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  1. been waiting for the new offer, however its worse than before, same price no inc grats, just an extra $100 OBC , this is a lot less than free grats, shall still wait to see if the price drops
  2. would like to cruise these destinations , however the pricing is very high and most cabins already booked so far out. its a pity that these cruises don't sail more often.
  3. Unless you are travelling with Kids i would avoid any cruise leaving Southampton during the 6 weeks of the school break ( end of july to end of August for England and two weeks earlier for Scotland) and maybe two weeks before and after those dates. otherwise the cruise will be completely different to what you get outside those dates. we have cruise during those dates from European Ports, such as Barcelona, Venice and Rome. There are European kids on board and some UK but not in the number that can be experienced from Southampton. We always had a good experience on those cruises. maybe not understanding their language ( leaving European port) makes them seem better behaved🙃
  4. We were also on thus cruise and never had any issues getting a drink in the bars, or even the outdoor bars on sea days, I think there were many servers in the pub on the prom and many bar staff else where, loved being able to use diamond drinks in the bars as well as the lounge. The guys in the lounge were very good, I did always go to the bar since we mostly sat out side
  5. Do they not mix drinks in the lounge any longer?, We have been sailing celebrity recently, but previously was able to get a cosmo, I see Baileys is no longer on the list
  6. Is espn and espn2 available on indy during the european season? Particularly interested in seeing the British Gp Do the have it on in the sports bar? Big screen? Was on celebrity reflection last year during the world cup (soccer) and it was shown on the big screen on the lawn
  7. Probably influenced by where you live, We are from the UK and choose if possible 14 night cruises with lots of different ports, Trying to go on a different itinarey each time. I'd say we book itinarey, ship, price, but that does not mean at any price.
  8. train, bus, ferry site https://www.translink.ca/Fares-and-Passes.aspx we used the tap and pay option , in our case used our phones with google pay, you could use credit card, no need to buy tickets etc. can move between train/bus and ferry in 90 minutes and counts as 1 fare in the zone being used. caught the sky train to down town and then a bus to our hotel for price of the train used throughout our stay, went across to the suspension bridge and grouse mountain on the train/bus/ferry and back, all very easy. caught the train to the pier as well, only a short walk with the cases at the end to the pier.
  9. My theory is that since drink packages have been given (included) so a lot of people have them, the last thing that Royal would want to do is encourage people to use them by asking if they want a drink, make it as difficult as possible to obtain a drink. our next cruise on the 13th we don't have the included drinks, Booked after it was taken away, since the price was way too high before we will pay as we go, and if there are no servers, will be drinking less.
  10. Have always ended up better than the bottom category OK if you don't mind where you will end up
  11. The compass suggests the band is sea surfers, Does not sound like the music in the star lounge will be as we had b4, 60's and 70's rock music to finish the night off 😢
  12. Does that include using the 3 drink vouchers in the pub? What bottled bears can be ordered?, cans of Guiness? Or only in the DL Do they have Baileys? Or is it Aldi special ? In DL We have only been onboard on transatlantic and the number of D and above was huge Really good atmosphere in the over flow areas, We are onboard on 13th July , I'm sure we will notice a few changes since we have not sailed royal for a few years (celebrity have priced us out this year) What is the house band, in the past we have enjoyed Rock the boat, but I think they are in OZ with Joff?
  13. the flyer suggests that the drinks are available from all bars and not just the lounge, there is no mention of the 3 drinks on the card to use outside of the lounge, Is the 3 drink limit still in place or would it be more? as in the lounge over the the 3.5 hour period?
  14. We are taking a RCL cruise in July our first for a while, ( been cruising with Celebrity) The online check in now allows us to upload photos, do they use this for or will we still have photos taken at the port? for some time they ask for the payment details on line for the onboard purchases but still take it again at the port, why is that? I'm wondering if the check in at the port is any quicker? was the door access on indy upgraded with the recent overall? and use touch rather than dip access? do they use WOW bands? or have they now been done away with even on the newer ships?
  15. Thanks for the reply's that's confirmation that makes the offer more appealing i was expecting only 1 device to connect with the way its worded, they should clarify the offer to remove confusion.
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