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  1. Bit confused here - looking for some help... My wife and I both have Platinum (one more cruise to Elite 🙂 ) and we are going on Regal for a 7 night voyage next week. If I have understood the above correctly the on-board price for a 7 day unlimited medallionnet package will be $70 but with a 25% discount for platinum so $52.50. I am in the UK so this converts to Sterling at about £43.75. The Princess Personaliser prepay price for this is £45 so the saving seems very small and I am therefore tempted just to prepay so that I don't need to join the line on embarkation day and can pay in advance in my home currency. Does anyone see a flaw in this approach and/or have I got my understanding of the pricing wrong? One other question - whether I prepay or buy on board I assume that I will then get a login that I can use across different devices eg phone/ipad/laptop but only 1 device at a time and that it could therefore be shared with my wife i.e. 2 access the same package but taking it in turns? All help and tips appreciated!
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