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  1. Good for you! Wish we could have been out on the water this weekend. Would like to have at least seen Boston Pops live at the Esplanade and fireworks display on TV for the 4th. Just had to settle for a campfire in our backyard & fireworks all around us in our neighborhood...LOL.
  2. And we're still looking for our FCC for May 17th cruise we canc. in March. Did get FCC for 5/9 cruise finally 2 wks. ago. Hey, you don't have to make it up--we all believe you...LOL...!
  3. Would also like to wish our neighbors up north a very Happy Canada Day!! My Dad was born in P. E. I. and we have loved all our visits to the Maritimes, Quebec & Ontario. Had hoped to visit Vancouver & Victoria this year...but our cruises were cancelled. Hoping to visit somewhere in one of the Provinces as soon as the virus is behind us and borders are open once again.
  4. Good to see that more cruisers are finally receiving refunds, FCC's, etc. Congrats to those that have gotten their money back and hoping the rest of you waiting will soon see positive results coming your way. We still await FCC's for our May 17th cruise, but at least received the bulk of our refunds/FCC's that we were expecting. Everyone hang in there!
  5. Received refunds to our credit cards on 6/16 and 25% FCC's posted to our accounts 6/17...at days 97 & 98, respectively. Still waiting for smaller FCC's for 2nd cruise. Both May, 2020 sailings.which were cancelled 3/11.
  6. Happy to report....at long last, on day 98, we have received the refunds to both my husband's and my credit cards, AND the FCC's have been posted to our accounts. This is for our 5/09/20 cruise. Now all that is left is FCC's for the cruise we had booked for 5/17/20. Will call to check on that today.
  7. Day 97--have had some movement in the right direction (keeping fingers crossed). Hubby received refund from Princess today on his CC for final payment made on our 5/09/2020 cruise. We cancelled 3/11 and Princess cancelled the next day. Still waiting for refund of deposit amount made on my CC and the 25% FCC. Have cruise booked in 2021. Will be calling Princess again for clarification and to see if FCC will be applied soon to that booking. Never a dull moment....😏
  8. AFAIK, Price is $100 for 2 people. It was especially nice having a larger Caribe Deck Balcony to enjoy it on.
  9. Someone might want to correct me, but think the Chef's Table is now about $95 (higher on Royal & Regal, I believe). When we did it a few years back it was less. Fantastic experience. As far as Ultimate Balcony Dinner is concerned, I don't think you can add another couple (but perhaps someone else can confirm that). The cost for us in 2018 was $100. A wonderful meal--champagne, appetizers, lobster & steak & accompaniments, then dessert & coffee. Plus red roses and a photo to commemorate the special meal. Certainly well worth the price, IMO.
  10. #1 - Chef's Table on Emerald Princess #2 - Ultimate Balcony Dinner on Caribbean Princess #3 - Bayou Cafe on Coral Princess (shared with fantastic Meet and Great group)
  11. I definitely hold the Princess AND Carnival Corp. hierachy responsible for this mess they have created. The phone reps are not sufficiently trained and are on the front lines completely unprepared. Have worked in customer service for many years, and this sure is a very poor example of it. I was giving the cruiseline credit for having to deal with an unprecedented situation, but am all done being patient. The rules re refunds/FCC's, etc., have changed so many times, I don't know what to believe. And what happened to the "Holding Accounts"? Last 2 times I called, the phone reps had no clue what I was talking about. Who I really feel bad for are the crew members, ship officers, entertainers, service staff on all the ships. But NO sympathy for the cruiseline bigwigs still receiving their paychecks and holding onto to our money as long as they can.
  12. Glad for all of you who have received refunds and/or FCCs. My DH is not dwelling on it, but I can't stop getting more irritated by the second waiting for ours...we're over the 90 day mark now....at 94....
  13. Day 94---still waiting. Was told this past week that our refund for a 5/9 cruise was processed 6/9/20---has not shown up on CC yet... and no FCC in our accounts. Will be calling again Mon.--THIS time I'm going to have to insist on talking to a Supervisor. At this point, I don't even care about cruising again for a while--especially on Princess. We have a cruise booked in 2021, but if we don't get anything back in the coming week, will most likely cancel it....and there's another wait for our $200 deposit.😠 So sad, as we enjoyed the Princess ships we've been on and were trying to reach Platinum this year---all a pipe dream now.
  14. Cancelled 5/9/20 cruise on the Royal on 3/11, the day before Princess cancelled (Pause 1). On 3/13, we returned the form indicating our choice as Option 1 (150% FCC), for which we were emailed a confirmation receipt the same day. After several calls over the past 3 months, we were informed today that our refund was processed 6/9 (this was not Option 1). Rep. offered to send an email to appropriate dept. to change back to Opt. 1....told them forget it, we'll accept the refund--don't want any more screw-ups. BTW, Princess rep. at first didn't think we were entitled to any FCC--told her to check--as part of Pause 1, we should be given 25% FCC in our account in addition to the refund. I agree with a previous poster--it's not so much the time this has taken, but the lack of transparency and continual changing of the rules by Princess, without sufficient communication.
  15. Called Princess--this is at least the 4th time and now day 91. Once again, the rep I spoke with seemed overwhelmed/confused and definitely not up to speed. She told us our refund was processed 6/9 (yesterday) --and would take a few days to show up on the CC (we'll see how THAT goes). The ironic thing is we chose Opt. 1 for the higher value of 150% FCC, BUT they screwed up and have no record of the form we filled out and got a confirmation receipt for on 3/13. When I questioned her about that, she said "well, maybe I can send an email to that dept. and request they change it back to Opt. 1"....we figured this would be another 90 days, so we said forget it, we'll just take the refund. Then I asked about the 25% FCC we should receive for Pause 1 (5/9 cruise date)...at first she said we weren't entitled to that....after insisting, she finally said, "oh, that's right, you do get 25% FCC". Princess is so messed up (being kind), I don't know if after the 2021 cruise we have booked, will want to bother sailing with them any more in the future. It's really a shame, because we have enjoyed the Princess cruises we have taken in the past.
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