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  1. Please don't crawl back under the rock....if anxiety was an Olympic sport I'd win Gold for Canada. I understand exactly how you feel. I envy those who "just don't care", but I do - and being inappropriately dressed can ruin an evening for me. I promise you - hand on heart - that your husband will definitely NOT be out of place in his suit. Ignore the snarky comments about Main Dining Room attire. He, in his suit (or sports coat, or long sleeved shirt & tie, or collared shirt or polo shirt - whatever he chooses), will be completely appropriate.
  2. Breakfast Sticky Buns in the Lido. Very dangerous, but so delicious.
  3. I guess if you don't have kids, you don't think of Disney Cruiseline, but you should. Firstly, don't assume you're going to be surrounded by hordes of kids 24/7. If a curious 6 year old wanders into the adult pool area, they will instantly be whisked away by a fairy godmother. Disney wants adult cruisers. They go out of their way to ensure that adults have their own pools, own beaches, adult restaurants - and no one enforces these rules like Disney. Be that as it may, the entertainment on their ships is incredible. Lion King, Beauty and the Beast - all from Broadway, a real movie theatre that shows currently running movies - as Disney says: "we can show them cause we own them'. .Dining is an entertainment in itself, with diners moving to different dining rooms every night We've been on 2 Disney cruises - took the kids the first time - left the home for the second.
  4. Try "Cherry Blooms" from Australia. They are brush on cellulite fibre lash extensions. As simple as using mascara and the results are amazing.
  5. Love them. I gave a set to my daughter a couple of years ago and she raved so much about them that I got a set for myself. Now I'm getting a second set for my husband. I got ours from Amazon. For things like t-shirts, underwear, etc. you don't even have to bother to take them out of the cube - just lay it open on a shelf.
  6. I guess if I had to recommend a cruise ship to a couple who want some peace and quiet from kids, I would go with Celebrity. They cater mainly to an adult crowd. HAL is good too - but they do seem to attract an older adult crowd. I'd definitely go for a balcony room if it is in the budget. It's great to escape to your balcony to read or just watch the ocean. The big production shows usually mean a much larger ship and more people. That being said our cruise on the Oasis of the Seas (a huge ship) was one of my favourites. The choices of entertainment and restaurants was amazing and although it carried over 3000 people, it's so big that it never felt crowded.
  7. I like them both - and I don't really bother trying to compare - if I'm happy and the cruise is enjoyable, that's enough for me. I do like "Blu" in Celebrity. We were upgraded on our last summer's cruise to Bermuda and Blu was one of the perks. I liked the smaller dining room, the menu and the wait staff was wonderful. On the other hand, on our cruise to Japan with HAL in October, the lecture series couldn't be beat! So thoroughly enjoyable. I kept thinking that school was really wasted on the young.
  8. I gave my daughter a set (from Amazon) a few Christmases ago. She raved about them so much that I got a set for our cruise to Japan last Fall. They were great! I'm going to order another set before our upcoming cruise, so both my husband and I have a set. I'm getting a different colour so it will be easy to tell them apart. One thing I will say is that it's best to stick with one kind of clothing item per cube. Don't put 7 t-shirts in one and then decide to add some socks, jewelry, belts, etc. unless you have a good memory. I spent some time sorting through all of them to find a specific item when I did this.
  9. I'm not sure whether you are a man or woman.....but I would take 2 pair of jeans and (if a woman), yoga pants, leggings or even nice sweats. They are far more comfortable than jeans, dry faster than jeans and you can dress them up or down. You won't be alone. Most everyone wears more comfortable clothes on board. If you're a man - well...relaxed pants or sweats. I'd take a good wind-proof jacket and a heavy sweater or hoodie. It might be nice on land, but if you're out on the water it can get pretty chilly. We went whale watching last October and we all needed hats, gloves and I wish I had a scarf.
  10. . If you aren't lucky enough to pass her, do make an effort to view the beautiful "Tear Drop" Sculpture sent to the USA from Russia to commemorate 9/11. It is on the right-hand side of the ship at the end of the little park at Cape Liberty. Truly touching.
  11. I, too, would recommend a RCC ship. Our cruise on the Oasis was amazing! You might also enjoy a Norwegian Cruise because some of their ships (I know the Epic does) have dedicated inside cabins for single cruisers, they also have their own lounge, dining arrangements and tours. My daughter took an Epic cruise several years ago and absolutely loved it. She still keeps in touch with the people she met (all in their 30's).
  12. My daughters are 34 and 35. Neither of them would enjoy HAL. My husband and I took our first HAL cruise when we were in our mid-40's. We weren't into drinking and partying, but even we felt we were too young for it then. Fast forward 20 years. Last October we returned to HAL to take a cruise to Japan. For us now, it is a perfect fit and we are booked for a Panama Canal cruise next month. To be perfectly honest, 30 is too young for HAL.
  13. My husband and I were awoken at 3 in the morning, to find an elderly man - in his pajamas - standing at the foot of our bed. A shock to say the least! He mumbled something, turned and left the room. We were speechless. The next morning we reported it to Guest Services who told us it would have been "impossible" for anyone to enter the room without a key. We finally persuaded someone to accompany us to the room and try to open the "locked" door. Sure enough - the lock was faulty and easily opened when he turned the doorknob. They apologized profusely and sent us a bottle of wine. Don't know what happened to the old man. He may still be wandering the corridors.
  14. There is literally no answer. When I cant sleep, I try to think of ways to solve this unsolvable problem. I'm not confrontational and I can't see myself ever challenging one of these people - and I think they know it. On our recent Summit cruise I rarely saw a crew member in the pool area and one afternoon I counted 5 children (2 with parents - 3 without) in the salt water pool in the adults only Solarium. One mother looked at me like she defied me to stay a word. Personally, I've given up. Now my husband and I go down to the pools, take a quick dip and return to our own balcony. Some things are just not worth it.
  15. Very sensible of you - then you can complain three times as much!
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