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  1. Hi again, We flew back through Monfreal and then Ottawa... two planes, twice the fun. I was appalled at how dirty the planes were when I wiped our seats and general area. I will forever be travelling with disinfecting wipes now. We try to avoid the Toronto airport as much as we can. We did have to fly through Toronto to FLL. Ottawa doesn’t have many direct flights, strange as it seems, for an international airport the Nation’s Capital. All the best to you and your family as we get through this crisis. Enjoy the new granddaughter, when you are able to se
  2. Thank you Maris for a great review and great photos. I have enjoyed following you and reliving these beautiful locations especially during this isolation period. I’ve been reading you every morning. We have a cruise booked for August but will be cancelling. We hope to cruise again someday, but I also think it will be awhile for us. I don’t think we will be going very far, very soon. We were planning on buying an RV this spring but that plan is also on hold. The trip home was our worry as we felt so safe on the ship. The FLL airport was a scary place along with tax
  3. Well he was probably the only one with an Olympus. I don’t know how they stay in business as he seems to be the only one who uses them 😊 He didn’t take many photos on the ship this time around, certainly not as many as usual. He mostly shot in port. Beautiful places for great photos as we can see from your photos.
  4. Hello again, we live in Gatineau. No, Tim does not have Canon, he uses Olympus. Why?
  5. Beautiful view from your home. Yes, I am also still following and relieving our cruise. Grand Cayman was just too crowded and although we wanted to get off just to get off and had no real plans, we decided if we ever go back to GC we will be staying on the ship unless we book an excursion. I think this was our 3rd or 4th time there and really there isn’t much to see. Also, after returning on board we thought about the number of people in town, the number of ships in port and how it may not have been a great idea to join them this time around. Tim loves tak
  6. Our excursion stopped at Sorobon Beach. It was pretty enough, gorgeous water and very shallow. It was very busy and it was before lunch. Lots of windsurfers the day we were there. Not much of a walking beach but quite nice, not long enough. We didn’t stay very long, but it was a nice visit.
  7. Congratulations on the arrival of your granddaughter. We ended up on an excursion in Bonaire, booked last minute, on the morning of and really enjoyed it. Our guide, Jeanette, was very good and full of information. The contraption you weren’t sure was for on the previous page (does this make sense?) is used to move the salt to the ships for transport. Yes, the water was much more pink in person and we also weren’t quite able to capture that colour. Bonaire was a nice surprise. We weren’t expecting a lot from this port and quite enjoyed it.
  8. I’m learning a lot about Curaçao from you. I must admit, I didn’t do much planning for this trip as we booked pretty late.
  9. Yes, rainy day expected here, but with this isolation, it doesn’t make much of a difference in our plans for today 😊. We didn’t plan much for Curaçao but went to Mambo Beach in the morning. It was pretty enough but small and it filled up quickly. We took a cab back to the ship after our beach walk, had lunch and went for a city walk. We were also a bit disappointed in the city after hearing so many good things and seeing so many beautiful photos, but I think part of the disappointment was the fact that it was Sunday and there were a lot of things closed by 2pm. Sun
  10. Hi Maris, we are from Gatineau, Qc, just on the the border from Ottawa. You were right, we went out today and it was a strange world. We picked up groceries and will be staying put for a while yet. We are simply safer at home. I kind of wish we were still on the ship, enjoying our quiet seadays. Like you, we spent a lot of time in our cabin and our balcony on this cruise. It was very windy and we found the solarium, which we usually love, too cold. Our cabin was just perfect! I did check our photos from the Heli-pad but there were very few. Didn’t se
  11. Hi! Yes, following and enjoying your review. We were at the sail-away from Aruba on the helipad too but don’t. remember seeing you. I’ll have to check our photos. A lot of people! Hubby likes to take lots of pictures too, but we didn’t take many of the ship this time. I love your photos from Passions. Curious to know if you would go to the Barcelona again? We did a ship’s excursion in the morning, came back for lunch and went to the beach in the afternoon. We had walked through the port area the night before and were disappointed to hear that many shops were leavi
  12. I hope you feel better soon. We did meet at the CC party but I dint think we saw each other again through the entire cruise.
  13. We also were on this cruise and are self-isolating. Looking forward to your pics and the rest of your review.
  14. Elaine, are you on the March 2, 2020 sailing?
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