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  1. Yes this itinerary looks interesting. Any thoughts on which direction would be best?
  2. Is there a section of the HAL website where you can confirm what perks (particularly drink package or gratuities) have been included in my booked cruise's fare? I know that it was included in the Special Services section of the invoice but I can't find it on the web page for the booked cruise (only dinners and excursions). Am I looking in the wrong spot? Or is this just not captured on HAL's website?
  3. Most jurisdictions seem to be taking the position that in transit means less than 12 hrs.
  4. Regardless if the airline lets you board I would say that there is a pretty significant moral responsibility not to board a plane if you know you are COVID positive.
  5. My point is regarding tests done just prior to embarkation at the port city. There certainly will be people who test positive at the port and therefore won’t be able to embark onto the cruise (the cruise line is requiring testing precisely to keep them off) or be able to fly home until they test negative. It is primarily this risk (I have not found any insurance to cover it) that is leading us to decide to cancel our TA from Amsterdam.
  6. I haven’t heard of any travel insurance that currently covers trip interruption or cancellation due to COVID related issues. If you find yourself in a foreign city with a positive test you will be denied cruise boarding, won’t be able to get on a plane home until negative so will have to quarantine in a hotel. All at your own cost. Politicizing the issue doesn’t make it go away.
  7. If you are COVID positive you can’t just get on a plane and fly home. It shouldn’t be a question of regulation, it is simply morally wrong to expose other passengers. Who would do that?
  8. Does your travel interruption policy cover COVID related events? Our Johnson policy specifically excludes COVID interruption and cancellation. Likely will be cancelling our October TA from Amsterdam because of the risk of interruption (though I think HAL will cancel it anyways due to US entry regulations).
  9. The Canadian cruise ship ban end date was recently changed to November 1, 2021 (from February 28, 2022). Probably done to clear the way for the Canadian Level 4 Travel Advisory against cruising being lifted around the same time.
  10. I believe that Medipac is just medical travel insurance and does not include any travel interruption or cancelation coverage. The risk is that if you are tested in Venice before boarding and its positive you will be denied boarding and will be stuck with the costs of hotel and meals while you quarantine there waiting for a negative test so you can board a return flight home which will also be at your expense. That risk can be mitigated if you ensure your test is done (and negative results received) before you leave Canada and it’s with 72 hrs of embarkation. Unfortunately that doesn’t leave much time for enjoying Venice.
  11. Check if this policy applies to you. You may get all your fare back in a combination of cash and FCC. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/worry-free-promise/flexible-cancellation.html
  12. I don’t think that you can use an iPhone to hotspot forward a Wi-Fi signal, you can only forward a cell signal.
  13. We have often done a specialty restaurant the first night since we have found there is sometimes much more disorganization and delay the first night in the MDR. Mind you we also always do open seating, if we did set seating we may be inclined to meet our table mates the first night rather than become the “new kids” the next night.
  14. I have done it for a couple of cruises in the past and it worked well, though as mentioned ultimately the speed is determined by the available ship bandwidth. The reason we used it was so that we could connect multiple devices at the same time using one plan (ship only sees the travel router logged in). If you do a search you will find some very helpful how-to posts on CC. Now that multiple wifi plans are “thrown in” for most cruise packages I doubt we will bother again.
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