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  1. On non-haven ships there is still a butler who delivers treats to your room, can arrange in-room dining from any restaurant on board, and will bring you anything else you need.... concierge who will make reservations for you (dining, shore excursions, spa, escort for priority debarkation at ports and at the end of the cruise, and priority embarkation at the start...), and a specialty breakfast/lunch for suite passengers. I don't know which venue holds this on the POA, but it will be one of specialty restaurants.
  2. BirdTravels, thank you for posting those pictures- that avocado toast looks delicious!!! How about the lunch menu? Any changes to that? Last January the Dawn was still using the older lunch menu; I don't know if they've even changed to the "newer" one from 4 years ago yet!
  3. I saw a recent picture of the suite breakfast menu (shadowmeboy's from the Dawn) and see that it now includes Avocado Toast, which had me wondering if there had been any updates to the lunch menu? I will be on the Dawn in December. Just curious.
  4. We were in Alaska for 2 weeks July/August. I can add that both the amount of smoke, and where it is, varied quite a bit from day to day. I was really worried about it prior to our visit, then some much needed rain really improved things quickly. Here is the link for info on the Swan Lake Fire which is the one causing most of the issues on the Kenai- I found it helpful: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6387/ Also this link gives the smoke prediction map- looks like the next few days see some clearing. http://smoke.alaska.edu/PM25.html
  5. Has anyone had flights from Kenai or Homer to Lake Clark National Park (Chinitna Bay) cancelled due to the smoke right now? We are supposed to spend 2 days over there July 24-26 and I'm trying to figure out how many "plan B"s we should have....
  6. As a side note I was kind of surprised by how limited the wine selection was in most stores in Alaska. They have lots of liquor options, and lots of beer options, but the wine was usually really limited (unless you like Arbor Mist! They had lots of flavors of that!) 🙂 So if you find something you like- you might want to stock up!
  7. Definitely include the Kenai Fjords tour. It's a great day, and really worthwhile. Lots of opportunity for wildlife sightings, much closer than you can on the cruise ship.
  8. Do you mean the airport in Anchorage? That's about 2.5 - 3 hours from Seward. I'd start with figuring out how you're going to get there for an 11pm flight. The train from Seward leaves Seward at 6pm but doesn't get to Anchorage until 10:15, which won't work for an 11pm flight. You could rent a car in Seward and drop off in Anchorage- there is a steep drop off fee for that, but then you could store your luggage in the car while you sight see, and there's tons of scenic options between Seward and Anchorage. I think there are also bus transfer options, or hired car options, but I'm not familiar with them.
  9. rjm11

    Alaska Road Trip

    check out the Denali Lakeview Inn in Healy. We stayed in the High Cloud room that has two king sized beds. View is wonderful, and it's convenient to Denali without being right at the entrance.
  10. rjm11

    Tipping Advice

    I would think $50 would see sufficient- if the trip is a total of $210 that's more than 20%.
  11. we saw more orcas than humpbacks on the Kenai Fjords tour out of Seward. We did the 6 hour tour in late May, saw 3 different pods of orcas. We also saw them from the cruise ship in early September, around the Juneau area, but did not see any on our whale watch out of Juneau (though lots of humpbacks on that tour).
  12. bottles of wine make this interesting... I'm see conflicting info on NCLs site though (shocker!).... on the description for the Premium Plus upgrade for the NCL Sky it talks about bottles of wine at dinner- for the Premium Plus description OUTSIDE of the Sky it says 40% off bottles. Anyone have current info on this outside of the Sky?
  13. When we were on an NCL cruise to Alaska in 2010 they had the roof closed and we used the pool often. It was a really nice feature to have.
  14. We went on the all day cruise with Lazy Otter in 2016 (end of May) out of Whittier- it was a wonderful day. We did see puffins- there was a spot they seemed to "know' they would be there, and took us. We also saw sea lions, otters, seals, and humpbacks- though only a couple of those. It was a fantastic day and Lazy Otter was wonderful.
  15. we are going the first week of January 2020. How was the snorkeling? The food? The boat?
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