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  1. I went up to kids club area. I did not notice anything that was not in operation.
  2. I brought one but they did not ask. They told pics
  3. I've never done butchers cut before so can't answer. I was very good.
  4. I thought when we went from pool to buffet and line was unexceptionable for me to do this again and msc got smart and opened up more than one line. Very smart move and got through in reasonable time. Once past first spot where you get silverware, etc. You can go to anywhere very fast. When we left there was almost no line to get in
  5. I'll go over there today and let you know.
  6. Ok I was completely wrong about activities for a teenager. Did some more waking and reading daily planner. There is ping pong, table soccer ropes, much more. Can't wait for him to enjoy tomorrow. We saw rock and roll show. I really enjoyed it
  7. There are a couple negatives to me. I can't seem to figure what is free for a teenager. Other than pool everything else seems to be paid extra. Same for food. Mdr and buffet but I can't find anything else that is free. Just was cutting through Buffett and long line for pizza and nothing else in site. My guess half hour for pizza. Partly due to having to be served, which is actually great, but no other stations for serving available.. Going to theatre several places to eat we're open still but all paid..
  8. White msc bracelet. Just found out entering theatre.
  9. Did butchers cut diamond Benny. Outstanding. Delayed cruise until 9 local time. We're seeing two activities tonight. One vaccinated one quiz your activity.
  10. You are correct. There are three occurrences of a show tonight. One we're taking is for vaccinated only. I did not know that but turned out they way
  11. We've been to almost every deck without cabins and everyone is wearing masks. We tried to enter buffet are and we're stopped to wash our hands, they had sinks in entrance. So they stop you. Many crew members have bottles of sanitizers cleaning all sitting areas by bars, buffet, etc
  12. I must say for as weird as customer support can be prior to cruise their onsite staff is wonderful. Their announcements make it clear to wear masks except eating or drinking and some areas (I do not know what that means yet) for vaccinated people. No room service menu for breakfast need to scan qr code. Qr code needed for everything for menus etc I seemed to remember our last msc cruise from Italy had many more non alcoholic drinks. Maybe I'm wrong but only like five or six generic one. I guess I'll ask later for suggestions.
  13. Terminal c. I thought it was going to be f but someone in cc said c and it was clearly noted as driving in to be c.
  14. Masks required so far everywhere but it was raining, so I've been inside. Unfortunately you see people not wearing masks properly.
  15. Yes. Daily planner. Typical advertising etc also in room. People here could not be any nicer.
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