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  1. We are doing great in SC getting vaccines if you want one, .all of my neighbors have been vaccinated. I do not want one. I have two auto immune diseases and don’t want a third.. My neurologist said not to take it, many with neurological diseases are getting worse after shot. Not everyone can tolerate it.
  2. Not buying this at all. If you take a vaccine and it makes you safe, that’s great. But why force me to take it? How is that hurting anyone?
  3. I don’t think it will ever end as you say. We have to take medications and keep ourselves as healthy as we can by vitamins, minerals, etc. . If we don’t get back to work, there will be tons more of homeless, diseases, and crime. I am seeing it in my area.
  4. NCL is declaring bankruptcy, I really think they need to get this show on the road. So sad this is effecting so many people’s lively hood.
  5. We are booked for Jan on epic. I hope we get to sail. Now I hear they are going bankrupt! It’s time they sail again. We can’t continue to be afraid. Let those of us who want to be the guina pigs go ahead and sail. We will protect the workers and do most things for ourselves! 😄
  6. We booked for Jan 10 on the Epic in southern Caribbean. Our final payment is due in September. Everything is a chance. Maybe it would be better to wait until last minute but hopefully all this will be over.
  7. We are scheduled to cruise on Emerald Princess April 29th from LA to Hawaii. Has anyone cruised this itinary during this time and what was the weather and wave action like during this time? Thank you!.
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