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  1. HI I'm doing a Bermuda trip on Insigna over Thanksgiving and was told base fare, no Olife, included Wavenet basic internet. All Is need for WIFI calling and maybe some text messages. My question is basic WIFI included without Olife? Thanks
  2. I rebooked and asked that specific question and was told yes. I know they can be changed. I originally book one date and changed to another with no issues. Fare was a little lower and got better price.
  3. Hi just booked pearl and price for BF was 25 more per person than BA. CAS person tried to explain a few things and I went with BF. Looking for experience here pertaining to two. I did say I wanted to be ensure not a cabin with solid metal type enclosure in very front of ship on port side. I did get explanation of more private sides to cabin vs. more open between balconies. I went with more private in area on charts seems in middle of ship floor 10.
  4. I do think I get 5x points for cruise now, always 2x. I put deposit on Chase booking directly with NCL transferred to Amex and received cruise privileges. Not part of $225 deal but you can get some Chase credit.
  5. I got $225 back for an initial deposit of $1500. Terms and conditions would seem paying for cruise qualifies. If you or I cancel they probably would catch it and reverse.
  6. Thanks everyone for information! This is perfect for me as I don't drink but a nice memory for my collection of liquor from all countries I've visited.
  7. Hi. I have platinum and 225 came back within days directly from Oceania. They also gave 280 obc for using card. I did transfer to another agent and 280 will be replaced by standard 300 plus free wine tasting and bottle of wine which is part of amex cruise priledges program. Agent threw in an additional 75 obc. To me this was pretty good as it turns out to be worth 600 and bottom line I'm really looking forward to Oceania which is most important to us.
  8. Here is a crazy question so bear with me. My 11 year old and I just booked a bermuda cruise and amex promo is free wine tasting and bottle of wine. I don't drink alcohol and other than my son wants to drive me to drink he obviously doesn't drink. Strangely I collect some bottle of alcohol for every country I've visited, which is around 70. Now my question is I heard Oceania has its own winery, or their parents company. On ship are there any bottles with their label? Not exactly a country but would be cool for my collection as if possible I'd chose that bottle to keep.
  9. Just so you know you can split tender with amex points and amex charge. So in our example if you had 100k amex points you could offer 1000 dollars with points and pay 1900. In end you'd have bc ticket and still have 35k rebate and 5 times points on 1900 dollars or 4500 more points. Therefore almost 40k points in bank but out 1900 dollars. Klm happens to be one of airlines like ba and af with high fuel charge fees on awards. In your example over 400 round trip for a "free" no mileage earning ticket
  10. I apologize for doing a lousy job explaining. Amex is 1 cent per dollar. They have a special fare reduced from 3300 to 2900 round trip sfo to ams I think I chose some random dates like Feb 22 to match 3, do not remember. 2900 is actually 290k points but their iap program rebates 35 pct on all bc fares, hence net around 188k. In old days iap program was buy one bc get one free but had to be full j which might be over 7k per ticket. New way is better
  11. Klm coach is best 21k each way. My guess that's a mix of coach outound and bc inbound. No miles earned plus 200 taxes. I just had one way coach klm ord to Goa and it was 21k off season one way award. I transferred thank you points for ticket so I'm not real familiar with their award chard but 63k round trip would be great in bc Aa is 57k one way bc to Europe with 5 taxes or so. Klm and air France which are together have high taxes in their awards. Amex is all in and a mileage warning ticket. I have way over those points on amex
  12. I picked random dates. Published air was 3300 they sell for 2900 using 290000 points. You would get a 35 percent reverse miles posted for a net 188000 points or so. It would be like getting a 3300 airfare for 1880 if we use 1 cent per dollar. You also warn miles on airline since you really are buying that bc ticket. Chase Sapphire is 1.5 cents compared to 1 but theirs nets 220000 points because they don't have a special fare and 35 pct back. I think op for Chase sees a great value for transfer partners.
  13. I find best use for amex points to buy tickets through iap program which has better fares and I get 35 percent points back. Iap works for 35 percent back on business class tickets or chosen airline.
  14. Seems to have worked out well for data point. My 225 credit already came back directly from Oceania. Transferred to a ta and got 300 obc from amex and 75 obc from agency plus free wine tasting and bottle of wine from amex. Oceania btw gives an immediate 280 obc for amex which gets reversed when applying 300 obc.
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