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  1. I would have preferred to book the 2 BR Aqua again; however, my dear mother-in-law likes the middle of the ship! I told her we would rent a scooter. Oh well. I hate to hear about the sub par conditions. No wonder there is a Noro breakout on board! Have you been on Celebrity?
  2. WoW! Thank you for posting the pics. We have been concerned the Suites would be very run down. We have been on Oasis two times and Allure two times. Actually, we love Celebrity the best. However, we chose this cruise/ship because our daughter and her husband love RCI. If you have any suggestions about Spa, Coastal Kitchen, specialty dining, pass them on please! I am so sorry about the Norovirus! I hope it is not ruining your vaca! Thanks again,
  3. Did you ever find any recent photos? I am looking as I booked this suite for April cruise. Thank you, Kim
  4. No champagne- but red velvet cupcakes with an apology note about the retirement wine that was returned to the steward. My daughter and I have learned to always book through American Express Travel. This will definitely be my last post unless it is in a roll call!
  5. RCI offered to do something special when their stateroom was accidentally cancelled after it was paid in full. They did not know it was cancelled until they received their credit card statement. They had a multitude of unnecessary problems during the booking process that I failed to mention. They actually laughed and said they would be lucky if they had a bed! Thanks, cruisegirl1! We have taken several cruises...but none were for a special occasion! Just because we could and wanted to!
  6. Our daughter and new son-in-law boarded Harmony today at 11:15. They did not receive any mention of their honeymoon. Their stateroom (Central Park balcony) was available at 1:15. When they arrived...once again no mention of the honeymoon! No welcome champagne as promised! However, they received a note and bottle of wine that said, "Happy Retirement Mom!" They notified the courtesy desk. They picked up Mom's wine and gave them a card with a reservation to the buffet at Solarium Bistro. My daughter is currently an Emerald member; one point from Diamond. I would think that RCI would want to entice a young professional couple by showing their best efforts! :confused::confused::confused: Swimmomneedsabreak
  7. My husband and I are guilty of over tipping as well. We are going to restrain and save on our Sept. Med cruise. Below are our tipping guidelines for a 14 day cruise in addition to the prepaid gratuities. Suite butler on the first day and the night before we depart. $40.00 and on departure $30.00 ($70.00) Our Waiter in Luminae $20.00 on first night, middle night and final night. ($60.00) Wine sommelier in Luminae $20.00 first night, $20.00 mid-week and $10.00 final night. ($50.00) 2 Favorite bartenders $20.00 each ($40.00) Kimberly
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