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  1. I hope you can work it out! Fingers crossed for you! Is there any possibility of squeezing her in your currently booked room? I think I'd make a phone call to be sure.


    edited to add: Wow people are mean when hidden behind a keyboard. Possibly one of the big problems with society today. We don't get the facial feedback when we are insulting, which damages our sense of empathy and our ability to keep our mouths shut (fingers still) when we might hurt someone's feelings.


    Thanks for the fingers crossed for us. In all my cruises I had never tried to book last minute and truly didn't expect the ship to be sold out. I guess it would have been more clear if I had put the question in my original post for those that had booked last minute. I appreciate those of you who gave helpful suggestions and were kind in your responses.

  2. I purchaed two stainless steel cups from SAMs this past weekend. I put ice water in it last night at 7 pm....still had about the same amount of ice at 8:30 this am. Left the cup in car in Florida 90 degree heat...ice still there at 1:30 pm...total cost......19:99 for two

  3. Got three 150 gift cards this weekend at publix. Used my debit card. Bit tricky with one of them. They have a hard time using two febit card for one transaction. My sister had the 50 in groceries and let me use the coupon. I paid for the gift card with my debit but the cashier had a hard time with the transaction. It worked though.

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