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  1. For me, the answer is decidedly yes: I want a responsive, experienced TA who has considerable knowledge about the cruise line and the specific ship. An independent rep who will champion my personal needs as a consumer. Putting aside the financial aspects (which are important) of TA fee and rebates/OBCs, for me the key is to have an independent, unfettered travel professional looking out for my interests as a customer. Ideally, your TA generates a great deal of business for the line - whether Regent or Oceania - and has personal insight on cabin locations, amenities, special deals
  2. FCCs cannot be used for the 2023 WC. I have asked Regent twice through our TA. If others hear differently, please post.
  3. Unless you have pre-existing conditions. If you wait until the $10k is initially used up on Sapphire, insurance will not cover p.e.c. and there are other restrictions that might apply.
  4. Thank you Steve! Appreciate your expert advice on travel insurance (and your contribution to CC) 🙂as always!
  5. Steve - I called Regent and had a detailed discussion. Onboard "free medical care" is, as the terms & conditions online state, limited to "necessary" medical care provided on board. The amenity does NOT cover medical services received off the ship or transportation to such services (ie. a med evacuation to a foreign port hospital). Nor does it cover services provided on land that supplement medical care which began onboard.
  6. Thank you Wes, I too have had an encounter with trolls. Nasty pests. Steve, it is my understanding the "free medical care" amenity will NOT cover services off ship. However, I will reconfirm this with a call to Regent and post a response.
  7. Wes, I am curious as to what you anticipate the $484 premium will cover? I don't mean to pry as to your current medical situations (such as pre-existing conditions). But with Regent's "free (basic) medical care", what do think the TG policy will cover that would be excluded by onboard care? Having to be delivered to a foreign port hospital for surgery or advanced care?
  8. Thank you Wes & Steve. Yes, that is the big concern - cancellation coverage. Esp the long gap between final payment and the 1/5/2023 departure. Not trip delay, not medical (aside from the "free" onboard basic med care and assuming, big IF, no pre-existing conditions).
  9. Wes & Marc/Mrlevin: in August you were investigating options to insure WC 2023 & planned to discuss this with Steve D. Would you please share your updated thoughts? What policy do you know think you will choose knowing onboard medical is included? Thanks in advance!
  10. The two of us filed online for renewal, paid by credit card. No problem with the form as it was mostly pre-filled. No renewal interview was required. Final approval took 6 weeks (we regularly checked the status online) then a week to receive our new Global Entry cards. A very easy & efficient process for us! Perhaps a required face-to-face is a random event or something changed from the original GE application (such as a new home address or passport number)?
  11. This has been an informative and interesting discussion! I noted the WC provides "free onboard medical service." But that "service" covers...what? If you go to "terms & conditions" on the rssc site it links to several other "t & cs"...you have to dig deeper to learn what this "free service" constitutes. Regent's defines it as: "FREE Medical Service includes onboard medically necessary treatment only" Which means...? A wrist fracture, no worries. But other situations require sophisticated medical treatment which may - or may not - be availabl
  12. We renew Medjet each year as a precaution - fortunately never used it. Agree with your assessment on WC 2022 - no interest in that itinerary - but curious to see what 2023 will offer as you say. Good friend has cruised extensively for years on Regent & Oceania swears by Geo Blue for its low cost, generous policy limits, extensive coverage and responsiveness. He filed several claims for onboard medical issues - no problem with reimbursement. He has used their Trekker Essential policy but there is a more expensive policy called Trekker Choice (more expensive). I ha
  13. I also want to give a hearty rec and thanks to Steve for years of unbiased, unvarnished advice he and his team provide. One small nit: There were policy limits on the dollar amount & type of coverage I hoped to obtain for WC 2021. I cancelled the WC booking so the coverage gap was not resolved.
  14. "Hurtigruten on Saturday said it had contacted all 178 passengers who left the ship early Friday, and they will self-quarantine in line with Norwegian health regulations. The company also has contacted another 209 passengers who were aboard the previous sailing of the Roald Amundsen, and they also will self-quarantine." I see two important points here: passengers on the prior cruise, now safely home, out of the blue are notified by the line they might be infected and need to get tested immediately. Or for those disembarking, told you must self-quarantine fo
  15. Author's name is John Barry. It is a superb book. Last week, Barry wrote an interesting op-ed about the pandemic in the NY Times. Worth seeking out.
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