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  1. For the difference in cost we think that the Central Park balconies compared to the ocean views are extremely good value and have always enjoyed having this type of stateroom with no issues whatsoever and find them extremely peaceful and relaxing plus enjoy sitting on the balcony in the evening listening to the excellent light music from below. We can honestly think of no reason as to why we wouldn’t book one.
  2. A couple of evening drinks at the trellis bar in Central Park.
  3. We took a Uber from our hotel arrived at the terminal about 10.30 were checked in by 10.45 and on board around 11.00
  4. I would definitely go by van. Cannot go be you a definite boarding time but I would aim to get there mid to late morning.
  5. We’ve never found there to be any differences to the towel check in check out or taking them ashore in the Mediterranean to that in the Caribbean.
  6. Quickest and most expensive taxi 15 to 20 minutes Cheapest public transport 30 to 40 minutes
  7. We’ve always found that you can normally arrive at the port anytime and be seated check in opens about 10.30 be sure to arrive 90 minutes before sailing though. RCI if they offer a suggested arrival time rarely enforce it. Boarding usually starts about 11.00am
  8. You know that do you? Or perhaps they could be stuck in fog.
  9. Whichever station you decide on from experiencing both of them I would allow up to an hour from disembarking the ship to arriving at the station.
  10. We’ve tried them both and definitely prefer the Central Park balconies.
  11. On our recent IOTS cruise we found the dinner offerings in the Windjammer to be quite exceptional with a far greater selection than the MDR very casual and certainly peaceful. The staff were superb. It was so good in fact we actually dined in there each day for dinner the last evening they had quite a magnificent chocolate fountain.
  12. Your arrival at 10.30 should be perfect there will most certainly be folks who have arrived earlier.
  13. Our family and friends have all enjoyed the Solarium Bistro and in our opinion think it’s the best place to eat breakfast both indoor and outdoor seating.
  14. You should have no problem with your restaurant choices however changing the dining days could be much more of an issue. I would think on not being able to change the days and think of it as a bonus if you are able to. It is doubtful the prices would be cheaper on board. You could book now cancel and rebook should the prices drop.
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