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  1. I believe chops is open for lunch on embarkation day. Best place to check is cruise planner. Happy planning
  2. EmilyJay, thanks so much for the info! On the Indy and Freedom they gave coupons out, I think the afternoon of the show or the day before... interesting to see its first come first serve. I will definitely be there long before the start time. If the snipits of what I have seen on social media are an indication of how the show will be, it is worth the wait. Thank you for confirming the amazing part 🤗 Living vicariously through you for now. Happy chilling!
  3. EmilyJay Hope you are having a lovely, fun, relaxing cruise so far! I do have another question for you if you don't mind. My family hasn't seen an ice show since they moved to Europe almost 20 years ago, so they are really looking forward to this on the ship. I'm just wondering if you can tell me how they are handling the seating on this. I know in the past I have gotten tickets for them in advance, first come first serve, but i think I read somewhere that people were lining up 45 minutes before.... which made me think it was first come first serve with no pre-tickets given. Can you confirm for me how it will work? Thanks so much if you can. From what I have seen posted on social media this ice show looks pretty cool. On a different note hopefully we also get the roaming piano player 🙂 Cheers and as always thanks for the consideration 🌴
  4. I'm not the expert in this but from what I understand it's the RoyaliQ that has the free messaging and not the royal app that is available for our cruise. I was excited about the messaging feature but it's okay that we don't have it. I never carry my phone around on the ship unless I want to take a specific picture, so doesn't faze me.
  5. Oh and we will be dinning at Jamie's and Hooked for lunch.... any info on that would be great. Oh, and if it's okay one more thing..... I know it is asking a lot (but you can chose to ignore me ;) ) would there be anyway to see main dining room menus? If you are enjoying your trip and don't even think about it I totally understand. Safe travels and have a blast! Thanks again, I will live vicariously through your post for the next 9 days which will get me to close to one month away for ours :) :) :) Let the daydreaming begin!
  6. Like some else mentioned we'll be on the April 12th cruise and am sooo excited! Thank you Emily Jay for doing this live review, it's going to get me even more pumped up for our cruise (which I have been talking about non-stop for months lol). This post has already come in very handy because you have answered some questions I had. Might try the JR as we don't have that were I live but probably only once seeing as I have to pay.... unless they are spectacular and I can't stop craving it lol
  7. I have had the app for awhile but it didn't show the navigator. Then I think last week it showed up saying it was available on the navigator but I still had to wait for functionality (just saw my reservation but couldn't go further). I told my sister about it being available, sent her screen shots of the navigator listed because I was so excited. She went and downloaded the app. She could and I think still can see the pic of the ship, the different menu's, and could navigate through it but most pages forward said they were working on it and to come back later. Right after I told her about the app on my end it reversed (which is what I posted earlier). But she still had her limited access. She doesn't have the listing of activities like one person posted a screenshot earlier. So I have come to the conclusion that there is no rhyme or reason to who has access and what kind of access they have. Totally random and changes from one moment to the next. Hopefully it will all sort after she's back in service 🤞🤞🤞 Happy dreaming and planning everyone! I'm still super excited and can't wait to get on this beauty!
  8. 👍🤗 feel better now. And yes, Royal IT is special! Have experienced it many times.
  9. Weird thing though is that the app shows the ship time.
  10. How did you get access to this? Mine has the booking but nothing else loading.... OMG, just went to check and now the Navigator is not listed as supported ships. It was yesterday though. Mind boggling.
  11. You didn't participate this time I guess? Must be one your are thanking your lucky stars you didn't do?
  12. Rofl! Best "make up " job yet [emoji23]🤣[emoji23] I'll have to remember to take face paint in April.
  13. I saw this on insta. I have to ask ... does he have something on his head? Or is that face paint gone wild?
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