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  1. Dang!😬 I’m doing my first on the 26th on the Smeralda. Hope I have better luck at the buffets and with the noise. I have an interior cabin so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!
  2. Their website, sadly, says no drinks of any kind are allowed to be brought on the ship. I was surprised they didn’t even allow one bottle of wine to be brought in! Might I suggest getting some individual packets of the diet iced teas to add to their mineral water. ALSO, I have worked around the water issue by taking an empty yeti cup on board in my checked baggage. I get ice buckets for my room several times a day. I let it melt and use that for drinking water. That combined with your packets might be your work around! I am doing my first Costa cruise, on the Smeralda, leaving 1/26/24. I’ve cruised over 20 times but this is my first European!
  3. Did you have any issues arriving to the airport and getting checked in? Did you have sufficient time to check your luggage and get thru customs without rushing?
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