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  1. Thanks for your response, crusin susan!😉
  2. We're sailing in about 2 months from FL to Havana and will have an overnight visit there. Have already booked a day tour with Blexie, but would like to take in the show at the Tropicana. We know you can order tickets online, but wondered if you can print them directly from their website or are the tickets "held" for that particular night you've booked? T.I.A.
  3. Our cruise in May will visit Havana (overnight stop). We booked Blexie on the strength of many positive reviews/recommendations on here and TripAdvisor. I emailed Blexie and received a detailed response in less than 24 hrs., which really impressed us. So much less cost for this private tour than the cruiseline provides (and will last longer)! Very much looking forward to our tour and plan to post our experience here on CC.
  4. Getting away from smoking comments and back to inside tip suggestions the OP is looking for, we liked the Outrigger area aft overlooking the Terrace Pool. Several times during our cruise on the Caribbean Princess, we would bring food outside from the buffet, order a drink from the bar and enjoy the aft view and people-watch.
  5. Congrats on winning the cruise. I think your choice will work out fine. We recently sailed on the Caribbean Princess and enjoyed our experience. Although it wasn't your first pick, the Western Carib. itinerary can be fun, and it looks like you're already doing plenty of research on what to do in each port. ENJOY YOURSELF! Hoping hubby will want to cruise again!;)
  6. San Diego Sue: Great! Will be interested in your comments after you sail in Nov. That will be helpful for us as well as other cruisers. Thank you!:)
  7. Thanks for your input, appreciate it. We actually changed to D730 on Dolphin deck. You actually posted while I was composing my post! Glad to hear you didn't experience soot or noise problems on your cruise and that you enjoyed the itinerary. Looking forward to seeing the "other coastline", since we live on the East Coast.
  8. Thanks for your reply. Have read about some soot on the aft balconies--it is something to consider; however, we've wanted to book an aft balcony for ages and finally decided to do it. In fact, we finally committed with the deposit today and changed to the same category (D4), but one deck up on Dolphin. Thought it might be quieter as the Emerald balcony cabin would be right above the Vista Lounge. As time goes by, we'll check reviews and see if there are other remarks on the soot situation. With nearly 21 mos. to go until sail date, we could change our cabin location again...LOL...
  9. We have a cruise being held on the Royal and selected an AFT Prem. Deluxe Balc. on Emerald Deck (E730, to be exact). This is a Pacific Wine Country Itinerary (LA to VANC). Anyone have experience with this or similiar cabins? I understand that this cabin has a larger balcony. Noise or soot problems?
  10. Appreciate your replies! The info. will certainly help. GS would rather not sleep in a pullman...so he'll probably take a chance on the sofa bed, if available. Thanks again!;)
  11. Thanks for your response. I know by looking at the deckplans which cabins that are designated with sofa beds. I was asking for feedback from anyone who has actually slept in one of the sofabeds if they are comfortable/roomy enough for an adult.
  12. My daughter is planning a cruise on the Serenade from Boston in 2019 for herself, DH and DS and decided a balcony cabin would be the best for the 3 of them. They want to book a cabin with a sofabed. Our grandson is 14 and big for his age, so would prefer to be on the sofabed, not a pull-down bunk. Would appreciate any input--thanks!
  13. Thanks for your review..very informative and well done. We were on the same cruise and we just returned yesterday (spent an extra day in FLL before flying home). Agree with you about Planks: too much food! My hubby definitely likes his meat, particularly barbeque, but we still couldn't finish it all. I wondered why they recommended reservations, as it was not that busy when we ate there. Embarkation was certainly a pleasant surprize--very quick and easy. And we were surprized when we didn't have to fill out a customs form for disembarkation--the agent quickly glanced at our passports, too, after we'd left the ship. Sounds like you enjoyed the cruise, as we did!.
  14. Hi, Phil....that's what I was thinking...lol. Thanks for starting this thread...getting good info.! See you aboard on the 21st! Linda
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