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  1. OK so trying to get my head round this.. Going on CP for 14n in April with 3 of us sharing a stateroom including 2 adults who are elite status. Am I correct that: I can get the unlimited 4 device package that means my phone, my wife's phone, my daughter's phone and my daughter's iPad can all be connected at the same time BUT all using the ocean concierge account of the person whose name is given at the point of purchase - presumably me? This means that the ocean concierge messaging service will not work between us and only I can use it to order drinks etc? However, we can message each other using iMessage or whatsapp no problem? If we want to change devices, eg I wanted to swap my phone for my laptop, we just disconnect one and then connect the replacement? Whatever the so-called pre-purchase special offers on cruise personaliser are, I can reasonably expect a cheaper offer on embarkation day AND can additionally expect a 25% additional discount for giving up my elite minutes? If only I bought a package, and gave up my elite minutes, my wife could still use hers to connect another device on a not-always-on basis within the minutes limit and could have her own ocean concierge account via that? Answers/clarification appreciated! S
  2. Bit confused here - looking for some help... My wife and I both have Platinum (one more cruise to Elite 🙂 ) and we are going on Regal for a 7 night voyage next week. If I have understood the above correctly the on-board price for a 7 day unlimited medallionnet package will be $70 but with a 25% discount for platinum so $52.50. I am in the UK so this converts to Sterling at about £43.75. The Princess Personaliser prepay price for this is £45 so the saving seems very small and I am therefore tempted just to prepay so that I don't need to join the line on embarkation day and can pay in advance in my home currency. Does anyone see a flaw in this approach and/or have I got my understanding of the pricing wrong? One other question - whether I prepay or buy on board I assume that I will then get a login that I can use across different devices eg phone/ipad/laptop but only 1 device at a time and that it could therefore be shared with my wife i.e. 2 access the same package but taking it in turns? All help and tips appreciated!
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