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  1. Dave I am very sorry to hearing of your wife's passing. I always find you to be one of the nicest people on here.....I wish you peace
  2. Its very windy underway.....but a wonderful spot for dinner when docked. We were uncomfortable just sitting on the balcony while underway.
  3. Same...We have one booked in May, 2021....not booking anything till we see what happens...
  4. Goodbye Bermuda......This my 3rd cancelled cruise....oh well.....many people are waaaay worse off than cancelled vacations....
  5. Sounds delicious!!...I will try one this weekend...thanks!!
  6. I hear ya...booked on Encore from NYC to Bermuda 10/3....LOL for some reason I made our dinner reservations today...lmao.....I really don't know why...I guess I was just missing cruising.....we too are waiting for the cancellation letter.... :) Go ahead and bid...lol
  7. Mking...I have always found you to be one of the nicest posters on this forum 😊. I enjoy reading anything you post!!! Just wanted to say that lol
  8. Us too John...we are/were on that cruise as well in a Garden Villa....(sigh),,,it is what it is,,,most important thing is keeping as many people safe as we can...everyone hang in there!!!!
  9. We are on the May 30th Pearl cruise and I think it is going to be chilly....lol
  10. I agree...Im 56 and I don't think I am elderly...but maybe I am...lol
  11. I'm thinking the CCTV footage must show some type of negligence....the Prosecutor seems extremely confident.....
  12. We were just in the Sky's Owners Suite with the connecting penthouse this past June. Beautiful room, but I can tell you if you have loud snorers in the living room like we did, you are definitely going to hear them in the bedroom. Then again....that's why there is alcohol 🙂
  13. Great review!!! ty.......I was on the Escape the first week in September, and I kept saying that I thought the crew was the nicest ship-wide of any NCL ship I have been on. It just seemed like everyone was always in a good mood and that made our trip so much more enjoyable 🙂
  14. Yes...my daughter and I are platinum, but my husband is not. Only my daughter and I could do the behind the scenes tour, which was really good.
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