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  1. What are all the families with booked cruises doing about travel with coronovirus scare? We are booked on the Caribbean Princess at the end of April and are traveling with a 9 month old and 3 year old. We do not have cancel for any reason insurance. However, money is not really our issue. It's whether or not we should go and risk being stuck on the ship with the kids. Would supplies for the baby be easily available? Also worried about the ship not being allowed in any ports after MSC issue yesterday. What is everyone else planning to do?
  2. WOW! Thanks SO much for the great pics of the family area! Can't wait for our cruise and sure hope you are enjoying yours!!!
  3. Great review! Any chance you might be willing to stop by the new kids/family area on the back of the ship? There is not a lot of information out there and I am wondering about the new seating areas and shade structures. Traveling with my 9 mth old and 3 year old in April and can't wait to take advantage of this area! Have a great rest of your cruise!
  4. What brand of bottled water is available on board and included in the premium beverage package? Thanks!
  5. Thanks, I think I read that review about the surface being slippery too.
  6. Awesome!! Thanks so so much for sharing!
  7. skynight, I do not remember stating that I planned to take children in diapers or swim diapers into this area. I am fully aware of the rules and regulations that may pertain to my family, this will be my 3 year old son's 4th cruise. I have no intention of taking my baby into this water area and my other child is potty trained. It is a shame though that Princess created this area for small children and then immediately excludes them from using the area because they did not install the correct systems to make it possible. The splash areas on RCCL and Disney and I believe on
  8. Thanks for posting, I thought I was the only one looking for pictures/info. on this area. It seems like no one is reviewing this ship or the new features. We are traveling with our 3 year old and our 9 mth old baby and I'd live to see some pictures of the rest of area, especially the seating area since that's where I will be with baby while DH and DS are playing in the water. Also traveling with my parents and grandparents so I wanted to see the shade structures for baby and great-grandma and grandpa. Any pics? Also, one more attempt for info. on the family suite on this ship. P
  9. Anyone who sailed recently have pictures of the new family zone splash area? Specially the nearby seating areas? We sail in April 2020 with a 9 mth old and 3 yr old, grandparents and great grandparents. We have the family suite for us 4 but haven’t been able to find a single review or picture of it.
  10. Thanks so much for the feedback! Certainly looking forward to the space with two littles!
  11. Were you in the family suite or just referring to your cabin in general? When did you sail? thanks!
  12. Anymore recent cruises to comment? Still a little worried as the bad reviews on the main CC review page continue to come in and all keep saying this ship is in poor condition. I sailed this ship before in 2009 and didn’t think it was in good condition then but has been through many dry docks and upgrades since. Help, why is there so little information about this ship on this board?
  13. That’s great! There is not a lot of information on the kids area, just a few stock photos and no info. or pictures of the seating area nearby.
  14. Thanks! That’s great. Will have to post one when I get back to show the condition of the cabin on the CB.
  15. Thanks so much! Really looking forward to the space. Wish there wasn’t an extra door to the hallway. Will have to put some luggage in front of it and ask the cabin Stewart to use the door in the “master bedroom” 🙂
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