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  1. On the Edge in the Retreat they had continential breakfast in the morning. On the pool deck they had lunch items. Eat there almost every day on our transatalantic. The only problem it was always windy.
  2. They are doing some required maintenence and painting the hull blue. That"s all for this drydock.
  3. The food in the MDR on Azamara is nothing to get excited about. On our first cruise with Azamara we ate in the MDR once but the food was very disappointing. After that we always ate dinner at the Sunset bar next to the windows cafe. Windows cafe featured food from a different country each night. It was very good. We always looked at the menu at the MDR on five but always ended up on deck 9. Luminae is normally pretty good though they also have off days.
  4. As of May19 the refurbishment on the Constellation and the Infinity have been put on hold. New date have not been decided. The shipyard are open but they are having manpower problems and parts shortages.
  5. Probably because the Constellation is not getting upgraded. It was scheduled to be in dry dock from the end of April until the end of May. The ship has been off the coast of Greece for over a month. Docking just to get supplies and fuel.
  6. It was scheduled for Cadiz, Spain. We were scheduled to get off April 16 in Rome and the it was going in for the make over. The Constellation has been off the coast of Greece for over a month.
  7. When the fares open up you need to compare the choice air and the airline prices. For international flights always use choice air or miles. Normally choice air is cheaper. We book business just for comfort. You don't have to pay for the airfare until the cruise fare due date so you can price adjust if it goes down. Had a cruise canceled in March and got a full refund on airfare. To early to know what flights will look like next year but have flown American to Charlotte several times to transfer home.
  8. Spain is still on lockdown so probably not going to happen. Right now the Constellation is off Cyprus.
  9. We have 10 cruises booked thru 4/2021. One B2B, one B2B2B, Christmas/New Years, B2B, and B2B T/A.
  10. Go to Celebrity website then ships then deck plan. Easy.
  11. We were scheduled to get off the Constellation on April 16 in Rome. Going to dry dock after that into May.
  12. ozark74


    The Solstice will be doing Asia starting fall 2021 and spring 2022. The Eclipse will be doing Australia/ New Zealand.
  13. We had one of those cabin on the Summit going to Bermuda last July. The cabins were where the men's sauna the beauty shop were. The room was ok more drawers than we needed. The balcony was narrower than normal. The divider between balconies was cheap metal so that at sea it raddled. At night you could hear the music from the sky lounge above. I didn't hear it but my wife said you could hear them vacuuming the floor at 1 am. If I was booking a cabin would never pick one of these.
  14. The Constellation is scheduled for dry dock the last week of April til the end of May. We were schedule to end our cruise on April 16 in Rome. The dry dock was scheduled for Cadiz, Spain. The ship is out of the Suez Canal in the Med. heading to Cyprus.
  15. We were on a b2b that was cancelled. The FCC's for both cruises arrived 6 days after the first cruise cancelled. They came by email. The refund going to the credit card could take up two billing cycles to process. That was before everything shut down.
  16. It is 7:06 PM in Mumbai so everyone has to be off the ship by now. Some passengers are already home.
  17. We were on the 4/1 cruise. Last week they changed the final stop from Rome to Barcelona.
  18. From what we have heard they have to get off by Tuesday in Mumbai.
  19. The Constellation got into Mumbai yesterday morning. The press release closing the ports was issued at 1545 yesterday afternoon.
  20. The Constellation goes into drydock at the end of April. We have been on the Summit which is a sister ship to the Constellation.It has been remodeled. The outlets we not changed still by the desk.
  21. Did a B2B to Bermuda last summer. Both weeks select was lower level.
  22. We are on the same cruise and are glad they changed the itinerary. Even if it left from Singapore the ship could not stop in Thailand so it would go directly to Sri Lanka. As of yesterday there are 81 people with coronavirus in Singapore. That is the highest number outside of China. Better safe than get a ship stuck somewhere. Contacted choice air and they rerouted us to Dubai and got us a hotel. Customer service was very good. Took the agent about 45 minutes to rebook our flights. Why take a chance?
  23. Tuscan is on deck 11 not 3 like the Summit.
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