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  1. We found a snorkel, beach and swim with sea turtle tour for our trip to Nassau on January 14, 2020. The tour is through Cool Runnings Powerboat Adventures and they get great reviews. They only do private trips so we would have to book the boat for the day, no matter how many passengers. We have only 4 so we were looking for another 4 to split the cost. Here's the website: https://www.coolrunnings242.com/ We will be doing the 1/2 day snorkel and beach tour. They will pick us up at 9:00 at the pier and will drop us back by 1:15. The cost per person if we have 8 would be $94. Anyone interested??
  2. I booked this cruise on a group rate that is not available to those just booking through the cruise line. The price was cheaper than the NRD rate available and my deposit is refundable. Thus, the benefit of booking though an agent. Some of you fail to recognize my point about checking bookings. There definitely is a difference between checking for clients and checking on my own booking, which is 5 months away. When we take care of our clients well, our personal matters get pushed to the side, which is why I did not check my booking for approximately 3 weeks or so. The itinerary was just recently changed, not changed a long time ago like some other bookings. Someone here posted that there was a post in this sailing Roll Call about the change. The actual change in the itinerary was posted on August 10th. My post was around 8 days later. That's not an unreasonable period of time to warrant the accusations that the information has been out there for months/weeks. What has happened here is a clear example of why people that may have productive things to contribute on these boards don't. It's correct. No good deed goes unpunished. I was just trying to help others. I will think twice about doing so in the future. Moving on.
  3. Consider how much time you spend on pre-planning and preparing for your personal cruise, especially in the time period close to sailing. Now imagine doing that for a group travelling to Europe for their first trip to Europe. In that same time period, imagine having to also handle plans for a larger group that you are escorting in the next few weeks from Canada to Hawaii. So, the fact that I have not been combing the boards and logging in to the Cruise Planner daily in the last few weeks for my own personal booking sailing in 5 months does not warrant criticism that is being given. The main point of my post was to let others know that no notice was provided, not even to the TA of record, so it would be recommended to check bookings..
  4. We will be sailing on the January 12th cruise and are hoping the Jewish Music Group won't be that large. From what I am hearing the next week will be a Yeshiva week cruise. That is confusing because we have friends that will be sailing on the 19th with a Chicago Music Cruise group. I can't imagine being on a cruise with 2 different large groups. I would think it would be difficult for the cruise line to try and accommodate private spots for both groups while keeping venues open for all of the non-group passengers.
  5. I am not one of those and don't appreciate being questioned about my ability. Even travel agents don't have the time (and neither do I for my own booking) to stare at the booking every moment. When a cruise is booked way in advance, I don't think anyone checks on a daily basis. I have been watching, although not every moment of every day, and just noticed the change. That means it was changed rather recently. My intention was to let others know so they could check their own bookings, which is a benefit I have received as someone who watches these boards (again, not on a daily basis because I do have other responsibilities). If you don't like travel agents, feel free to book however you choose, but don't make a general criticism of a profession.
  6. Since I have been a member for quite some time, I am very aware of what Cruise Critic is all about. That is the exact reason for my post. That's great that Royal sent out notices on July 25th, however, I can emphatically say that I did not receive a notice (therefore I have to assume that others have not as well). My post was to provide that notice to others and not be questioned about my abilities to book or manage a cruise or be told that I should have known about the Allure's propulsion issues before.
  7. Again, the sailings that were previously affected were Eastern Caribbean, not Western. It is now obvious that they are changing the Westerns as well and skipping sailings to Roatan as it would take to long to get back to Florida. I think I would know if I received any notification from Royal. I don't need to check again and at the present time, I do not have any other clients that need to worry about those sailings, but hey, thanks for the professional advice.
  8. Please read my post. I DID say that I was aware of the propulsion issues but only the Eastern itineraries were previously affected.
  9. Sailing date is January 12, 2020 but I looked at all the Westerns that previously included Cozumel, Costa Maya, Coco Cay and Roatan and Roatan is missing on all and replaced with Nassau.
  10. Booked our cruise back in May on the Allure. I know that the ship is having propulsion issues and has altered some of the Eastern Caribbean itineraries. I was in the process of looking at shore excursions and just noticed the itinerary for our Western is now changed. Instead of going to Roatan, the ship is going to Nassau. The days we were to be in Cozumel and Costa Maya have also been changed. I did not receive any notice of the change in the itinerary and I am the travel agent. Good thing I looked again as we were in the process of booking some private excursions. I would have booked and not been in port for the days that were booked. Just thought I'd let others know to look at their current itineraries. It's obvious the ship is trying to stay close to Florida.
  11. Anyone have any recent Allure compasses to share?
  12. We sailed on a signature suite guarantee and was assigned the first cabin right next to the elevators. We did not experience any loudness from the adjoining cabin or the elevator area. We loved the location because it was so close to the elevator. No long walks down the hall. We did not experience any issues of other passengers being able to see on our balcony from the outside elevators either. With regards to the space where the adjoining door is, we did not find any loss of storage space to be an issue. There is more than enough space. Instead of putting our suitcases under the bed, we just stood them up in front of the drawer and used them as a hamper for the worn clothes.
  13. Bummer. I was looking forward to movies in the screening room. They must be converting it to something else.
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