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  1. Great picture. I had to come back and get a Van Gogn painting for my bedroom upon my return. Wasn’t a fan before but I could see his vision after the trip. MLbcruiser- We sailed quite a bit in the day on this cruise. We went through the deepest lock (I believe in Europe) and many came out to watch it together. It was in the daytime.
  2. I found a couple of pictures from the cruise that were still in my phone. I know it’s not much and I wish I had a picture of the lavender fields.
  3. Because you see a lot of the same thing. Leaving Paris, coming back to Paris, leaving Rouge, coming back to Rouge; Providence by far. My absolute favorite was the Rhein Castle with Viking for scenery but Providence was gorgeous with lavender blooming in the hills. I wanted to live in every town we visited it was so beautiful. We took a train from Paris to Lyon and I am so glad we did. The train ride was even beautiful.
  4. Just got back from Paris-Normandy last month. We were on Lyon-Avignon two years ago. Both on Uniworld. I have been on Viking and enjoyed them and would go on them again so if you don’t mind a Uniworld perspective, I enjoyed the Providence cruise much more. The towns were gorgeous, and it was so much to see each day. I enjoyed the Normandy cruise but next time I would go to that area myself and rent a car. I am sure you will enjoy both so I would think it is what you are looking for in the trip. The docking in Providence are right in towns so it wasn’t a lot of bus rides for the excursions. In fact in Lyon we went to a french cooking school for the morning. If you have any specific questions, please let me know.
  5. They had the restaurant and the Bistro open. You had to make reservations for the Bistro which we did and was able to get that day. Our boat is the smaller of the Uniworld fleet so the Bistro was small and they only used 3 tables for distance. Only ate there once. Both bars were open but did not go to the bar in the back as most met after dinner in the main saloon with the entertainment.
  6. I will add they are learning as the days are going. No menus, you use your phone for QR code’s. My booking number wasn’t working right away so I couldn’t get wifi. I suggested they put one menu on display and I would take a picture. They had the paper menu on display for every meal for pictures throughout the cruise. To me and others it was easier. This is why I still have menu pictures on my phone.
  7. When we got on the boat the first day they took us to be tested with a rapid test. Every time you return to the boat you have a temperature check and towels were given to clean hands. We did not have a test everyday. Two days before the end of the cruise we had another rapid test to get into the U.S. I can not answer if all crew was vaccinated. I believe all passengers were because we were all Americans and I believe you had to have proof to fly to France. No one tested positive and no one was sick. With only 41 passengers it would have been quick to know if someone would have as we knew all names by the end of the second day. Crew and passengers names. They were always cleaning and hand sanitizer machines are everywhere.
  8. I hope all goes well.That trip is on my to-do list. Let us know how it goes.
  9. This boat is a smaller one and I believed they said only holds 130ish.
  10. One last advice: where and who you sit with is your table for the entire cruise. Pick wisely my friend. We made friends with people we could not sit with and had someone at our table that we would have liked to vote off the island. But didn’t ruin the trip as we just met upstairs for after and before dinner drinks every evening.
  11. Masks indoor, not outdoor. Masks on bus for excursions. Paris stores and museums required masks. Outdoor market did not. Took mask off once in restaurant and saloon. They had entertainment at night and we danced a lot. Everything seems pretty laidback. We did take a covid test to come back to US on the boat. They didn’t have it set up so we didn’t know until 2 days before the end of the cruise. It costed us 45.00 and you could get at local pharmacies for free but I guess we paid for convenience. Pharmacies are on every corner. They schedule the test during the farewell dinner which was a pain because you had to leave the dinner and go have your test and come back to finish. The results were sent via email that evening. You had to sign up for the test in your phone which was hard to read. Bring your reading glasses.
  12. The window opens half way and a screen can come up. Excuse the messy bed. I had just washed my airport clothes for the plane ride back. Yes you can still use the washer/dryers.
  13. Stayed at the Citizen Hotel on the CDG airport grounds and it was a perfect end of the trip hotel. We took the Uniworld bus to the airport the last day but our flt didn’t leave until the next day. We were tired so we enjoyed the relaxing day. You can take the bus to a large mall that has a grocery store in it and just purchased a couple of sausages and cheeses for dinner with wine from the hotel. You walk to the hotel from terminal 3. We could have stayed in Paris but had an early flt and didn’t want to get up even earlier with Paris traffic to the airport. This cruise gives you Paris time.
  14. My biggest complaint was the temperature of the pool. It was a nice option after a walking tour to soak in the pool. It was freezing. When a few of us decided to meet in it, we couldn’t stay but a few minutes. We asked the fitness person if he could heat it up and he told us only the captain could do that and it would take a few hours. We would have been icicles. But it was nice to have a pool especially if it would have been hot outside. NOT SURE WHY PICTURE IS UPSIDE DOWN
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