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  1. Indeed I did receive the SBC and used a TA. Now if only the stock value would improve. Remember when it paid dividends?
  2. Good to know so I can sell the stock before it loses any more value.
  3. I had a similar experience for the December 1 cruise. The "boards" advised I stay up or wake up at 12:01AM on the day reservations open but I failed and went on-line around 6AM. Tables for 2 were only available at 9 or 9:30PM across the board. By selecting "sharing" I was able to find some more amenable times (we do not like to eat late) but my "plan" ( prefer sea days etc.) went out the window. Even though we are not interested I took a look at "cooking class" reservations and they were basically sold out. All in all, a bit of downer for a "luxury" cruise.
  4. I believe its satellite based so should work about the same as always with a few blips.
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