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  1. Oops, thanks for pointing this out. I thought this was the same thread as the person who mentioned that they were in Bangkok waiting to hear what was happening to their cruise. Corinna
  2. We have clients that were booked on the 15th February and 24th February sailing on Quantum. Both were cancelled last night. Corinna
  3. I thought Gordon replaced Ken Jones on Quantum. Corinna
  4. That would be Joe Chambers. We had him on Explorer in 2017 and he was the best activities manager we ever had and we had a number of very good ones. I am glad he is back on a ship. He helped getting Coco Cay ready for the relaunch. Corinna
  5. I don’t get this either. It is not that this makes extra work for the travel agent. Corinna
  6. Yes, it is. I placed a Royal Up bid for the 25th November sailing on Quantum out of Singapore and won my bid. Either it is not available on that particular sailing or if you booked through a travel agent, they may have opted out. Corinna
  7. I think it was made more permanent in dry dock, but the machines had been disconnected when we sailed on Quantum this time last year. Corinna
  8. No, there are not. The areas where there were Coke Freestyle machines on our first cruise on Quantum in 2017 have been boarded over. Corinna
  9. On the first day, they set up a box office at the Bionic Bar for this purpose. Corinna
  10. There does not seem to be any restriction. I have seen no signage indicating an age restriction and this is not reserved for suite guests. Corinna
  11. Only Windjammer, Cafe Two70, Cafe Promenade and Sorrentos are open for lunch on a port day. Coastal Kitchen is available for dinner for junior suites, but reservations are required. Corinna
  12. On this sailing they do not. There is no lounge for diamonds. There are three drinks loaded on the Seapass card and specialty coffees are available at the patisserie. On the ex-China sailings, the solarium doubles as the diamond lounge. The cruise is absolutely amazing. We loved Penang today. Quantum has no diamond lounge. If there are a lot of diamonds, they turn one level of the Music Hall into the lounge. Corinna
  13. We are on a 5 night cruise going to Port Klang, Penang and Phuket. Only Starwater needs a reservation, which can be made as soon as you get on the ship. The others are first come first served. Corinna
  14. The concierge lounge is not busy at all. We were absolutely exhausted yesterday after a long day in port so I forgot to ask at Coastal Kitchen about Junior Suites. Will try to remember today. Corinna
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