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  1. There used to be more details on NCL's website, but I can't find it now- is there somewhere where there's a current list of what ships and itineraries are starting when?
  2. Yes, even the Dawn did- and it was always really busy in there it seemed- I'm surprised that's not more standard, especially since it's fast and easy to pour (so doesn't require much staff), and many wine drinkers would pay upcharges for better wines.
  3. thanks- so there isn't a wine bar on the Getaway? I'm kind of surprised with a ship that size, but that's what I'm seeing from the deck plan.
  4. thank you! I don't see a Cellars (or any wine bar) on the Getaway deck plans on NCL's site- are they adding it?
  5. Thank you- it's the wine list that I'm most interested in- it might influence whether I upgrade to the beverage plus or bring my own. I know not all bars carry all wines by the glass, so I'm wondering what wines the Haven Bar offers?
  6. I would love to see the Getaway Haven bar menu too if someone has it!
  7. Can you prebook reservations for the Haven Restaurant for dinner? Or do you not need to?
  8. And to add to the confusion, the "line" in the US isn't dictated at the federal level- rather it's at the state level. So although the CDC makes recommendations about who should get it first, etc, each state can do it however they want to. Here in Ohio, our governor has stated that after nursing home residents and some medical staff, teachers will get the next doses so that schools can open up. That is specific to Ohio.
  9. I thought the beach at Harvest Caye was nicer than those we visited in Costa Maya.... I do agree that those in the Eastern Caribbean are a little "softer" white sand, but the one at Harvest Caye was really quite nice- and the sandy bottom extended into the water and made for a really nice place to swim. This was my experience last January 2020.
  10. very happy to have this review! I've missed these!! And we are sailing on the Getaway (hopefully ) next summer- it will be our first trip on one of the newer ships, and our first Mediterranean cruise.
  11. We tip in the neighborhood of $10 per person per day. Usually on the lower side of that because there are 4 people in the room all getting the same thing- which for a 7 day cruise would be $280. I usually tip about $200-250 for a seven day cruise depending on how much we use them for things like meals in the room. Concierge we usually tip lower, in the range of $50-$100, again depending on how many times we've needed extra help with something.
  12. Yes, SARS and COVID-19 are both diseases. The first is caused by SARS-CoV, and the second is caused by SARS-CoV-2. SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 are not the same, but do have many similarities (such as the way then enter cells). So if research on SARS-CoV had not been halted, we might be a little further in the process of developing a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2. They are also both coronaviruses, but there are lots and lots of those- these two are more similar to each other than they are to other coronaviruses. I'm actually working on some of this in my lab (I'm a geneticist)- and I'm of th
  13. As others have said, make sure you get a third party insurance that covers bankruptcy. I double checked that mine did before booking for next summer with my FCC.
  14. Well there isn't a private sundeck, but there is still the suite breakfast/lunch- it's done in Moderno- and the butler who delivers all in room dining, and snacks each afternoon, and a designated suite area for shows, and of course the priority embarkation/debarkation. Also the priority debarkation at all ports (even with a tender) is really nice.
  15. Mine is delayed too- I cancelled it using Peace of Mind 3 weeks ago, and still no FCCs. My TA has called repeatedly. She keeps getting told they are working on it... should be only a few more days, etc.
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