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  1. Unfortunately unless you can choose your cabin,you may well end up with one that no one else books.Noise from above could be one of the reasons. I am dreadful about noise above me and therefore never do a guarantee,just in case.
  2. On both our cruises we had free access to the Spa Terrace,but didn’t use it alot.It can get very hot up there.We also found on the last cruise that a group of European friends,bagged at least 3 seats per couple.It can be boring, asking then to move.If it’s quiet up there it can be relaxing. The pools are very hot as are the showers.I wouldn’t pay to go up there.
  3. Looking myself at Alaska,I came across this if any help,depending where you live. Holland America Alaska Itineraries Of the two lines, Princess Cruises is the only one to offer sailings from San Francisco and Los Angeles (starting 2018). The 10-night San Francisco sailings cruise through the Inside Passage and stop in Juneau and Ketchikan, with some sailings stopping in Haines and others in Skagway and some itineraries including Tracy Arm glacier viewing, while others feature Glacier Bay. The 12-night Los Angeles itinerary visits Ketchkian, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria, and also offers Glacier Bay scenic cruising. Princess is also the only one of the two cruise lines to offer an open-jaw itinerary that starts in Vancouver, but ends in Seattle. This itinerary includes stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria, as well as scenic cruising in Tracy Arm.
  4. It appears there have been ‘rumblings’ for a while.I certainly had a few at the end of our luxury once in a lifetime suite in January. There are lessons to be learnt from this and grateful for your advice. To hit someone as hard as that Dan,who is a loyal customer, is bad,very bad.
  5. Wow.I see 16 over the next 14 months.Where does that leave us???
  6. Here in the UK,the cruise is waitlisted for every cabin. There are no special perks just the choice of OBC,tours or beverage package. I am so sorry for you Dan.Once bitten is enough but 3 times is too much,I agree. I wonder what response I would get here if I enquired? 😉
  7. At this point in time with what I and my family are going through,I would have gladly lived their life for the past year. As I said this is an Oceania Forum and I have no idea why you have skipped from HAL to have a go at me.Your only Oceania post!
  8. For the Brits this is the two packages now.I cannot see the dollar costs on the web site. But as you can see Champagne is also included in the House Select package Prestige Select Unlimited premium spirits, Champagne, wine and beer wherever and whenever you wish from £45.99 per guest, per day House Select Unlimited Champagne, wine and beer with lunch and dinner from £30.99 per guest, per day
  9. Err yes! But this is an Oceania forum and I was very upset on our trip to and from French Polynesia,how the shrugged shoulders from staff seemed to be the response as I watched meal after meal,day after day the amount of sugar,pepper,salt,butter wrappers,paper serviettes and straws were just left to blow into the sea.My concern was the sea life eating these things when it could be preventable. Of course the world has far bigger issues with plastic but small pieces are a very serious danger when ingested. One baby turtle,small bird,endangered fish may seem petty to some but it’s a constant threat.
  10. If you stood at the back of an Oceania ship on the Terrace,you would see them all blowing into the sea.Probably 8 million!!
  11. That’s good to hear.When I mentioned plastic straws blowing into the sea in February after our Oceania cruise,I was chastised and written off. Maybe Oceania listened to me.!!!,
  12. My agent rang about two weeks before we were due to sail to offer us an upsell.She said there was one cabin left.That cabin was next to the bridge,at the front (and I believe the captains quarters) so we were a little apprehensive as to the noise of doors opening and closing constantly.I doubt I would have paid full price for that cabin due to its position on the plans,But it was fine,absolutely no noise.Lots of smiling bigwig staff,but no noise.Slight viewing problem due to the bridge,but we got it for a good price and were very happy.Would do the same again again if the price was good enough. I know you have to act quick once contacted. The neighbour was English and they too had an upsell (told there were 6 cabin to choose from). It is out there.Maybe because our first cruise,they decided to tempt us with a PH,never to go lower!😂
  13. I’m in England and we got an offer to upgrade to PH on our first cruise.We took it.
  14. It looks like a concierge it will be for a weeks Med cruise.The space isn’t a problem as we will be out the cabin a lot on a busy port cruise.The butler,I’m not fussed about for a week,nor laundry. Thank you for your help. Jim,you are funny.I know what you mean,after having OC suite gold cards! 😂 Any negative cabins in concierge?
  15. We are about to do the Douro with croisi Europe and would very much like to hear how your trip went.Thank you.
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