maya Key with both the Breakaway and the Oasis of the Seas in port- so we decided to head back to the ship for lunch. That Haven lunch menu was calling our names!
  4. I think it was Cagney's Le Bistro, and Ocean Blue that did not allow shorts. We did go to Cagney's and they didn't say anything about it (mind you he was in dressy linen shorts with a button down shirt and dressy shoes) but a similar outfit and Ocean Blue was sent back. As the mom I felt bad that I didn't anticipate this- it would have saved him some embarrassment.
  5. We just got back from the last western Caribbean trip on the Breakaway for this season. In short- we had a great time. To expand- here are some random thoughts: 1. Food: we had all meals in the Haven restaurant or specialty restaurants (Cagneys, Ocean Blue, Teppenyaki, Le Bistro). All were great- the service and food in the haven area was excellent. Ocean Blue stood out as excellent as well. Note: our 15 year old son was not allowed to wear shorts- he was asked to change. My fault for not anticipating that- I think I still think of him as a young boy! So make sure your teen children follow the dress code. 2. Beverage package- we brought on our own wine and enjoyed not having to pay corkage. The new "rules" for beverage plus were that any wine sold by the glass can also be given to you by the bottle. We had no issues with that at lunch or dinner. We also tried several cocktails all from the haven bar. 3. Service: excellent in all areas. Very happy crew, no issues as all. 4. Haven: I read a lot about the Breakaway haven beforehand and some concerns about the restaurant being too small- and people being "forced" to eat next to the dripping wet people on the pool deck. In reality, the tables set up by the pool deck were very very popular, and often the first ones requested. There was never an issue getting a table inside the haven restaurant itself, and many seemed to prefer the "outdoor" seating area. The bartenders were great- and the there was quick service in all areas of the pool deck and sun deck with many servers. We also used the spa services right in the haven- we scheduled massages with the concierge and had them in the treatment rooms right in the Haven- very nice and convenient. 5. Ports- Costa Maya we were scheduled to go to Maya Chan but they actually cancelled all guests because the recent winds had brought too much seagrass for them to be able to clean it up for us. We did a catamaran snorkeling with NCL instead- it was only OK. The snorkeling itself was actually better than I expected, but the boat was tired, crowded, and uncomfortable, as was the bus ride to the marina. For the price ($99 per person) I wouldn't do it again. Belize: we enjoyed the beach and swimming. Roatan: Maya Key with NCL. We have been there many times for the snorkeling. It did not disappoint once again- the snorkeling there is excellent and very easy. We got there early, snorkeled for almost 3 hours, and then headed back to the ship. Cozumel: Private snorkeling charter with Chi Chi charters. I haven't seen them reviewed here before- they were fantastic. VERY reasonably priced for a private 36 foot catamaran, 4 hour tour with 4 different stops and a fantastic lunch of guacamole, pico de gallo, tuna sashimi, and ceviche all made on board. And full open bar. The snorkeling guide/first mate was excellent and we had a great day with them- I would definitely book this again. 6. Entertainment: we did enjoy both Six, and Burn the Floor, and the dueling pianos one evening. The magician/comedian act the first night was only OK- he did a lot of card tricks that didn't work in that size theater. In short we had a great time- I know this was the last of this cruise for the season, but if any of you headed on the Breakaway in Europe coming up have Haven questions I'm happy to try to answer them.
  6. We just got back from Cozumel, and did a private 4 hour charter with Chi Chi Charters that was fantastic. I haven't seen them mentioned on here, so I wanted to let others know about our experience. We took a short taxi ride from the Punta Langosta to the marina where they dock- the marina is south of all the ports, and of course Punta Lagnosta is the furthest north, but even still the taxi was only $13 for the 4 of us. The two guides (boat captain and snorkeling guide) were ready and waiting for us- we boarded the Marley Rose 36 foot catamaran and were off. We went to three different snorkeling spots, and then a sand bar with sting rays as the last stop. The snorkeling was great and the guide was fantastic- we went to a spot specifically known for turtles and quickly saw two- and then he took us to a spot where a nurse shark had been hanging out and sure enough there it was. At the sand bar they made fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, ceviche, and sashimi tuna while we swam. The included open bar was very well stocked. The price was really reasonable ($500) especially compared to the cruise ship excursions which are often about $100 per person for a really crowded experience. Back at the dock there were taxis waiting and the return to the ship was very easy. They have a smaller less expensive boat as well, but the larger catamaran was great- they can accommodate much larger parties, but only do private trips which is really nice. Let me know if you have questions!
  7. that view doesn't look like Maya Chan to me- with that dock and the other buildings- but I will say I've been at Maya Chan when there was sargassum that looked similar (though not as far out into the water maybe?).... we were always able to use the kayaks and kind of get out past it really easily. It's not specifically a Maya Chan issue- if it's like that at Maya Chan it will be like that up and down the whole coast unfortunately.
  8. we've been there a number of times in the last decade- and are headed there again in a few weeks- I've never been disappointed. The snorkeling is really good, and super easy to do since they have the pier out into the water- you just head down the ladder and go. And the included lunch is very good. We've never had a bad day there!
  9. thank you for such a great review! I enjoyed it very much!
  10. the website claims that any wine you can get by the glass you can get by the bottle.... this still isn't as good as it used to be with some additional special bottles that weren't served by the glass, but at least it makes sense (it's more convenient for them to hand you the bottle then pour 4 free glasses). It was the $15 cutoff that made no sense- hopefully that was misinformed servers somehow. If the rule stands as written that anything by the glass can be by the bottle then it makes sense that you got the Veuve bottle.
  11. I checked in today too for an April 9 cruise and was surprised that the edocs weren't immediately available to print- I thought in the past they were. But it says we will be emailed once they are ready? Were others able to print them right away after check-in?
  12. With the Premium Plus were you able to order ANY bottle that was served by the glass? A recent review said they were told only glasses that were $15 and under (which is a pretty disappointing list)- at least over that price there are a couple of things that are OK.
  13. thank you! And thanks for such a great review- I was sick all week with a kidney infection and this review helped me keep my spirits up!
  14. we have a 10:52 flight out of MSY when we disembark- we will walk off with our own luggage and are staying in the Haven, so we will have the concierge assist as well. I'd love your thoughts on how doable this is- are there taxis readily available? What time you got off vs. what time you got to the airport.... that kind of thing. We all have pre-check if that helps at all.
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