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  1. We purchased our transfer from our travel agent.  You can book a transfer through the Whittier excursion section on your reservation on the Princess website.  This transfer though is a sightseeing one and is way more than we paid for just the transfer.  

  2. We used Juneau Car Rental in the past but they are no longer at the port.  I called and they said they would have a shuttle to pick you up.


     I opted for Turo this time (first time).  I actually read someone’s recommendation on this board and booked their 5 star Turo car.  The communication has been great so far and we are looking forward to trying it out!

  3. When we were in Alaska on our first cruise, we rented through Juneau Car Rental. It was at the port then and we had a great experience.  We are going back to Alaska in June and I need to choose between renting through Turo or Juneau Rental again.  I will say that driving on your own in this port is amazing!

  4. We will be sailing on the Allure out of Port Canaveral this winter.  It’s a 3 day so we were not planning on getting the DBP because it seems ridiculous for us.  I was looking at the refreshment package though because i love fancy tea, coffee drinks and my husband likes shakes.  When I went to add that to my cart today, it didn’t require me to buy it for both.  Is that because it is not the deluxe beverage package?

  5. 15 hours ago, Ferry_Watcher said:

    On the positives side, taking Amtrak is a very relaxing way to go.  If for some reason there was a mudslide that blocked the tracks, Amtrak would put passengers on a bus and transport you.  Mudslides occur during the (real) rainy season - Fall thru early spring.  The fact that you plan to arrive in Vancouver, BC two days before your cruise is great.  Another option is for you to fly directly to Vancouver.  It is a beautiful city. 

    We love Vancouver.  Probably the most beautiful city we have ever visited.  We did want to see the highlights of Seattle too though on this trip.  Figured this way we could  do both.  Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. 7 minutes ago, Glaciers said:

    The area around the Marriott Courtyard is less than desirable right now although that area isn’t really hilly.  You might consider Embassy Suites which is next to the train station. This is a recent thread regarding the same hotel on TripAdvisor.




    Sadly, the Embassy Suites is sold out for our days because it is the best location for early morning departures at the train station.  It looks like we might just have to get a cab or Uber to the train station early in the morning.    Thanks for the info!!!

  7. 1 hour ago, nowornever said:

    Agree totally with the above posts - train can be great or not so much. Since you only have 1 overnight, you might consider staying at an airport hotel (many choices) & taking the light rail to downtown to visit PPM & walking or taking monorail to the Space Needle.  Then you could take the "Quick Shuttle" to Vancouver. Right now it's not running because the border is mostly closed but hopefully it will open soon.  You can google it.  It's not as scenic as the train but maybe less "iffy."  You could always fly if push comes to shove.

    Thanks for the tips!  We appreciate it!  Will look into the Quick Shuttle!

  8. 7 hours ago, klfrodo said:

    Seattle is very hilly in general. Probably as bad as San Francisco.


    We go up to Vancouver by train quit often. However, there are times that the trains are shut down due to hill slides or accidents at train crossings. Just have a back-up plan in place for this. It probably takes Amtrak about 24 hours to arrange buses if something should happen to shut down the trains.

    Thank you so much!  Very good information to think over!

  9. We are planning on flying into Seattle before our Alaskan cruise next summer.  We would land in Seattle around 10:30 am and then spend the day in Seattle.  We really would like to see the Space Needle and Pike Place Market on that day.  We then plan on taking the 7:45 am train to Vancouver the next morning to spend 2 days in Vancouver.  We are looking at Marriott Courtyard  in Pioneer Square since it is close to King Street Station.  I just don’t know if that is a very  hilly walk.  Does this sound doable?  Any helpful tips or ideas would be appreciated.  Taphanks!

  10. Sounds like many of you had the right attitude while cruising while masked!  Glad you all had fun and it is what you make of it!  Btw, since we are being asked to wear masks again not only on cruise ships but locally I did check out those Tommie Copper ones mentioned in this thread.  They are on clearance on QVC.com if anyone is interested.  Be safe!!!

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