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  1. Why was Scarlet Night moved to the Red Room? Was there bad weather that evening?
  2. I'll be visiting Bimini for the first time next month and am curious how far of a walk it is from the ship to the beach? One of the people I'm traveling with has mobility issues so I'm curious whether it is doable to go from the beach back to the ship for lunch then return to the beach.
  3. Thank you! I appreciate the full explanation - it was extremely helpful. We were assigned a boarding time of 2:15 (didn't have the option to choose) but that could be because we booked about a month before the cruise date.
  4. I am new to VV, and have read a few comments indicating that their embarkation times are generally later than other lines; however, I haven't seen what the actual embarkation window is. I understand that a specific time is assigned to each traveler, but I'm curious what their overall embarkation window is. Does anyone know?
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