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  1. Can anyone tell me if all the balcony cabins on the Escape have the bed closest to the balcony and the couch closest to the hallway? We wanted the bed closest to the hallway and the couch closest to the balcony door, but not sure what category or deck we have to book to get that. Just two of us in the cabin. Please help! Thank you!
  2. Traveling on the Bliss out of Vancouver to LA. Need to be in contact with family back home who all have Iphones. Can I use this app in Vancouver..How about on the ship? I am guessing this uses data, so I will need to have the wifi plan on the ship? I am not really sure how it works. Please help!
  3. I really do not want the wifi package for the whole length of our cruise, but do need to check work emails one or 2 days. Can we buy it for one or two days onboard? Do we do that at the Internet Cafe?
  4. Great, Great review. We will be on the Bliss this fall. One question...do you suggest scheduling dining times in Taste, or Manhattan for dinner ahead of the cruise (and if that can be done, how do I do it), or can a party of 5 just have a short wait for a table if we just show up whenever we want to eat. Thanks for your advice!
  5. OH, great to know! Thanks for relieving my mind! This is a very special cruise for us, and want to make everything go as smoothly as possible.
  6. Sorry guys, I know this has been asked before, but I could not find the thread. And after over 90 min on hold last night with NCL, I never got through to an agent to answer the question, and want to make sure I am doing this correctly. We have 5 people traveling. 2 in a cabin with the 3 meals of dining plan as a perk, and the other 3 in different cabins who do not have the dining plan. I wanted to reserve Cagney's for all 5 of us, and I did it online under the reservation of the 2 people that do have the dining plan. Is that the way it should have been done or do I have to call NCL and get this fixed in any way. I assume that they will take our room keys and know we have the dining plan to cover it, but can we just pay for the other 3 people's meals on our account that night? I appreciate all your help!
  7. Will the "What's app" work also? We used this on a different cruise line and could text each other without having to pay anything.
  8. Waiting anxiously to book shows and dining for an upcoming cruise. I was told I could do this at 120 days prior to departure. Do shows become available online at midnight or what time is the earliest I can book those online? If I need to call NCL instead, what time can I do that?
  9. If my son is in a cabin with no free wifi minutes, and we are in a different cabin with 250 free min, is there a way for him to use our wifi if we don't want it?
  10. Thinking of doing Teppanyaki, but new to NCL, so need some help. We have the Specialty dining Meal plan, but other 2 cabins of kids traveling with us do not. Can we use one of our meal credits there, and just pay the $29 for each of the kids to go with us. so we can all eat there one night? Can we make the reservation for all 6 of us? And does anyone have a menu from there to share? Thank you!
  11. We are sort of in the same situation although our final payment is not until June, and we have no airfare with NCL. Before final payment, I was going to just cancel the second person in the cabin. I knew I would have to pay double the fare, but I thought it would be the fare that was originally booked. But the fare has gone up $700 per person for that category. Will they charge me the 200% of the higher fare or the original fare I had if I travel alone?
  12. Can anyone tell me the cost of a taxi from Cape Liberty to Newark airport after a cruise? Thank you!
  13. Trying to figure out if it would be best to do the Alcatraz excursion with NCL, to be sure to be one of the first getting off the ship since we are only there for one day, or do the tickets to Alcatraz on our own. The NCL excursion is a 5.5 hour trip and includes a trip to Sausilito, which we really do not care to see. Would rather have the hop on/off bus in San Francisco. Wondering if anyone has done the NCL tour, and if when we get to Sausilito, if we could just take the ferry back to San Francisco on our own if we want. Would love to hear your experience with this. Thank you
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