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  1. Yep...waiting for that 6" snow here, too. AND, of course, the MA vax website crashed this AM, when we tried to find appts. -- no big surprise. For 1million people in our group, only 70K available doses. All we can do is dream of the next cruise...sigh....
  2. We're booked for Aug., 2022 on NCL Pearl (r/trip-BOS to Canada) in an Aft Club Balcony Suite on deck 11. As we previously sailed on the Gem, I'm sure we will enjoy cruising on her sister, the Pearl. If any one has been in one of these cabins (previously mini-suites), would the location be particularly noisy?
  3. Cautiously optimistic that the late Aug., 2022, 7-day cruise out of Boston to Canada and Maine we booked on the NCL Pearl will sail. Although we've visited these ports previously, we're still looking forward to sailing out of a close cruise port with no flying involved, arriving by sea to these familiar and favorite places we've been to before. Hoping cruising will be as close to normal as possible by then, but do expect some changes onboard. As far as the 2 additional cruises we have booked (Princess) are concerned (Nov., 2021 and May, 2022), it's possible either one or both of
  4. Well, here we are again...another blanket of snow. DH out there with snow blower as I type this. At least with both of us now retired, we aren't in any big rush to get anywhere. Wind chills expected to be below zero here by the weekend....even more reason to dream about a Caribbean cruise. Hoping to get vaccine in the next few weeks (depending on the rollout in our area) and then we will feel relieved.
  5. Our #1 was the Blue Lady -- S/S Norway. A wonderful look back at the past. Nothing else like her. #2 - NCL Spirit - small--intimate--unique #3 - NCL Gem - Spinnaker Lounge, Bridge Viewing Room--overall ship layout. Sorry, don't care for the new "megaships". Once was enough (Breakaway).
  6. Sometimes have to wait a couple days to get a call back from our PVP; however, she did manage to get us additional OBC on a recently booked cruise. I usually book our cruises myself and then contact the PVP for "extras", if possible.
  7. Spoke to Princess today. Was able to get latest FCC's from our account posted to a cruise we had on hold, so that booking now confirmed...this is the good news. However, our 2021 cruise which was is still on our Personalizer & was told the FCC's attached to that cruise (from 2020 cancelled cruises) can't be released until the "accounting dept." finalizes the cancellation and we should get an email at that time that the FCC's are back in our account & waiting to be applied. So, Princess is moving along, slowly, in bits & pieces.
  8. Still waiting for 2021 cancelled cruise to be removed from our account, which has a good amount of FCC applied to it (from 2020 cancelled cruises). Anxious to get FCC applied to 2 future bookings.
  9. Also booked on Enchanted for Nov. 30, 2021. Hoping things will be better by then for all of us.🤞
  10. Update from yesterday....just saw on another thread that folks were finding new FCC's posted on their accounts. I had logged in twice earlier today, but after seeing these new posts, checked our Princess accounts again and found that new FCC's have now been added to our balance. Have call in now with PCC to see if these FCC amounts can be tranferred to our 2022 cruise on hold. Also will address the cancelled cruise still showing in our account with our previous FCC's applied.
  11. I've been checking our Princess account every day multiple times, including twice today, but after seeing this recent "chatter" here, I logged in AGAIN and....lo and behold, we now have the FCC's from our cancelled May, 2021 cruise in our accounts! Funny, I just called Princess yesterday and the rep couldn't give me a timeline. A coincidence? Anyhow, the cruise still shows in our Personalizer, but hopefully will come off soon. Glad we have this most recent FCC...hoping to use on 2022 cruise we have now on hold.
  12. Thanks...I just might be doing that. Know the Princess phone reps don't always give you the right info.
  13. Well, in our case...had 2 cruises for 2020 cancelled in the 1st phase last March. The FCC's went into our account and we subsequently booked a May, 2021 Alaska sailing on which the FCC's were applied. On Nov. 20th, we got the word the May, 2021 Alaska cruise was cancelled. In the meantime, we booked a cruise for Nov., 2021 on the Enchanted out of FLL and have a "make-up" Alaska cruise being held for May, 2022 (no money paid yet, but 2/4/2020 due date for payment). The cancelled May, 2021 cruise in still showing in our Personalizer with the FCC's still applied. I call
  14. No more $$ being paid to Princess from us, either. They applied FCC's from our cancelled 2020 to a 2021 cruise we booked, which has now been cancelled and still appears on our account. We also booked a late 2021 cruise on the new Enchantment and had a 2022 cruise on hold. Needless to say, with them holding 2 deposits from us, we are done paying any more.
  15. Have only sailed on 4 Princess ships--while all were nice in their own way, we would have to say the Coral was our favorite so far. Loved the back and forward viewing areas during our Panama Canal cruise and the overall vibe.
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