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  1. First off, so sorry, Kim about your accident and am joining others here to wish you a speedy recovery. As always, enjoying your review and pics...great job as usual! Have to comment on your observations & concerns about the Breakaway and how you enjoyed your 1st cruise on her more than this recent one, We sailed on her within the 1st year of service (early 2014) and although the ship was still very new, attractive and innovative, we found her TOO BIG for us. The idea of having to reserve just about everything on a ship touting the NCL "Freestyle" theme was a turn-off, as well as the crowds everywhere we went. Sorry to read that so many features were not available or not working during your cruise. Have to agree that NCL cut-backs are making it harder to enjoy achieving Platinum status. We sailed this past spring on the NCL Sun and were "underwhelmed" with service and some of the food. Also, we had a major problem with customer service not delivering what they promised. We are taking a break from NCL for awhile--even cancelled a cruise we had booked with an FCC. Ok, enough of that. Looking forward to reading the rest of your review!
  2. Hubby ordered the Ernesto Burger & beer combo last year on the Caribbean Princess. He enjoyed it, but doesn't necessarily think he'd do it again...it was worth trying once....agree a good deal for the beer, though. I'm personally happy with an old fashioned cheeseburger.
  3. Thanks much--that gives us a good comparison to go by. Appreciate your response.
  4. Our family group is sailing in October on the Serernade from Boston to Bermuda and wonder if purchasing drink packages would be worth it. Could someone who has sailed recently give us an idea of what to expect for prices with both soft drinks (soda, water, juice) and "average" cocktails, wine or beer. Our group is split: 2 for soft drinks only, 3 may be having a few alcoholic drinks each day. Want to get an rough idea if it may be better to just order drinks as we go rather than purchase the packages. TIA!.
  5. As we haven't sailed with RCI for several years, are Interested in this topic since we sail on the Serenade in Oct. So, it looks like a particular muster station could be either inside in a public space or outside on the Promenade? Have been on other ships (NCL, Princess) who had muster stations inside large public rooms - e.g, dining room, theater/lounge or even casino. Seems like you don't need to bring your lifejacket with you anymore, either.
  6. Our NCL reduced air was through American Airlines. One stopover each way (from PVD to ORL and return). We were able to select our seats ahead of time. All in all, decent flights and reasonably priced.
  7. We sailed on the SS Norway twice - both times in the same cabin. What a wonderful old ship...our favorite. No bells and whistles-- a throwback to a different time. It was a shame how she came to the end of her sailing days.
  8. Saintsfan777, thanks for asking this question and to 2112 and Mac 1_131 for responses. Was just thinking of this very same topic today as we sail next week also. Hoping to change extra CUC back to USD after our day tour, so if it's open until 8 pm, that should be okay.
  9. Sailing with NCL in May. Sent an e-mail Blexie today re our previously confirmed Havana tour, asking him if there are any changes. He responded less than an hour later to advise there has been a change in the meeting point. It is in another spot from what was mentioned here in an earlier post. My DH thinks they might be setting up several different locations and keep changing them, in view of what seems to be going on between the Cuban government and private tour operators. Find this to be a bit concerning...hope we won't be in a car that's pulled over during our tour. BTW, we were given a "confirmation number"...known to only the guide & us.
  10. We're sailing May 20th on the NCL Sun. Initially, I was upset, but after reading some of the articles posted here on CC, I'm now thinking that it'll be a while before the new rules go into effect. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.
  11. We like strong brewed coffee and an occasional cappucino or expresso. Between the two of us, we will average 3-4 cups each per day, so it's worth it for us....especially for unlimited brewed coffee. IMO--the "free" coffee they serve throughout the ship (dining rooms, buffet) is at best, weak...at worst, like dishwater.
  12. We are 56 days out and I was originally told flight info. would be available 60 days out--which, obviously was incorrect in our case. Called a couple days ago and were told no less than 55 days out (which would be tomorrow) and more than likely could be between 45 - 50 days from departure. The NCL rep said they have to wait until ALL the flights for all itineraries for a given day have been arranged. Of course, I take everything I'm told with a grain of salt when I call the cruiseline. Depending on when you call and who you talk to, the info. can change dramatically...LOL.
  13. Thanks for your response, crusin susan!😉
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