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  1. The options I had were Junior Suite, Grand Suite and Owner’s Suite. Corinna
  2. I decided to place a bid last week on a Grand Suite on the 25th November sailing on Quantum. A few days earlier I paid a very small amount for a normal revenue upgrade from interior to alarge balcony cabin. I was offered upgrades to Junior Suite, Grand Suite and Owner's Suite. I bid £25 per person above the minimum, which was considered week. Today I got an email that my bid got accepted. I am now in a Grand Suite on deck 8. Now I have to find out what this gets me on Quantum apart from the Coastal Kitchen access, which is the main reason I did this. I was considering getting the ultimate dining package and this actually ended up being cheaper even if you take the revenue upgrade into account. Corinna
  3. According to her Facebook, the AM on Spectrum is Bonnie Bai, who used to be the regular AM on Quantum. She posted photos from Spectrum on July 15th. Corinna
  4. That must be a difference between the USA and the UK then. I remember the original announcement that this was happening, but there was nothing about us been able to opt out. We would not have done anyway and I do not know why any agency would. It is not like it is creating any extra work. Occasionally I do mention it to a customer who asks if there may be any cheap upgrades going and advise them to create a Royal Caribbean account. More occasionally, I get a call asking me how much they need to bid to get the upgrade, which of course I don’t know. Corinna
  5. I don’t get this at all. I am a travel agent and I am also a Royal Caribbean customer. I book my personal travel through our agency. I went on two Royal Caribbean cruises so far this year and on both occasions, I got emails to bid on upgrades directly from Royal Caribbean to my private email address, which is attached to my Crown and Anchor account. Corinna
  6. I was on Indy from 30th August to 2nd September and Capt Teo Strazicic was on board. Corinna
  7. Does anybody know what has happened to Joe Chambers? I have not seen him mentioned in ages. He was the best Activities Manager we ever had. Corinna
  8. Never did find out Katie’s last name, but she will be on Explorer for a 4 month contract until the end of October.
  9. She is blonde and English, but she is definitely not Katie Turner. I think she was promoted fairly recently. Corinna
  10. Katie told me today that she will be on Explorer until the end of October. Still working on the family name. Corinna
  11. That was our experience in 2017 when we were on one of the last cruises he did before we was due to retire. I was not too upset when I realised Mark was here instead. We had him as our Activities Manager on Navigator in 2016 and thought he was great. Corinna
  12. We do actually know her. She was a member of the cruise director’s staff on Ovation last year. So I definitely plan on having a proper chat with her before the cruise is over. It is just that so far we bumped into her by the gangway when everyone was rushing to get off the ship at St. Petersburg and then again when they were about to start filming for the morning show. Corinna
  13. The new activities manager on Explorer is called Katie according to the Compass. I will try to find out more over the next couple of days. Corinna
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