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  1. Only just seen this or I would have replied earlier. We have done the 23 day trip which includes Falklands and Sth Georgie twice. Itis stunning, well it must be as we went back for a second go! Our first was on Bremen run by Hapag Lloyd. Mainly German passengers but around 25 Brits. They cut the number of pax to around 160 so we split into 2 groups. One lot ashore while other group did Zodiac cruising. Lots of daylight so either 2 or 3 landings daily. As you would expect from the Germans everything was run very well. The Hanseatic is newer but still very ice strengthened so can crash through the ice when it has to. Very exciting. second trip was on Island Sky run by Noble Caledonia. Same itinerary. Only 100 pax so everyone got ashore together. So check number of pax. If over 200 think again. Check ice capability. Island Sky couldn’t crunch through the ice and we didn’t get to Port Lockroy. All trips ashore were using Zodiacs. These shipd don’t have tenders as such. That’s how you get ashore in Stanley. Also think about what you want to see. Before Christmas it is yes to eggs but few chicks. Usually more whales. We preferred the Jan/Feb trip over the Nov trip. Ask any questions, I will try and answer.
  2. We have been twice both times Falklands then Sth Georgia then Antarctica. About 23 days out of Ushuaia. We went for a bit of luxury on the Bremen, Hapag Lloyd, and Island Sky, Noble Caledonia. Don’t go with Noble Caledonia. Lovely ship but not ice strengthened enough to go through proper ice. Look for proper ice ships, like Bremen. lots of 70ish passengers and no problem at all. They know how to get everyone on and off the zodiacs. But it is 100% wet landings so you do need some degree of fitness. Definitely pick a trip with Falklands and S Georgia, for wildlife they are better than Antarctica. They are the best 2 holidays we have had and that includes 2 to the Arctic and Svalbard. Go for it. Any questions just ask.
  3. We are booked on a cruise in mid June which has been tailored for us. So it is Southampton to Venice, disembark, transfer to Lake Garda for 4 days, transfer to Verona and get the train back to Victoria. So we have a P&O cruise, North Italy hotel then train through 4 countries. So what are our chances . TBH I would rather the whole thing was cancelled and I fear it may be a battle getting a refund.
  4. Jean Just a quick note re doctors note. If you travel to Antarctica you will be asked to provide a note from your doctor stating you are fit to travel. We have done 2 expedition cruises from Ushuaia (Argentina) to Antarctica and I urge everyone to save up and go, but it is not cheap. Anyway the doctor’s note costs around £40 from your GP. And everyone has to get this, not just the over 70s.
  5. Currently there is no proof that you can get the virus twice. Currently there is no proof that you cannot get the virus twice. pentland stop spreading scare stories which may not be correct. Stupid to talk about this when we do not know enough. Let us wait and see for now. Actual facts will emerge soon enough and then we can make our future plans accordingly. keep well.
  6. Does the roulette on P&O have one zero like in British casinos. So %age wise not a bad bet.
  7. It depends Good. more space elegant if you enjoy dressing up, most women do, then yes i think food is good my wife loves it we are booked on QE next year Bad i hate dressing up cost of wine extortionate cost of all extras stupid money , short top and sides for a 60 year old bloke 70 USD. if you get American entertainment staff they were worst ever bellowing down the mic. If you get Brits much better QM2 brilliant in a sea. Proper liner.
  8. They will struggle to enforce the usual dress code methinks. They just might not attract the Cunard regulars!
  9. Yes I have been on 2 expedition trips. And only 2 days snow in that time. One was a very exciting landing in a snow blizzard on South Georgia. One left the ship with a couple of inches on deck and looked and was spectacular. Gosh I loved those trips. Biggest tip if you are thinking of going would be to save and go on a smaller vessel and definitely include Falklands and South Georgia. That’s where the best wildlife is. yes I have just doubled or even trebled the cost from a sail by trip but you will never regret it.
  10. If you are lucky it will snow . But unlikely. Antarctica is a desert. It won’t be as cold as you think it will be. Take a warm hat and gloves. And a good camera for those penguins and hopefully whales.
  11. simonpjd


    Probably not. Cunard have rerouted QM2 to avoid Hong Kong and Cunard P&O are same company. QM2 getting extra stop at Singapore instead.
  12. Some friends are going all the way. Not happy. She is still in Southampton.
  13. On P&O this summer we did a small group 2 day tour 16 person mini bus. Around £220. Excellent tour and good value. Arranged via the ship. We saw the lot. Many used local tour companies and when we spoke they reckon we got a better trip. Of course it would be no surprise to find Cunard offer the same tour but at a vastly inflated price. They usually do. But go for the best you can afford. St Petersburg is magnificent.
  14. Wouldn’t it be nice if P&O copied Cunard and did pub lunches in the Red Lion or similar. Not many choices but all yummy. fishnchips chicken tikka masala steak kidney pudding ploughmans and a couple more I cannot remember. served 12 to 2.
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