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  1. The point of Tampa isn’t so much were the ships depart from, but where they go. You can only have so many ships in the Bahamas
  2. Let’s buy it. I’ll chip in $5. How bout the rest of you? How much you think we’ll need. Including tax. I assume there’s tax on cruise ships; anyone know?
  3. I think it’s reasonable to assume he isn’t flying over to visit Schenectady
  4. The world is a wonderful, fascinating place. Personally, I see nothing but bad news for RCL every day. But obviously a lot of investors see the opposite. Hopefully they are right and I am wrong.
  5. Are metal detectors allowed. Seems like the kinda thing RVL would ban just because they can.
  6. The carrier that brings you to a destination is responsible for making sure you are eligible to enter that country. So if there was a TA and you got to Spain withing being eligible to enter Spain, the cruise line at a minimum has to take you back. They can't just dump you at the port in BCN. But if you are flying Delta to BCN to start your cruise there, it's Delta's responsibility to make sure you can enter Spain, not RCL's. RCL is the reason you are traveling to Spain, not the carrier.
  7. If you just want to visit NYC in December, sure, why not. Not sure they’ll let you back in the UK however. But my wild ass guess is that no cruises will leave NY in 2020. As for Florida in April 2021, I’ll give it a very wishy washy 50% chance.
  8. The US has sky high and growing numbers of COVID-19 cases. And a big chunk of the country is totally ok with that and doesn’t want to make the sacrifices necessary to get the numbers down. Of course the counties of Europe that have sacrificed aren’t going to want Americans coming in to screw that up. This isn’t a momentary retaliation thing to make a political point.
  9. I hope I’m wrong too. The good news is that I’m often wrong. About lots of stuff.
  10. Me? No. Not a chance I’m booking until I feel confident the cruise will take place. At the moment I’m not convinced that RCL will ever sail again. But I’m a pessimist that way.
  11. I wish I were there right now 😞
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