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  1. Oh my, what a small world. Shipgeeks, so good to hear from a shipmate from 2013, when we sailed around the volcano. Osteoporosis is a terrible condition that has afflicted my wife Kay for years. A fantastic Dr. In Little Rock, AR performed a small 10-hour surgery replacing all the hardware in her back with an interlocking system and she does not need a back brace and is for the most part pain free – Thank you Lord! What a wonderful cruise on the Century, one of our favorite Celebrity ships and crew. Celebrity does not do those 15-night Hawaii cruises any longer, but one came up in O
  2. Correction to above..... Our first cruise was 1994 on the Dolphin line “Seabreeze”, what a cruise. The food was excellent, and the wait staff taught us the proper use of the silverware. We had an ocean view room, being a port hole that you unscrewed the two bottom bolts and swung the window upward. Oh, I can still remember that ocean sound going to sleep. Seven night eastern and western Caribbean cruises. Last cruise was a 15 N Hawaii in the Eclipse in 2019. Loved it so much we returned for another, and then we were hooked. Jerry
  3. I'm not sure that anything I did fixed the problem. I had deleted Celebrity cookies, emptied the cache, and deleted history, and still could not sign in. Just tried later in the day yesterday and bingo, signed right in no problem. Go figure. All this aside, we are ready for normal again and ready to get back to CRUISING !
  4. Ha, problem solved, I am now able to sign in.... Celebrity does have their problems with their web site. I have commented before that their cruise experience keeps us loyal to Celebrity, not the web site. Once again, thanks to everyone for your help. Jerry
  5. Thanks everyone, I was able to sign in on my iPad. Still cannot sign in on my Macbook pro, with Safari or Firefox (78.0.1) Running Catalina 10.15.3 Cleared Cookies & History.
  6. I tried to log into my Celebrity to check my reservations, but get -- We've got your info. However, we're unable to bring up your account right now, so please try again later. Could be weekend maintenance. Anyone else getting this ?
  7. Wife is handicapped and I am concerned about the wait for wheelchair boarding in Los Angles for our Eclipse Hawaii cruise. Note I have requested wheelchair assist from Celebrity, and have rented a wheelchair for the cruise, just concerned about being turned loose at the pier with luggage and wife.
  8. My wife is a wheelchair user but can walk short distances, but stairs are out. She can step into a tender, but not go down the stairs. Has anyone used the wheelchair lift down to the tender on the Celebrity Eclipse? Various calls to the Accessible folks have not been helpful, depends on the Capitan and we fully understand. We are on the upcoming 15 night Hawaii cruise in October, and two of the ports are Tendered. Thanks for any help. Jerry
  9. Kay can walk short distances with a cane. Steps are very difficult, and we have to be very careful. (major back surgery – osteoporosis). We booked this tour a couple of years ago through Celebrity assessable shore excursions before the cruise. ShorexAccess@rccl.com They sent us a pdf file of assessable shore excursions that we picked our tours from. We really enjoyed the train ride and the Alaska cruise.
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