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  1. Hi singalot, I use my chromebook to go on CC, and take pictures on my android phone, if that helps. That would be great if you could; I'm not tech savvy, though🤪 Thank you!
  2. I wish I knew how to post pictures. I made two rock gardens since being home all Spring and Summer. One huge oval one in our front yard, and one in our side back yard. We've had 3 trees taken down in the front, and are having 3 taken down in the back in December..(that's the earliest we could get a tree service...they are so busy here). Several other outdoor projects have also been going on around here😉.
  3. OMG...I've been laughing out loud on every reply you guys have posted!!!!!😁
  4. Thank you, Miraflores for your overview and expertise about your job..I took a picture of your replies, and texted them to my grandson. We both very much appreciate it!!
  5. Thank you, miraflores, for your video and for letting us all in on your daily life on board such an empty ship. Keep up the good work! My DH and I rely heavily on our 13 year old grandson to help us with all things related to our cell phones, chromebook, Roku and tv problems, etc. You get the picture!!! He is now in the process of building his own computer, and was invited by our township Dept. of Education meeting to show a video about autism that he had made while he was in the 6th grade. He's made several impressive videos, I will have to mention your job as another branch in the field that he is most interested in! Good luck, miraflores, and thank you again!
  6. Hopefully, RCI will let you know their protocol soon with regard to taking the covid test. I don't know what state you live in; I do know from my FB group, that some people in the tri-state area of NYC have been able to get tested before they fly to the Caribbean Islands. For instance, people in the borough of Staten Island have been tested from some company in Brooklyn. Good luck! I wish you the best with your plans.
  7. LOL! You won't find any local 4H kids in NYC. I lived in the "forgotten borough" for over 60 years, and we never had the 4H. You had to go to the country in Upstate NY somewhere, and you'd find them at the County Fair.😁
  8. I agree! We have an October, 2021 cruise out of Venice. I'll be calling our TA this week...I don't have high hopes, though, since Europe Fall 2022 cruises aren't listed yet.
  9. The cruise DH and I booked using our FCC from our cancelled TA cruise will be sailing out of Bayonne, on the Oasis to Coco Cay and the Bahamas. We could care less about going to the Bahamas, been there, done that, several times. Our destination will be on the ship, since we've never been on the Oasis before. We don't have to fly, since we will be driving to the Port by car. We have My Time Dining, and are booked in an Oceanview Balcony, and don't have any problem with wearing a mask when necessary. Hopefully, the cruise line will have the rapid test prior to boarding.
  10. We are fortunate that the only time we have to fly for a cruise is when we head over to Europe. After our Nov 2020 TA out of Southampton was cancelled, we booked a July 2021 out of Bayonne with our FCC. I sure am hoping to be on that cruise! If we have to wear a mask, so be it. We also have a cruise out of Venice in Oct. 2021, and pretty much plan on cancelling that one, since we do not/will not want to wear a mask for the long flight over. For that one, we'll more than likely book a cruise out of Florida in 2022. In the meantime, we look forward to our Winters in Florida.
  11. So cold (44 degrees) today, that my Koi have not eaten their fish food. DH cut branches from some of our trees today, and I stayed inside and got some paperwork done. We no longer enjoy cold weather, and look forward to spending our Winter in Florida. Singinalot, I am sorry for your loss of you friend.
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