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  1. Food was fantastic! Only 35 passengers. Cruise Director awesome!
  2. Sailed American Star April 10-17 and we had an ice bucket in our room. I filled it up in the Chesapeake lounge every day.
  3. Sailed on American Star April 10 thru 17 Only 35 passengers. Fantastic cruise.
  4. I found this on FB - "we had 24 guests on the ship. It’s capacity was 100. All of us went on one bus to most excursions. There was one time they used two smaller busses. We were the first ship to sail in North America since last March.."
  5. Agree! I'm sailing April 10th on the Star and I was hoping to see comments too.
  6. Is anyone else sailing on the American Star on April 10, 2021?
  7. Got a call from ACL...cruise is cancelled. Can go on another cruise before end of 2021.
  8. March 14th - still going ⚓🚢 American Star
  9. Thanks so much for posting RRFPresident! I've now got a better idea of what to expect for the American Star cruise on 3/14/20 (Historic South and Golden Isles cruise). I'm wondering if a lot of people are cancelling.
  10. I started packing yesterday. 😃 I haven't checked the weather yet? Hopefully we're lucky. 🍀 Do you have any plans for excursions at the ports? ⚓🚢
  11. Fantastic! I'm Carolyn and my mother is Rose. Are you flying/driving ahead of the cruise? We are driving up to Charleston in a rental car the night before the cruise.
  12. That's when we're going!! Where are you from? Mom and I live in Jacksonville, Fl Have you ever been on a river cruise? We did Viking in Europe a few years ago.
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