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  1. Ooohh! Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks. I'm hoping that because the pricing is well after final payment was already due that families would not be taking advantage of that as they would have already planned spring break vacations. We'll see!!
  3. Saw a deal so considering that spring break. Been on Royal Caribbean during spring break and had over a thousand kids on the cruise. Since they likely are sharing a cabin with their parents, that adds more people to the ship, making it more crowded. Plus, when there are a lot of kids on a cruise, spending the day at the pool with a bunch of screaming kids isn't my idea of fun.
  4. Thanks for your input. I was asking about kids because I don't have kids and don't want to have to deal with a ton of kids on a spring break cruise. Would rather had adult interactions.
  5. Trying to decide things about a potential Edge booking. Looking for advice on the following: 1. Are all concierge cabins infinite balconies? 2. Anyone have the Dailies for the Western Caribbean to Key West, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Cayman? 3. What kind of shows do they have? Are there any nights that we would see just a comedian or other headliner as opposed to the "troupe" shows? 4. What can we expect "kid-wise" on the ship, especially during the spring break time line? I know nobody can guarantee but looking for past experiences on Celebrity during spring break time. Thanks in advance for your input.
  6. I agree that it was the first room that people walk in to get into the thermal suite so that may cause people to leave their belongings on a ceramic chair to then proceed to the rest of the suite. I also found that there were a lot of people talking loudly in that "relaxation" area. My husband and I left a few times because there were people that were talking in the pool and on the ceramic loungers as if they were taking advantage of the party atmosphere by the pool. In one instance, there were a group of people that brought drinks with them into the hydro pool. I think there were a lot of people that were clueless that the pool and ceramic loungers are for quiet relaxation, not non-stop conversation. Some people just don't shut up.
  7. We used the thermal suite last week. I would suggest booking online before the cruise. The price was significantly less than the "sale" price they were offering the first day of the cruise. For the couples' pass, we paid $219. The pool is great, however we did notice one design flaw. When someone is using the massage faucets in the middle of the pool, it sprays all over to those just enjoying the pool. I saw a lot of people annoyed by that and the person standing under the faucets had no clue. The other issue we had was the ceramic loungers. They are great but it was a fight to get one. A lot of people seemed to save them when they were not currently using them. For example, my husband went on what we thought was an "off" time. There was nobody on the ceramic loungers and nobody in the pool. Shortly after, people just kept coming into the pool. There were about 10 people that came right after us. They all stayed in the pool and we left to go to the ceramic loungers. When we went into the ceramic lounger room, all 10 had stuff on them but nobody with there. All the people in the pool were saving the loungers during the time they were using the pool. Was a bit aggravating as we never experienced that on the Nieuw Amsterdam or Eurodam.
  8. We were there last week. The chairs are free, but if you want an umbrella, it is $10. The beers are $5 each and the drinks were about $11 each. They take credit cards but sometimes their internet is not strong enough to process it. Cash would probably be easier. One thing we noticed while we were there was 3 or 4 stray dogs burrowing under the lounge chairs in the shade. I asked Janet about feeding the dogs and she threw up her hands and seemed aggravated about the question. We brought dog snacks for Topher and Calypso but neither were there on the day we were there.
  9. After looking at the video from the side, I just keep going back to the initial lean over the railing. It appears that from his stomach up was over the railing and not at a small angle. The argument that he didn't know the window was opened doesn't hold water. If he leaned over first before he picked her up, he would have hit his head on an unopened window. Color blind or not, feeling air or hearing noise or not, the lack of a bump of the head is telling. I've been on that ship. I've stood at those windows. I'm 5'4" and if I bent over the way he did, my face or head would make contact with an unopened window. I call BS.
  10. Thanks. They were able to book it over the phone.
  11. The pre-cruise booking pages for our upcoming sailing in February shows the thermal spa available. I clicked the "Book Now" link and inserted all of my credit card information. When I clicked on "Complete Purchase" a noticed came up that I could not "successfully purchase spa items". It is shown as available to purchase but won't let me complete the purchase. Has anyone had this problem before? I am hoping the passes are not sold out and I don't want to pay a higher price by booking on the ship.
  12. So might be determined based on the size of the ship. We are sailing on the Allure so if the larger the ship, the more likely the wind will affect docking, we better be mentally prepared for a cancellation. Bummer.
  13. I see the weather forecast for our Coco Cay visit next week is showing winds of 20-30 mph. We've been before when passengers had to be tendered and were actually called back to the ship early because the captain was concerned about wind and conditions. Can we anticipate a cancellation of the port based on these wind speeds with the new docking? Would be very disappointed as we would be likely be looking at an additional day at sea.
  14. We, too, are getting tickets to the Tattoo. We have a group of 12 so I am trying to figure out if we should book an excursion from Greenock to Edinburgh and back (just to get there and back) or should we try to get a private vehicle for our group. I quickly looked and it seems hard to get a "private" vehicle for the group that will fit 12 of us. Any advise as to good tour groups that will do a tour from the cruise port to Edinburgh for the Tattoo and then bring us back ON TIME for our 2:00 a.m. departure? Also, any recommendations for a private vehicle that we can look into to get our group of 12 there and back?
  15. We will be in Dover next year. I like the idea of heading to the Dover Castle but I'd also like to find some short white cliff walking trails to enjoy. Are there any trails near the Castle for us to enjoy the scenery?
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