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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!
  2. We are booked on a British Isles cruise on the Reflection in May 2021. Because some of the ports are far from the cities/areas we plan to visit, we will be booking our excursions directly with the cruise lines. Is there any way to download/view the entire list of available excursions (including the detailed tour description)? It would be much easier to review them that way then having to click in and out of each excursion to view the specific details for each.
  3. But the likelihood of the two completely unrelated accounts having the same fraudulent activity of astronomical as well, which is why we think it is either NCL or the travel agent that processed the payments that had a breach.
  4. Have any of you that are booked with NCL has fraudulent charges come through in the past day or two? My daughter and I are sailing on the Gem in a couple weeks. We live in different states and we each paid separately, using different credit cards from different banks, and neither one is an authorized user on the other’s account. Last night we both were hit with fraudulent charges from the same companies (Bed,Bath and Beyond and Keurig) for the same amounts and at the same time of day. The only commonality with the cards is they were both used for our upcoming cru
  5. I haven’t seen the contract so I’m not sure but either way it is still unfair to charge a penalty for canceling a wedding when the cancellation is solely caused by the policy change.
  6. I certainly don’t disagree with their right to change the policy to protect guests; however, I think their outright refusal to issue a full refund for the wedding expenses paid to NCL for non-sailing guests is awful. NCL is only offering a 70% refund, despite the fact that their policy change is the only reason why the wedding is cancelled. This is the part of the whole situation that none of us can understand.
  7. I wonder if one could share their internet package from one device to another through tethering (allowing the phone with the internet package to be used as a mobile hotspot for the phone without internet). Has anyone tried this onboard?
  8. I know the couple that are the subject of the story and am sailing on the Gem along with other family members of the brides. NCL changed their policy to require non-sailing guests of the wedding to have a passport. Those that are actually sailing on the cruise can still use a photo ID and birth certificate. Doesn’t make sense to me but that’s what we’ve been told.
  9. I'm sorry if my description wasn't clear. You can travel to a foreign port with just a birth certificate and drivers license, as long as the cruise begins and ends at the same US port (closed loop). That has been the policy for as long as I can remember, and hasn't changed. My friends planned to have their wedding on NCL Gem (out of New York) 18 months ago and have 50 guests scheduled to go onboard just for the wedding, and an additional 25 that are staying onboard for the cruise. 23 days before the wedding, NCL changed the policy to require that non-sailing guests ha
  10. So far, NCL is not requiring sailing guests to have a passport. What they changed is to require non-sailing guests (guests who were coming onboard an NCL ship [the NCL Gem out of NY in those case] just for the wedding and leaving before the ship sails) to have a passport. To require passports for non-sailing guests but not require it for sailing guests makes absolutely no sense to me. I understand the desire to protect guests. What I don't understand is why NCL is refusing to provide a full refund for the wedding charges, since their change in policy is what has made having th
  11. I agree that NCL is doing a horrible job of handling issues related to the coronavirus outbreak. I hope you are able to get the answers you seek and things work out in your favor. Here is a new story about a couple that is scheduled to be married on an NCL ship in just 3 weeks that had the rug pulled out when the policy for non-sailing wedding guests was changed to require they have passports. It is understandable that they need to protect their guests, but to refuse a full refund for the wedding is outrageous. One of the brides is like a daughter to me and to see them work so hard
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