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  1. We could go no further on the Danube from Vienna, the river would not allow us to go to Bratislava and Budapest. We were bussed from Vienna to Bratislava for our tours, and today we were bussed 3 hours to Budapest for our final city tour. AMA has done a great job getting us where we needed to be, and we were on the ship 6 nights. We just have to stay tonight in a hotel. But the weather has been perfect, and we could not ask for better treatment by our Cruise Manager Dragan. He has been fantastic, getting hotels and restaurants booked for 160 passengers. I hope you have better luck in December
  2. We are in Vienna on the AMAVIOLA. No water here. We can’t go up or down river. We were supposed to go to Budapest. Now we are bussing it. Very disappointed but it is what it is.
  3. Thats exciting, thanks for the update. We leave in 2 weeks for Prague!!
  4. I have been using the Marine Traffic App, tracking my ship. The Boats have not moved for over 2 days in the Linz area of the Danube, going towards Amsterdam. Does anyone know the status of the river at this point. We board our AMA ship in 3 weeks and it is one of the ones not moving (for 2 days and 14 hours)
  5. Are the river boats getting through with the sandbanks and gravel? We sail in 5 weeks Thanks
  6. Hi, we are on AMA from Prague to Budapest in October. We were worried about the river levels, and hope all is well. Looks like it’s been raining, from what I am reading
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