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  1. Not sure if this is what is said. I have trip booked 5 day Seattle to Alaska. It seemed great as cruise fare was same.. EXCEPT quoted fare that was same is now sail away fare. My cabin is $150 per person more. Air said 99.50 but was 199 when I clicked through so it is buy one get on but they quote average based on two. In my case it seems to be $500 more and lose two perks to get "free" air ORD-SEA which may or may not be a better deal but this cruise is many months in advance. Not worth it to me.
  2. I have a 7 day cruise that has packages in place. $29 / day for Non-Alcoholic $35 / day for Easy $72 for unlimited entire cruise If I buy any of these can I remove prior to sailing? let's say some promo happens. Also "all in" was way more expensive than paying for two non-alcoholic plus wifi. I also have a three night cruise but packages are not available. We're doing a weird vacation. 7 day ouf of Miami and three day out of Orlando with few says in between for maybe Disneyworld.
  3. Thanks. Not what I meant. I have one booked. Does msc ever have specials for current cruises for packages within their plan cruise area. Let's say non alcoholic drink package for 20 per say vs. normal 26 per day. This is just some random example.
  4. I have an upcoming trip next summer. Does MSC ever have promos for things like Drink packages, WIFI, etc.? I know IN advance I saw no fifteen percent gratuities but wondering do they do any specials?
  5. So my Pearl over Thanksgiving was cancelled so was Star in January. I have two email my PCC thinks I can use two for ten percent off. I had a smoking deal ($350 PP balcony before Service charges and fees) on Pearl. I had left over FCC from before put on a cruise over Thanksgiving. With fifteen percent plus ten percent plus twenty percent for CAS (Diamond) I was able to transfer Pearl to November 2021 and refunded deposit from Star and ended up with a "free" upgrade from inside to Balcony next November. Still disappointed but watching is in back of me. Even AA airfare to NY for my Oceania cruise was $250 less than Miami, All in all extremely disappointed but will have a couple nice trips in future. One NCL, One Oceania and One RCCL.
  6. Mine is back. Person who said maintenance was correct. Reason I put in dummy booking number was to see if message was different from valid one that I thought popped up like it was cancelled. Thanks to everyone that helped. Mine is in 9th and it is my first oceania
  7. I have a cruise booked in July 2021 on Insignia. It is not in my account. I tried to call but they are closed. I emailed web support to get put back into my account. If I try and enter in booking code to pull up reservation I get a message "Please contact our Reservations for assistance with your booking. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for sailing with Ocenaia cruises". I did put in a bogus booking number and received same message. I guess that's a good sign. BTW I had other issues with their web portal like I could not login and Web Support put my account back into place.
  8. My January cruise to Antarctica says same ting but that is not paid in full. My Nov 25 cruise says same thing (paid in full). My Nov 2021 is fine. I can get to Buenos Aires using miles but I think I will let that one go.
  9. I did see what you're saying. On hyperlink it does explain rules. I called there is not an option for refundable on cruise I priced out.
  10. Mine is 2022 cruise. I can't find a refundable fare. I'm sure it's me.
  11. Thanks, I;m doing something wrong. I only see one price point. I get a row with Best Price and each cabin has an "*" under price. I do not see an option for refundable, etc.
  12. HI Thanks in advance for information I'm confused. Compared to many of you I'm new to cruising although I've flown over 7 millions miles and been to 70 counties but only 2 NCL, 2 RCCL, 1 MSC and a couple NCL and Oceania cruises booked. I found a cruise is 2022 that was intriguing to me and have on hold, transferred to Ultimate Rewards area and was going to place deposit. I found out it was non-refundable / non-transferrable. I am pretty sure 5 done and 3 in future none have any penalties like that in place. After some back and forth with Carnival and TA it seems I can not even more deposit without losing it all exact same ship / same itinerary different date for a $50 change fee. A refundable is way more money (Surely > deposit) and seems deposit will be quite high.
  13. First sorry I stepped on this thread. I was trying to ask something that is probably out of box. I am not a Diamond Cesar for being in a casino, actually other than being in Vegas for chess or convention I am not there and never gamble other that a couple bucks here or there. I did status match from a hotel chain to Cesar's Diamond. One reason I did it was 20% NCL and I get a free $100 or something like that in food. I think their concept is great, like 3 or 4 times I go to Vegas I now stay in one of their hotels. I'm sure that is why I am not offered a free cruise (I think I can get a free stay at some resort out east if I remember). I'm sure this is what no one has ever asked me for a "free" cruise. My question I was wondering, if I am only trying to get 20% discount (maybe realistically 15%) can I have a TA call in and get benefit? I actually like my personal cruise consultant but just in case I decide to use another method.
  14. I think mine is somehow different. I'm true rewards diamond from a hotel program status merch. I have no tier points or whatever they're called. I did match for 20% off. I might be working with a cas agent but do not think so. My account does have cas linked and shows up as discount code in my reservations. When using an amex agent I their obc could be more fruitful but I like my ncl agent so I book through him.
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