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  1. Oops that is why I could not find the post it went here and not in celebrity forum. I did tge calculation minus the taxes and fees and added 25% and it comes to the price celebrity have quoted, I am me they will send the taxes and fees back to us? It makes sense nit to include in the future credit, since the next crusse will have different taxes and fees
  2. Eastern med always gets my vote, love the smaller ports of greece and the weather will be warmer at night to be outside even when windy in summer months, the western med can be chilly when the ship is moving with the winds
  3. I have received my 125% email for our cancelled cruise, It seems that the 125% is calculated minus the taxes and fees etc, hence it works out only 12% of the holiday price and not 25% Will the taxes and fees be returned to our credit card or do we need to call and organise this? How long is it likely to take to come back to us? If it does
  4. Today we got our email with the amount we will get for a future cruise in compensation for our cancelled cruise, It's not 25% more than we paid for our cruise, but around £300 less, Does anyone know how it's calculated, are they not including taxes and fees
  5. THanks for the replies . We have never booked a B2B, before, Do we just book two cruises ( we normally do it online) or would we need to phone up for a combined booking. i assume there is no discount for booking two cruises and staying in the same cabine
  6. Looking at two cruises in september 2021 first one to Alaska on 6 day cruise leaving vancover on Millenium then second cruise on same ship leaving Vancouver to LA on 10 day cruise We are from UK so don't understand the rules about back to back cruises and entering leaving US waters etc. i seem to remember reading on here in the past that some back to back cruises are not allowed. would my cruises come into that scenario
  7. what a relief, will be considering moving to cruise later in 2020 or early 2021 the worry for us was not just the ship but also the travel from the UK, and the possibility of the cruise not arriving at the departure port, or finding us Quarantined without being able to get back to UK
  8. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/temporary-cancellation-policy.html i hope so,
  9. its not possible to see the categories any longer on the web site , only price shall have to give the cabin we want and then pay the lower price as suggested above. does consiege count as a veranda upgrade? current pricing for the cruise we are looking at the lowest conseige is almost as low as the lowest veranda
  10. When is the best time to book future cruses to New Zealand We are looking at dec 20 to march 21 we are booking in the UK, and prices seem to hold top prices for these destinations Is there a sweet time to book? we lose deposits if we make any booking changes.
  11. I'm wondering how the captains club 1 level upgrade works. is that within a category or across categories. if we book a outside cabin would it work to upgrade to the lowest balcony? or only work within the balcony grades, eg. book an obstructed cabin then get a free upgrade to the first unobstructed? i assume we must phone up the captains club number to get this, since it does not seem to work online ( or it didn't last time i tried) with Royal Caribbean, booking online does get the C&A discount Thanks in a
  12. i have not cruised with MSC yet, but have Black membership from my RCI Diamond Do Msc have the equivalent to the royal diamond lounge drinks happy hours ( 3.5 hours) or another option for members getting complimentary drinks?
  13. What does this include are the cocktails limited?, does it include frozen cocktails? it looks like only 1 beer? house wine? house spirits? is there enough choice? thanks
  14. If a lot cancel this cruise RCI will be selling off the cabins at rock bottom prices and we will have paid a premium price for an itinerary we wont be getting , really disappointed
  15. Got to agree, we booked this cruise for the southern itinarey and paid the premium. Now it's only 1 stop and I assume a much colder route. Just refunding the lost days and giving a credit for 3 days for a cruise we may or may not take is disappointing. Would they let us use the future cruise credit on celebrity
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