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  1. Looks like the Today show story was written by the family attorney. A con job to divert the blame from the idiot grandfather who caused this.
  2. People in prison are convicted felons, not individuals who commit "minor infractions."
  3. Is Cruise Critic covering up for the cruise line? Perhaps Cruise Critic and the cruise lines have too cozy a relationship.
  4. Since I am cruising with my granddaughter I need to know as much information on this issue. I am glad others posted details about this ship and the location of the incident. Just because you do not want to hear about it does not mean other potential passengers do not. You are hiding your head in the sand. Or are you a shill for the cruise line?
  5. I am surprised Cruise Critic did not post this as a news item. We are all aware how cruise lines hide accidents, crimes and other negative publicity. Glad I found this info. since we will going on a cruise this weekend and our very active 6 year old granddaughter will be with us. I will be super cautious with her now that this story is available. Of course I will not do what this idiotic grandfather did. The more information the better especially when we can receive comments from fellow cruise passengers.
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