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  1. they always had three doubles and 3 singles going for our cruise. I even thought that wasn't enough but they said they can't put people down the slide fast enough for more tubes than that. with 3 and 3, the slide was never empty.
  2. slides open at 10am on sea days. I believe they opened at 12pm on port days. We stayed on the boat in jamaica and did other things until they opened. there was hardly anyone using them until around 3:30-4pm
  3. we also had this issue, where one of my daughters passports was good for about 5 months post disembarkation. I didn't want to take any chances and got her a new one. I thought the same thing as you but didn't want anything to hinder the vacation.
  4. Thank you for replying. It actually makes me feel better about it now. I did not realize the different currencies which makes perfect sense. We loved the island itself, it was our second time there but first at the public beach. I was just thinking that the public beach took advantage of people in port for the day, which they do to a certain extent, and I understand that. We would have skipped the umbrella, but we had just finished being in the sun for 4 hours and needed a little shade for those who needed it.
  5. we went to the public beach which is next to Calico Jacks. The beach was very nice but the experience was not the best. Even though we were only there for an hour, they still charged us $20 for two chairs and an umbrella. We bought a few sodas from the bar and I think they over charged me for that too. $20 for 3 juices and 2 iced teas was not what was posted on the menu. To get back to the port we were going to take a public bus, which looks exactly like the buses except they have red/green or yellow signs on the front. You just have to walk on the side of the road that they travel on and they will stop and pick you up. The taxi is $3 per person. While we were walking to the road there was a taxi that ended up taking us to the port since I think he was going there anyway and he wanted the fare. He gave it to us for $3 per person. The regular cab rate is $5 per per I think.
  6. I just double checked, and ours was actually $147 for the relaxing wave, and it's being offered for the same for next year on the Meraviglia. I actually thought it was a decent price. A day pass at the thermal spa is $45 pp IF two people go. If you go by yourself a pass for a single is $60 I believe. The massage and facial are about $50 each as well.
  7. We purchased this pass for our recent cruise on the Seaside. With it, you get a one day pass to the thermal area. The thermal area pass does not need to be used on the same day as the massage and facial, but it is only for one day. Perhaps the agent was meaning this, but not necessarily for every day of the cruise.
  8. Sorry, no pictures, but one of my favorites was the chocolate martini from Venchi. The glass is rimmed with chocolate flakes and the drink has a scoop of chocolate mixed in. A coffee with baileys at the Seaside bar was available as early as 6:30am. Great way to start the day!!
  9. We also used Rowan Watersports. We decided to use them based on their positive reviews on tripadvisor and their departure time (we had to check in at 9, leave at 9:30 and they would drop us back off at the public beach for an hour prior to us needing to get back to port). They were very easy to find, right inside the cruise port area. We checked in at 9 and walked around for a bit and left shortly after 9:30am. The trip to the boat took longer than expected due to there being a miscommunication between guests needed to be picked up at another location and where the driver was told they should be. It did take longer than it should have, but I also thought that if it were us needing to get picked up it was nice to see they were making sure they got everyone they were suppose to. The trip itself was good, we were also a little late getting to the sand bar but we seemed to squeeze in and the staff were able to show us the stingrays and we did purchase the pictures from them. A little pricey but in the end they were much better than what we got with our own cameras. We also stopped at the coral gardens for snorkeling. The trip for us was just long enough, as we had two children. I did end up leaving my phone behind on the boat and we called right away but did not get it back. I do not want to blame the boat operator as another guest on the boat (42 people total) could have easily grabbed it. If we went back we would not hesitate to use Rowan watersports again.
  10. last March Formal nights were Sunday (sea day) and Thursday (Costa Maya - last years itinerary) Italian night was Tuesday White night was also Tuesday
  11. sorry to hijack this thread, regarding the super family plus room, is is possible to split between 2 families, where one family uses one of the rooms privately and then the other two rooms are shared by another family? I'm looking at a way to accomodate a family of 5 at a reasonable price.
  12. Valentina, mine is a 7 day cruise, I think I am leaning towards the day pass. when buying a pass for two, it's only $45 each, which I can go 3 days to break even, with our port heavy itinerary, I don't think we would use 3 days, let alone more than 3.
  13. Valentina, What cruise are you on? We are on Seaside in March and it is listed at $130 for a cruise pass.
  14. I would say you are not. If you are good with the late dining time (which I think is the least requested), and you have your OV room, I would not spend the extra money, even if it was $20 a person. There is really no other reason in my mind, unless the Fantastica had a different promo for drinks, go with the bella
  15. Travel Mom, I would not have expected so many to object to your recommendations either. I do love MSC because it is different than the others. I'm glad there isn't a drinking competition or bikini competition at the pool (maybe there is, but I didn't see it). I do agree with the majority of posters that MSC should not change into one of the domestic lines. I ALSO agree with you. Many of the activities that could be added would not affect the 95% of the cruisers who are not participating. Having a dodgeball or volleyball game up on the screened in court on deck 18 would not affect ANYONE else. Adding a trivia in the sports bar during the day when it is empty would not affect anyone else except the What happens in the kids club has no bearing on most other travellers. The kids club on NCL Escape blew MSC seaside out of the water. It doesn't mean I want to cruise on the Escape again, but merely pointing out an area where they could improve. I don't believe the lack of planned activities is something they do intentionally, but something that has been lower on their priority list. Don't change, but adding a few discrete activities for the ones who want it would get a thumbs up from me.
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