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  1. Like you, we were upgraded from a Balcony Cabin to a Family Mini-Suite on Deck 12 down the hall from the Splash Academy (our cruise was Jan.5-17 on the Breakaway). There weren't many kids on our cruise - i believe they said about 100 for that sailing. Although our cabin was farther down the deck that you will be, we never experienced any problems with noise.


    Good luck and enjoy your cruise!

  2. We expect to get a good amount of snow here as well in SE MA (they predict 15+ inches). Leaving tomorrow to take AMTRAK to NYC to board the Breakaway on Jan. 5th. Already had to cancel 2 train reservations--now hopefully leaving LATE tomorrow. Won't relax until we reach our hotel.:eek:


    Good luck to all of you in the blizzard -- just keep thinking of your next upcoming cruise!;):)

  3. We have a video taken by my DH's cousin of the pool through the portholes in the hidden room. It was so funny being "voyeurs", watching the people in the pool. Also have video of that really long passageway that looks like the ship was actually twisting from side to side as we walked along. Again, to repeat myself, what a fantastic experience to have sailed on this special ship twice.


    Don't think there are any other ships out there still sailing today that could match the SS Norway.


    Thanks to those who posted the links for the cruise during 9/11 and the footage from the Today show. Great to see!

  4. Always so pleased to see a thread start up again on the SS Norway! We were very fortunate to have sailed on her twice in 1995 and 2001 and in the same cabin both times.


    Yes, the ship was a little dated, but we never have had another similar cruising experience on any other ship - small or large. Truly a throwback to a much more elegant mode of cruising. The grand staircase into the dining room, wonderful shows, the ice cream shop, fantastic midnight buffet, and the "hidden" room under one of the pools were just some of the highlights for us. Glad the tenders "little Norway 1 and 2" are still in use.


    The Norway was definitely our favorite ship and we are glad to have our memories of her. Too bad she came to such a sad ending.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to write your review. You did a great job with your details and descriptions of the ship and acitivities throughout your cruise. Anxious to see your photos of the ship as we'll be sailing on the Breakaway next January. Good for you that you were prepared for the rough seas with your seasick remedies. We know how rough it can be going to or coming from Bermuda. When we sailed from Boston a few years back it was so rough DH and I were the only ones at our table for 10 in the dining room!


    Again, thank you for your review!

  6. Got sick on our last cruise (NCL GEM) to Canada and back. I saw the ship dr. the day we were in port in Quebec. The charges for the dr. and medicine totalled $245. Medicare did not cover, my medigap insurance did not cover, but thank goodness we always get travel insurance. This time was through the cruiseline. I submitted the claim (along with denial from Medicare) and the claim was covered and I was reimbursed for all charges. Would never travel and/or cruise without travel insurance. Incidentally, this was the 1st time we ever had to put in a claim -- well worth the price, IMHO.

  7. Thank you for posting your photos of the S/S Norway. We were so fortunate to have sailed her in 1995 and 2001 (in the same stateroom--N49 on the Norway deck). What a wonderful ship. Our cruises on her gave us a taste of what her past life had been as a true ocean liner. I am still obsessed with her and appreciate seeing any info./photos I can find of her. And thank you also for posting the name of the book--I will try to find it in our local bookstore.


    We try not to think of the unfortunate end to this lovely vessel, but focus on the great memories we have of sailing on her.

  8. This is on the Port (left) side of the ship. We were in E723 on the Emerald a few months ago and loved the location of our mini--aft, covered and quiet.


    During sailaway, it's more fun to be out on one of the decks, but being on your balcony is nice as well. We met up with some folks from our Roll Call for an informal get-together after the muster drill during sailaway at Outrigger's Bar (aft).



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