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  1. I understand that. I have cruised many times in suites. I just didn't want to pay for an additional suite just for a 12 year old if at all possible. The reason we cruise is for the suite areas so it would be pointless to book if she can't join the family. I don't understand why everyone got so upset over a question. I'm not trying to sneak family in... It's really for a 12 year old to join her parents, brother and sister at dinner and the pool.
  2. There is no reason to be a jerk. It was a question! I have sailed in the haven 5+ times and the royal suite class 8+ times. My mother doesn't want to come but I'm trying to figure out how to get my 12 year old with us since she can't sail in the same room as us. Didn't exactly want to pay for two MSC Yacht Club Royal Suites because of a 12 year old. Royal Caribbean has aloud us to book the royal suite and inside cabin for the teen and had no problems with her coming on board with us and going to the suite area.
  3. My husband are booking two rooms. One is MSC yacht club family suite and one regular balcony. If my oldest daughter and mother are in the regular balcony can they join us on the yacht club pool deck?
  4. what do you mean if you spend 12,500 in one cruise? Are you saying $12,500 in dollars? Because if so that is not the case.
  5. It’s based on making it to 2500 points. It could be over a year or just one cruise.
  6. We made prime in the casino so I know we will get a free 7 day cruise to use April 1. Can we book a cruise now and then use that cert towards the price once we receive it? Thank you!
  7. Ok well I’m happy not everyone agrees with me. Maybe it’s just that we have been unlucky with the people we have seen. We don’t get out a ton because of the kids but it just seems like that are unhappy and it’s making me feel bad for them.
  8. Oops I guess I need to update my signature. I’ve done 2 royal Caribbean since 2015. Allure and on Harmony now. We did just over hear another couple saying the same thing and they found out it’s the first week for the crew onboard. Maybe that’s it. I love Royal Caribbean but it’s just been very different this time 😞
  9. I’ve been on a lot of cruises on 6 different cruise lines. Is it just me or does the royal Caribbean staff seem very unhappy. Don’t get me wrong we have encounter some friendly staff but over half of the workers never smile and they seem inconvenienced when you ask for items. Even the kids club staff acted like they hate children. I’ve never experienced this on other cruise lines but it seems like royal Caribbean it’s every cruise.
  10. I know on past cruises they gave free beer and wine in the suite lounges all day. We will be going on harmony and was wondering if they still do that or is it now only from 4-8? Thanks!
  11. Good morning, I was wondering if the suites on Harmony of the Seas have DVD players? Thank you in advance!
  12. I think 6 months is the perfect age. It’s actually easier when they are that young compared to our now 1 and 2 year old. We took the first when he was 6 months and 1 week and it was one of our favorite cruises. They love seeing everything and sleep really well. Then we went when he was 18 months and our daughter was 6 months and that was a challenge because of different nap times but it was still worth it. Going on next cruise in 2 weeks and can’t wait!
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