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  1. bobalink

    My review of Zaandam

    Fabulous photos and balanced review! Thanks for taking the time and effort to provide this for all of us. We're booked for January 2020 on the Zaandam for a South America & Antartica cruise.
  2. bobalink

    Brazil E visa is live for USA

    THANK YOU very much for the detailed information. Your helpful post has provided the information I needed.
  3. Lucky you! How exciting for you and Jose for your next adventure! I showed the itinerary to Jimmy and he said, "do you want to do that one or South America?" My response... Why must I choose only one? LOL ;p Thanks for the link to the old website - what a difference, so much easier.
  4. Wow! What an interesting itinerary. We would love to do that one. We have visited some of Portugal and Spain when we did the Douro River cruise. It would be great to see more of Portugal and Spain, and especially those unique ports in Italy and France. The HAL website is wonky! OMG, it is so frustrating and not user friendly. It's painful to try and get all the details for a cruise. I've been looking at the 22-day S. America & Antartica on the Zaandam for 2020. I'm also looking at Tauck for that itinerary. Lots to consider. Keep us posted on your next adventure! :cool:
  5. I agree with kazu regarding the staff, crew and Captain. Absolutely the best, most attentive service I’ve ever experienced. We would sail on the Prinsendam again as long as the itineraries are as amazing as this cruise. Big bonus for us was the wonderful people we met from our CC Roll Call. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Jacqui, you are a gem! The effort you go to on this "live" thread and all of the work you put into making the spreadsheet and answering all of my questions... you deserve another cruise! :halo: We purchased a Future Cruise credit, and we are going to take a serious look at the 22 day Antarctic on the Zaandam in 2020. BTW, the next time I go to Amsterdam, I am going to stay at the Banks Mansion! Wow! It sounds amazing and looks great in your photos. I thought Hotel JL No. 76 was good, especially since it's located so close to the museums. Last time we were in Amsterdam, we stayed at Hotel Estherea, which was also very nice! Perhaps our paths will cross again in the future. Maybe on the Prinsendam, your favorite dam ship. You were right, it's a pretty special ship. By far, the crew is the best we have ever had on any cruise. So attentive and polite. I don't know how they all remembered our names. Everywhere we went, we were greeted! And, Captain Dag was so personable. It cracked me up when he would make announcements and say, "this is your driver." :') Bobbie
  7. Jacqui - Thanks for all the commentary and great photos! FYI - We took a gazillion photos in the Rijksmuseum, as did everyone else I saw. No flash, but photos and videos were allowed. No selfie sticks! In fact, the Rijksmuseum even had a portrait of me after eating for 14 days on the Prinsendam. LOL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I was on our balcony when I spotted Captain Dag as we were pulling into Antwerp. Here he is, waving to me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks, Jacqui, for all you did in organizing the Meet and Greet, tours, Cabin Crawl and all the fun activities. It was a wonderful cruise! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Glad to hear that you like her! I can't wait to board the Prinsendam in 9 days! :D
  11. Thanks, Jacqui! I am enjoying this Live thread with your detailed posts and photos. Today is the last day of a 3-day conference for work, then I can finish packing. We're leaving Sunday for our pre-cruise visit to Liverpool and North Wales. Can't wait to get on the Elegant Explorer. Sea you soon in Dover. Bobbie
  12. I have not received anything from HAL, either. However, on our Roll Call, post # 2084 - edgeman61 reported that he received an email from HAL with the change from Bristol to Cobh.
  13. You may want to contact the hotel that you are staying at and ask them for suggestions. I found the concierge at our Amsterdam hotel very helpful with questions related to restaurants. They even made reservations for us.
  14. bobalink

    "The King and I" - 21 Days on Koningsdam

    Great photos of the Sel de Mer dishes! Thanks for sharing, now I'm hungry.;) Bobbie
  15. Very insightful, cruisemom42. You are always the voice of reason. Not only that, but you are tremendously helpful to fellow travelers. Many times you have pointed me in the right direction, suggested routes for train travel and recommended great hotels. I always enjoy reading your comments. Bobbie