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  1. Good advice. Only if they make me cook, clean and do laundry would it make it a horrible cruise.
  2. We will be on Joy in 2 days. Looking forward to reading all that you have to say.
  3. Hondar- switched to river cruises years before, then last summer we decided to try Regent because of the med itinerary. Main reasons- because the size of new ships, like the idea of all-inclusive so no card is needed and not a fan of the class system. Loved Regent and if it was up to me we would have used them for this 6/15 Alaskan cruise. It seems your experience is what I fear. I know you are not saying you didn’t enjoy it but in the future...
  4. We are on Joy 6/15 sailing. Called 45 days to our TA for balcony sail away rate as it was 400. pp cheaper. She called back to let me know they are lowering the rate and balcony gty would only be 100. more pp. It was worth the 200. as we also got the 50. OBC so now 150. more with perks. Going with In-laws family , who booked one year in advance with only 2 perks, and chose their cabins. By coincidence, we are BA 3 doors down from BIL/SIL. We know it was a coincidence because we never told anyone and they booked through NCL. Not going to say if it is a good or bad coincidence. 😉
  5. Look at the post- “Just back from Joy 5/18” Alexgtp gave a great review plus listed the themes. It’s about 3 pages back.
  6. The upgrade email only works for a limited time. I received it late on Saturday, didn’t see it until Sunday noonish, decided to bid Sunday evening and it was too late to bid. I love the room they assigned me for GTY balcony, but lesson learned.
  7. So many ways to get ready for a great vacation. I am a list person as well. They say you marry your opposite. Last summer we went shopping at the Barcelona dept store to buy my husband underwear that he forgot to pack. Wasn’t so bad as July is clearance sales in Europe and I got some good buys for myself for the trouble.
  8. Love it and so true. We have been to many port stores where DH forgot something.
  9. I have a fun question, mainly because I can’t start packing for a 6/15 cruise until 6/13, with the flight on 6/14. Not real worried but for me this is a little too close. Making me wonder when do you start packing?
  10. Instead of buying a seat on the plane, you are buying a plane with your seat.
  11. Most of the sites are closer to port side then airport side of Barcelona. Personally, I would take the transfer and explore after the porters take your bags. There is a subway near the port that takes you to all the sites. Last summer we hit a cruise traffic jam in our cab and it was stop and go for 30mins from start of port to the ship check in. Just keep that in mind.
  12. Add one more- talked to a customer service agent today with a question for our 6/15 Joy cruise, and he said “don’t forget to bring a white outfit for the white-glow party.” I had heard on CC the white party was replaced but I guess I will pack white just in case.
  13. FYI- just spoke to NCL and because of the excursion credit perk, they are now showing the excursions that are paid in full (by the perk). It is a new way to show only the excursions you will have to pay for once on board. It also means if we no show the $0.00 excursions, no penalty. (What they said, not how I would feel about it as we would lose the perk.)
  14. I was checking my Vacation Summary and I noticed for the first time 2 of my excursions say 0.00 for price (only 2 of the 4 booked) and one speciality dinner. Does anyone know why they are now showing $0.00? I know we have excursion credit for each port but it’s odd to show it ahead of sailing and this is new in my summary. I am just hoping they are not canceling the excursions. Joy 6/15. (I know it is new because I printed the summary 2 weeks ago and it was showing the prices. Except the speciality restaurant wasn’t showing a price at all)
  15. Just checked my 6/15 itinerary and Skagway with excursion is still there. I hope it stays that way. Last time we sailed in Alaska we stopped at Sitka, which was my favorite stop, so I am looking forward to Skagway as many CC have stated the beauty of the area.
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