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  1. Our July has been rather strange--usually it is the dryest and hottest month here in MA, but June was hotter & dryer this year. Returned a few days ago from a trip to Maine--including 4 days on a 150-yr. old windjammer, the Stephen Taber, (out of Rockland, ME). Although our cabin was pretty small, the fantastic meals prepared by the Chef was a highlight, with wine & cheese every night chosen by the Capt. and his wife--we even had a lobster bake on a beach and the Capt. personally prepared "special" S'mores for dessert. Certainly different from an ocean cruise--but definitely a fanta
  2. I was able to access our existing dinner ressies (cruises in Nov. & May) yesterday on the DMW ---but just a day or 2 before, I couldn't....seems you never know any given day whether it'll work or not.
  3. Our weather has not been traditional July weather--cooler and definitely wetter than usual. The Boston TV weathercasters have said we are at the 3rd highest amount of rainfall in July ever recorded, and the month is not even 1/2 over yet! It's crazy on the East Coast with all the rain and flooding, when the poor folks out West have endured such awful heat with droughts and fires in many spots. Sure hoping the weather improves as we're taking a mini-cruise, of sorts, the end of this week on a schooner out of Maine. We'll be sailing out of Rockland, ME and roughing it in a tiny ca
  4. From what I understand, you can still print the luggage tags from the Personalizer. Hope it doesn't change...but who knows, at this point.
  5. Nadia, Glad it worked out for you in the end, even though you had to make an extra call. At least the 2nd phone rep was on the ball & was able to resolve the issue. You must feel much relieved now. Enjoy your cruise!
  6. We took this excursion in 2018 on the 10-day Partial Transit of the Caribbean Princess. It was a long day, but so worth it. Although we'd experienced a full transit several years before on the Coral, it was interesting to pass through the old locks on a much small excursion vessel, and we were able to touch the sides of the canal.
  7. Checked the app yesterday and can't access DMW at all now. Was in there a few days before and the dining reservations for our 2 upcoming cruises were still there. At least our sailings aren't until this Nov. and next May, so there is time for improvement (hopefully). Just feel bad for those who have cruises coming up soon. Have decided to leave things as they are in the app and try not to stress about it. Won't even bother watching the Medallion Monday videos anymore...just useless P.R. presentations by Princess.
  8. Well, you are right..it is a high traffic time and I suppose in that regard, we may be better off making reservations rather than just showing up. In the past we did have to wait for awhile with a beeper to be seated. We are used to eating early as you in Europe prefer later dining. After eating, we are free for evening activities onboard or to take a walk on the outside decks, enjoying the sunset or night breezes. To each his own.
  9. We tend to eat earlier...anywhere from 5:45 to 6:15 works best for us.
  10. We've preferred Anytime Dining for being able to decide whatever time we wanted to eat, but now have to rethink our dining plans. One of the things we have enjoyed about cruising is being able to relax and not deal with stress. Now it's a whole new ballgame dealing with DMW, and feel we need to pre-book dining at the time best for us or we'll lose out that time slot....sigh... Hoping once cruising starts up this summer, we hear positive reports about how this plays out.
  11. We are not yet Platinum...after our upcoming cruise in Nov., we will be. We booked the cruise well before June 7th (the "grandfathered" date), and were able to book dining reservations for the Nov. cruise and one in May, 2022 without making final payment on either. At this point, we only have the deposits and FCC's applied to both.
  12. I just got a call from Kimberly Baldwin herself from Princess, less than an hour after sending out the email to her. She was very nice and seemed genuinely concerned about the problems we've encountered with the Medallion App (DMW, specifically). We chatted about my issue with some of the Princess customer service reps' attitudes and responses (not all, some are quite professional and helpful) and she apologized. She did agree that the functions within the Medallion app need to be improved and understands the frustration that we and others have been experiencing. The upshot was
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