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  1. Not a start date,Just says “Ends July 10th”.!.
  2. Just had brochure through with free upgrade sale.Up to 4 categories.Phoned to enquire about 2 cruises and no joy! The brochures have been released too early.Sale is July 1st to July 10th.😆
  3. Possibly they are visiting a couple of places and don't want to touch the mask, If unable to wash hands straight after doing so.
  4. ... but only if made properly,put on correctly,worn correctly,disposed of correctly.Can give false sense of security.
  5. After spending a few cruises on Oceania where there is no self serve in the buffet restaurant,I always use paper towels to handle Self serve cutlery,I trust no one. I am really sad to hear Spirit of Discovery has noro virus.We have decided to cruise with Saga more now for many reasons,but one being that we are fed up with Oceania and their outbreaks of Norovirus.Being a nurse who has done a lot with cross infection issues,I was shocked on my last two Oceania cruises. Hoping all recover well.
  6. The sparkling wine is from Kent and very good.My opinion it is better than the champagne!
  7. We had Bacardi,Gin,Pisco,spiced rum,gran mariner and red wine.It was nearly three weeks.The drinks are disposed of at end of cruise.
  8. We had basic drinks package and upgraded to premium.We did not get the discount.It is written in very small print that the discount does not apply to upgraded packages.
  9. Surely code red is code red regardless of the percentage of affected.I for one,would like to know when any ship has code red in any year.I,as some of you know, believe I it isn’t just the passengers and if there is a frequent gastric problem,it could make me consider booking anything on that ship. I note our cruise which was heavily affected with a gastric virus,is not on the CDC list.
  10. We loved the back of Saphirre in warm weather,for lunch.The fresh cooking outside was superb.The sofas were comfortable and great for a quiet hour or two drinking and finger food.Best outside on any ship we have been on,
  11. . They also have a staff member spray the hands of passengers with a 99% ethyl alcohol solution before entering the Grand Dining Room and Terrace. This did not happen on our cruise this month.And now what????
  12. We were on the Lima cruise in 2018,with a ‘gastroenteritis’ outbreak. The handling of the situation was very poor.I wonder if on this last cruise,they still had casino and gym open during code red? On our cruise they were left open and the ‘crew were electro statically spraying nightly’! Concierge and executive lounges were shut. Our cruise director was sick so we had no information as to what was happening,bar a few lines in the currents. To say it’s the passengers ,always the passengers may not be correct.Crew,visitors,contaminated food,water and ice machines.Indeed I was told by Oceania in their reply to my email that ice was removed from cabins as ‘ice has been a known contributor to gastroenteritis problems historically,based on the inability to sanitise it and it’s ability to harbour bacteria’. I was also told that they prefer passengers to ‘wash their hands over the option of using hand sanitiser.Guests are encouraged to return to their cabins to wash their hands frequently’ As for the ships clinic!!!! I am so sad to read about yet another Oceania outbreak of gastric diagnosis,maybe norovirus.
  13. When we did our Regent cruise, we had lively passengers on our buses because the passengers on our buses were about to do physical activities.Such as zip wiring and River cave tubing,Not for the faint hearted or those with walkers etc.😉 If one chooses a cruise company specifically for the over 50s (as we have done) there will inevitably be a few more mature passengers.The bonus is the knowledge and travel experience of many. It is hard to predict an age consensus unless the ship has age specifics.
  14. We never look at people to assess their age.We just book a cruise for the itinerary and the cruise company. I cant say I noticed any difference in the age when comparing those two companies..I guess it will be very young during school holidays. The itinerary could affect age.I really don’t know.
  15. We are just back from Marina,Oceania.One week.Our third Oceania voyage.We did a week on Spirt of Discovery in the summer. There is something ‘polished’ about Oceania that we like.But could be our last cruise with them.We had 3 instances of having to pay for something,unexpectedly. One was the gratuities at La Reserve,even though our blue book ( individual book sent prior to each cruise to each passenger) stated if we had a full beverage package this would not be the case (20%). The Currents daily paper stated limited coach transfers in Valencia between 12-1pm.This was not the case on arrival at bus stop.Turned out to be 1-2.30.So passengers paying for a taxi.Also, although we had drinks package,on Spanish night offered sangria with meal.Limoncello offered in Toscana.Astounded we had to pay for drinks and gratuities.Little things but after a big problem last year, we were giving them the benefit of the doubt. There were two big communication problems and a rude concierge to boot.shame as they have so many positives. Booked Saga for next winter now.
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