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  1. When cruise ships arrive in Venice it’s actually along the Giudecca Canal not the Grand Canal and you pass by the island of Giudecca which is extremely laid back has a nice promenade many restaurants and up market hotels in particular the Molino Stucky Hilton which has an extremely roof top bar swimming pool and fabulous views its just about directly opposite St Marks Square. The cruise port is on the mainland and indeed an industrial one situated to the west of the Venice Santa Croce cruise ports. There is no reason as to why passengers could not then be transported to Venice in small boats or coaches. Not ideal I know. From memory the route would be entering the Venetian lagoon directly from the Adriatic Sea southerly of the existing one that the cruise ships are presently using. I’m pretty sure the MSC Opera collision of 2019 hasn’t helped the cruise lines causes.
  2. That’s quite correct Piazza Roma should also be a pick up point as I think many more cruisers would have stayed pre cruise than flying in on embarkation day.
  3. Well we’ve done the journey for work at various times of the day and evening from the garden city of Marghera to Venice and the return on numerous occasions by bus and train and traffic permitting it is definitely about 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. It’s only about 10 to 15 minutes by train or bus to central Venice from Marghera. But you obviously lose the magical sailaway.
  5. Yes agree missing out on the fantastic Venice sail away means Rhapsody is a real no go for us. I think RCCL are being extremely hopeful of there estimated travel time also especially in peak holiday season. With the traffic and all the waiting around I think you’d be lucky to do it in under four hours. The speed boats I totally agree are the main problems on the canals.
  6. That’s definitely correct a good four hours in peak season plus all the waiting about especially for late comers don’t think a RCCL shuttle is worth all the hassle.
  7. We’ve only cruised on Mariner on one occasion but enjoyed a fabulous cruise.
  8. Definitely agree I wouldn’t use the RCCL shuttle. Train would be my preferred option unless money was no option then private shuttle or taxi.
  9. We’ve taken numerous cruises from Venice and have also lived and worked there for over three years and can assure you it’s definitely not the just the cruise ships that are causing huge damaging waves. The speed they travel when arriving and departing with the pilot boat you definitely wouldn’t say cause any more waves than the hundreds of other craft that ply there trade on a daily basis. I’ve never seen and I’ve seen many any huge waves from any cruise ship going up or down the canal. I don’t think however that the MSC fiasco helped at all. There is a line of thought from traders in Venice that the cruise ship passengers and there money will certainly be missed.
  10. They are obviously working backwards 2010😎 With August and most of September 2020 now unable to book looks like late September at the very earliest.
  11. You are 100% correct on both counts Ravenna port is pretty much a dump and we’ve also taken a chance and flew in Venice on the day of the cruise on one occasion once again like yourself we were also delayed at Stansted airport and although we made the cruise with time to spare lesson learnt and who really wants to join the ship on embarkation day with all the worries and fly on immediately after debarkation plus the sail away yes is fantastic but you’d be missing out on visiting Venice.
  12. Very few as you say if you were to fly in on embarkation day and fly on on debarkation day apart from the sail away you really see nothing of Venice. We’ve been extremely lucky to have cruised out of Venice on quite a few occasions a real highlight of the holiday but embarking in Ravenna and with no port call in Venice together with the coach transfers of two and a half hours plus all the waiting about you can probably ad another hour minimum to that I’m afraid it’s a no go for us.
  13. RCCL are putting on free shuffle buses it’s two and a half hours away ☹️ Expect flights will stay the same airport Marco Polo I presume although timings for the return journey may change and probably be collected from Piazza Roma.
  14. Honestly superb answers cannot add anything our only difference would be Wonderland think it’s one of those dining venues you could take either way. We tried it because we were intrigued by it had “ the experience “ but in our opinion once was enough and definitely wouldn’t dine there again. Our favourites are 150CP and Chops Grille.
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