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  1. I rang the offices and a very helpful young man said we could book through him or our agent, a wait list slot for suite. He said we are second on the list. I paid £500 deposit each. My agent told me an hour later that we are first on the wait list. Fingers crossed.
  2. We are interested in a 21 day cruise,December 2022.We really would like an Oceania suite for a special occasion ,but it is waitlisted.Is it possible just to be on the waitlist for one grade of cabin, having not booked anything? We understand it is better to pay a deposit and one assumes we will get that back if we aren’t lucky.? Also can we withdraw from the waitlist at anytime and get our deposit back? Thank you.
  3. After days of my agent trying to confirm that she was originally told a deck was included in the guarantee,.Princess has come back and said no deck is guaranteed.Which I knew but my agent was told it was.When my agent told me the good news, I asked them to reconfirm as I have never heard of a deck guarantee before.I came on here to find out if this was a new thing.Thank you for your feedback. The deck was dolphin and an aft luxury balcony.What is left is not good enough, corner cabin with smaller balcony and a beam.I don't want that.I don't want cabin over Club fusion either.Im not paying
  4. That’s why I’m asking if this has happened before. Seems odd to me. There are balcony cabins I definitely don’t want and would therefore not book guarantee. 😱
  5. Yes GTY. As both cabins are already booked I’m not sure how they can guarantee them? Hoping one will be cancelled?
  6. It is through an agent with block bookings. We have not booked a guarantee this time or ever. I have never heard of anyone who had been given a deck guarantee.
  7. They have stated caribe deck...so hoping it means that deck?
  8. We have been offered a guarantee cabin, something we wouldn’t normally accept.But this is for the cabin, B4 on a particular deck.There are only 2 of those cabins on that deck.Does this mean it would be on of them or could we be put on another deck? Thank you.
  9. Thank you,Used to Oceania Cruises.There is clearly a difference on a few things!
  10. Having never been on silverseas before,can we arrange this on our cruise next year occasionally in our cabin with the bottle of sparkling Rose (post Covid restrictions not applying) .? Is it complimentary?
  11. Thank you for your help everyone.Just a quick question.I am sure when I looked at the cruise for next year it included overnight 5 star hotel pre cruise.That seems to have disappeared in last week. Can I be mistaken?
  12. Oops.slip of finger should read 606.🤦‍♀️
  13. Thank you. We are looking at classic veranda cabins available which are: 605,696,607 and 609. All deck 5 (bar a couple). Any tips on which would be best.? (silver shadow)
  14. I know we were switched to Sky because it is a bigger ship for the popular itinerary. Many people want to travel from Southampton. (Princess told us yesterday) .
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