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  1. And you know this for sure, how? I find it difficult to fathom that Princess would allow a dining room server to see a passenger's passport number and home address. Birth date I can understand for alcohol purchases.
  2. When you say the servers have ALL your personal info, what does "ALL" include?
  3. Thanks. I was a little concerned there for a minute.
  4. Yikes. We board the ship this Sunday 2/2/20, and are planning on parking at the port. We don't want to park at Terminal 2 for embarkation only to disembark at Terminal 21---how would we get back to our car? Do you know if the different Terminals for embarkation/disembarkation was just for your sailing?
  5. For disembarkation you docked at Terminal 21? Isn't that a different terminal than what was used for your embarkation?
  6. Enjoying your review. Thanks for the info regarding allergies----my sister and I both have food allergies and will be doing this itinerary on the Regal in February. Glad to hear that your wife's allergies were handled so well. The last time I cruised on Princess was back in 2013, and that was before my allergy diagnosis. Enjoying your photos too.
  7. How were you able to set both yourself and your husband up on one phone? My sister tried to put my info on her phone and wasn't able to do it. We will be on the same account btw.
  8. How were you able to manage everything for DH from your phone? My sister downloaded the app to her phone and she was able to upload her information. I want my sister to be able to manage everything for me from her phone because I am definitely NOT a techie. But she didn't see any way that she could upload my info thru the app on her phone. We'll be on the same account btw.
  9. I read the 4pm notice about getting to the port no later than 11am----it was after I read that notice that I packed my suitcase. So my frustration is the same as yours: NCL knew about the noon decision to close the port but advised us at 4pm that the cruise was a "Go" and then hours later at, what I am calling, "the 11th hour", finally stated that the 7-day cruise was cancelled and that a 4-day cruise beginning Wednesday was being substituted. This final announcement was made way too late in my opinion.
  10. I am saying that NCL should have canceled the 7-day Sept 1st sailing as soon as the Coast Guard made the noon announcement yesterday about closing the port the evening of Aug 31st. At that time NCL could have announced a shortened sailing that would begin on Wednesday and affirm that anyone not able/willing to take a revised cruise would get a full refund. But NCL waited until the 11th hour to make that announcement even though they must have known many hours earlier of the coast guard intention to close the port Saturday night. This is what I take issue with.
  11. And because of the rapid changes, NCL should have cancelled the 9/1 sailing the moment they realized they could not give travelers reliable concrete information. Instead they strung us along trying to wait to the last possible minute before deciding to cancel the cruise----an effort whose sole purpose was to try to mitigate NCL's losses. Then at the 11th hour they cancel the 7-day and convert to a 4-day after many passengers had already traveled to Miami for fear that they might miss the Sunday departure.
  12. Heronymous.......has the captain given you anymore info that you can share with us about your arrival time in Miami. Any help you can give us is appreciated since NCL isn't giving us timely updates.
  13. Would be nice if NCL gave us a concrete update by now. How can they justify leaving the 9/1 passengers hanging for so long?
  14. What time did you depart Cozumel? Is the Captain saying that Breakaway will dock on time (7AM) Sunday in Miami?
  15. Where did you purchase your RFID case from? I think I want to get one for my upcoming Princess cruise.
  16. I loved Food Republic on the Escape in Fall 2017. The menu likely has changed since then. But, my favorites were the burrata with cherry tomatoes and balsamic reduction, and there had been an Asian-style dumpling that was filled with corned beef (and cabbage I think), sort of like a Reuben dumpling with a 1000 island dipping sauce on the side.
  17. I usually don't reply to topics such as this because I feel that the premise is to solely to call out the negative. However.....I witnessed something on an cruise a couple of years ago that I think is worth recounting here. On a crowded elevator the first day of the cruise, there was a passenger on the elevator who was hyperventilating and was obviously was petrified of elevators. Her friend was trying to calm her down when another passenger purposefully jumped up and down resulting in the jolting of the elevator. The jumping obviously did nothing to negatively affect the safe operation of the elevator, but this already terrified woman seemed to go into a panic attack and go faint. I thought it was very rude (and cruel) of the man who jumped and I scolded him. He scoffed as if I was butting in to where I did not belong. And then he shrugged it off as if it was his right to take advantage of a person who was already in distress. Talk about rude.
  18. It would help to know what your sailing date is in order to better answer the question.
  19. Great photos of Half Moon Cay. We were there way back in 2011 and the weather was just as gorgeous as shown here in your pictures. The water on HMC is just wonderful. Thanks for posting all your wonderful photos. I'm really enjoying your review.
  20. Also, check out Food Republic. It was our favorite dining spot on the ship. I only wish they had longer hours. FYI, it is not free though. But I felt the quality of the food and the variety was worth the price. In 2017 the a la carte charges were nominal----$3 or $4 or $6 for a dish, but seeing that NCL has raised prices they may be higher than that now. I still suggest to try it at least once. It was that good.
  21. In response to your third question: The Waterfront is the best place to hang out and relax, have a drink if you wish, etc. The ample seating is comfy and tranquil-----I've spent a lot of time there on my Getaway and Escape cruises.
  22. Looks like you've cruised a lot on Carnival. All of my cruises from 2003 until 2013 were on Carnival (and I was Platinum). But we began to tire of the food on Carnival. So I took my first Princess cruise on the Crown in 2013. The food was awesome and so was the entertainment. We loved the Crown's pool decks. We did dress up most evenings. After that cruise, we went back to Carnival for 2014 and 2015. But, to us, the food was so bad that we had to try another line. Enter NCL. We cruised on NCL Getaway in 2016 and were blown away by the quality of the food, the entertainment and we really like the ship. NCL is more casual than Princess, though we were not always dressed up on Princess. 2017 we cruised NCL Escape and loved it, especially since Escape has Food Republic. But last year in 2018 we sailed Getaway again and we were not happy with the NCL fleet-wide menu changes(I am a bit of a gourmet when it comes to food). Thus our 2018 sailing on Getaway underwhelmed us. So we are giving Princess another try---We're booked on Regal Princess for our next cruise. I am recounting this timeline to illustrate the fact that since it looks like you have cruised a lot on Carnival I think that either Princess or NCL would be a good try for you.
  23. I trust the OP is on their way having fun on their cruise. But to any of you New Yorkers who replied to the OP's query, any info on what caused the power outage? Was it thunderstorms? Just curious. I realize you may not know.
  24. Shadowmeboy, as always, you're reviews always wow us and never disappoint. Love your photos of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. I can remember years ago (like back in 1995 or thereabout) I was stuck on the bottom level of the Verrazano in standstill traffic on the day before Thanksgiving because drivers were rubber-necking at the cruise ship that was about to transit under the bridge-----it was a Carnival ship of the Fantasy class era! I also appreciate your photos of Liberty State Park (Communipaw Terminal). I have some wonderful photos of the Twin Towers from that vantage point from way back in 1989. Never ever gave it a thought that they would ever not be there.
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