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  1. Sunshine7777....once cruising really resumes....Enjoy your first cruise!!!
  2. ABC Islands on Celebrity Silhouette, November, 2019. Will be on the Silly once again next February, 2022!
  3. We knew Joe and his wife Jane personally for many years...their son Kevin was baptized with our twin daughters back in 1975...Kevin and our daughters were in the same classes until they all went to different High Schools..Kevin to an all boys HS, our daughters to an all girls HS. The Joyce's lived in our hometown of Tottenville, Staten Island, New York. We knew of Joe's unfortunate passing, but never saw either of these articles. Very sad.
  4. DH and I were fortunate to get our first dose of Moderna at Publix a week ago today; our 2nd dose appointment was given when we registered for our first shot. Didn't feel the needle, and my arm was barely sore at all; neither of us had any reaction.
  5. nj, so sorry for the loss of your Uncle. May he Rest in Peace. Your Aunt and Uncle surely were a special and loving couple. Were you and your husband able to make the trip you had planned? Jim and I arrived in Naples on the 1st of January. We got very lucky and will be getting our first Covid vaccine on Monday, with our 4 week vaccine already booked in February. Stay safe. Maryann
  6. "Devil Anse" Hatfield was a cousin of my dad's grandfather. I can actually go back 5 generations on my dad's side of the family of Hatfields. My great-grandmother, Lecretia's mom, was Cherokee.
  7. That's great! We arrived in Naples on New Years Day and we're on the waiting list for this coming Wednesday and Friday. I don't expect us to get called for the vaccine on either date, but it makes us hopeful that we'll receive it sometime before Spring arrives, Fingers crossed!🤞
  8. My grandmother Lucretia, was a Hatfield, my dad's mother, from Oneida, Tenn. Yes, from the Hatfields and McCoys.
  9. I find I-75 scarier than I-95. We'll be on I-95 this Wednesday and Thursday, traveling across I-10 Thursday to I-75, and continuing our journey along I-75 on Friday, to our condo in Naples. 🌴
  10. I had an awful time trying to log on 2 days ago. I tried several times, it kept telling me my password was wrong, So frustrating!
  11. We are booked on the Silhouette in a connecting room, and my TA assured me that the door was outside the cabin, as Suzi66 and upwarduk showed in their posts.
  12. Thank you, Davie, for posting your review. It's so refreshing to be reading about a cruise! I've never been on Reflection, but have sailed on the Equinox, and several times on the Silhouette, most recently the ABC Islands November 2019. DH and I will again be on the Silhouette February, 2021.
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