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  1. Lido balcony.. quite , close to all and very convenient for us.. love the lido deck and never having to use a public restroom
  2. Many cruises where we brought wine to the mdr and had it opened , even had one or two decanted.. the last one was oct. we have never been charged a corkage fee.
  3. Lol pink Himalayan is so yesterday.. today it’s Icelandic black..
  4. Our last trip 8/17 out of Tampa , had multiple sets of cruisers , One set was not platinum they had 1130-1200 boarding time. we all arrived at 1135.. we walked right thru .. the fastest boarding I have ever experienced. All suitcases were deliver to rooms by 1pm .. again the fastest we have experienced ..
  5. Sorry in fact my travel party did have to go to guest services , they just show the app on their phones .. and were let in to the waiting area .. this was the paradise in August .. they were among the first to depart
  6. Are you carrying your own bags out? Self assist? if so as long as the ship is on time you be at the airport a 915 if you get up early and get the pass from guest service ( show your flight boarding pass ). Take a cab or Uber . ‘The issue is will ship be on time .. been in and out of Tampa many times only once was there a delay do to fog .
  7. How about renting tents on the lido deck from 11pm to 6am , increase pax by renting a lounger and tent to sleep. showers u can use the spa shower at designated times ..
  8. Not sure exactly I do think it was 5 years ago
  9. We recently returned from a paradise sailing that was originally scheduled for Cuba. There were 6 of us father and sons . All of us have been on many carnival cruises, one set was platinum. we also have not sailed on carnival in several years .. perhaps 5 or so years. To a man all mentioned no table cloths. all thought it was just a first day issue. all mentioned it as a cheapened experience , not a big deal but it was mentioned. All are well traveled and used to dining in many different venues.. funny but the younger one first mentioned it . Things change , it is what it is !
  10. On the paradise last week they had a late night buffet open. They served hot dogs, fried chicken sandwich, hot pressed ham and cheese sandwiches along with cookies and brownies. Naturally the pizza place was opened too.
  11. thank you all yes I was giving the wrong info looks like there is a disembark going on looks like will have all luggage piled into my room again thanks
  12. Good morning, boarding the paradise today , group of 8 , 4 cabins .. no one has FTTF, one cabin is platinum. its been torrential rain here in the Tampa Bay Area .. we plan on being /meeting at the port 1130 am. since there is no disembark today ( not sure how long she has been at the dock) , When we board is it likely the rooms will be made up? Most of my pervious trips the stewards were in the midst of turning the rooms around. thinking of just bringing luggage on ourselves vs leaving it with porters and getting soaked ? Hate to be lugging it around though ! ‘Thoughts please or if anyone has had similar experiences? Thank you
  13. Very interesting thread here. I’m not sure if I differ from many of carnival cruisers , I do think I differ than most of the regulars here on this site. I made platinum years ago , I think you had to have 75 days or so to get it. My kids were home , there was always 4 of us getting two rooms and the product was a value .. that drove us to carnival it was a value , we were a young family ..and we stayed for several years .. Kids grown ,we kinda went to other lines when we cruised the value issue wasn’t a driver any longer .. , we also did not do as many cruisers , now it’s 3 land trips to one cruise ..the loyalty program really did not drive any behavior in me .. again not sure if I differ from the guests or just who those who frequent the cruise sites like this . I also think the program is awfully old fashioned and behind the times being built as it is today.. the party , trinkets does little for me..
  14. I understand the 15 limit per day on alcohol drinks.. it also says you can receive a discount on bottles of wine. we plan on bumping up to the limit most days.. ( 6 guys , without our wives, gambling and a drinking) we also like wine with dinner .. question : if we are hitting our limit .. how does that work if we buy a couple bottles with dinner every night .?
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